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Bill Greenberg covers the scope of American history in his blog on political memorabilia, political collectibles, and rare political books.

Today in History (August)

1 1897 – Sir William Fielding brings in a heavy tariff, but with reciprocal provisions 1946 – Harry Truman establishes Atomic Energy Commission 1952 – William Bennett sworn in as British Columbia’s 25th Premier 1972 – Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein have their first Watergate article published 2 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob Rae, 21st Ontario Premier, […]

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Sitting Presidents Challenged from Within

For this week’s blog, I think I have another fun topic.  I will be looking at Presidents that faced serious challenges to their party’s presidential nomination from within their party.  This only happened three times in the twentieth century.  Sorry John Ashbrooke in 1972 against Richard Nixon, but, I don’t consider your challenge serious.  Same […]


Bill’s 6: Greatest Presidents the U.S. NEVER Had

And, now the U.S. version of last weeks blog.  The Bill 6 seems quite popular.  The beauty of this kind of topic is that there’s lots of room for discussion.  This week, I am looking at the greatest Presidents the U.S. never had.  These are people who never sought the presidency.  This means that persons […]


20th Century One Term Presidents – Why They Failed to be Re-Elected

Back to a regular blog.  This week, I’m going to look at twentieth century one term U.S. Presidents.  For the purposes of this blog, a one term President is one who originally attained office in their own right and then lost their bid for re-election.  This precludes individuals that first rose to the office as […]