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Today in History (July)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA, Greatest Country in the World

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephen Juba, 41st Winnipeg Mayor

1867 – Sir John A. Macdonald sworn in as Canada’s first Prime Minister

1867 – Sir Charles Tupper conferred the Companionship of the Bath

1867 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier conferred the Companionship of the Bath

1870 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier commits to start building the Canadian Pacific Railway within two years

1916 – Dwight Eisenhower marries Mary Geneva Doud

1926 – Arthur Meighen takes Canada back to the gold standard

1927 – William Lyon Mackenzie King dedicates Peace Tower Carillon in first Trans-Canada Radio broadcast

1932 – Franklin Roosevelt nominated for President by Democratic Party

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower visits front in Normandy

1960 – John Diefenbaker grants Treaty Indians and registered native Canadians the right to vote

1962 – The Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Dominion Square is vandalized by separatists

1963 – John Kennedy arrives in Rome

1968 – Statue of William Lyon Mackenzie King is unveiled on Parliament Hill

1970 – Pierre Trudeau in confrontation with heckler over unsold grain

1971 – Pierre Trudeau opens museum for aboriginal artifacts on University of British Columbia campus

1978 – Richard Nixon gives first speech since resignatio

1980 – Ed Schreyer proclaims Act Respecting the National Anthem making O Canada officially the national anthem

1989 – Brian Mulroney names non-politicians to the Privy Council


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Charles Tupper, 6th Prime Minister of Canada

1862 – Abraham Lincoln signs act providing land for state agricultural colleges

1867 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s coalition cabinet is sworn in

1872 – Sir Charles Tupper named Minister of Inland Revenue

1926 – Arthur Meighen’s government loses non-confidence vote

1932 – Franklin Roosevelt makes the first presidential nomination convention acceptance speech

1964 – Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act & the Voting Rights Act

1992 – John Crosbie orders northern cod fisheries shut down for two years

2001 – George W. Bush seeks to allow oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard Bennett, Canada’s 11th Prime Minister

1754 – George Washington surrenders to French at Fort Necessity

1775 – George Washington takes command of Continental Army at Cambridge

1938 – Franklin Roosevelt dedicates Eternal Light Peace Memorial at Gettysburg

1986 – Ronald Reagan presides over relighting of Statue of Liberty

1991 – Brian Mulroney begins process of privatizing Petro Canada

1992 – Ted Kennedy marries Victoria Reggie



HAPPY BIRTHDAY Malia Obama, former first daughter

1754 – George Washington retreats from Fort Necessity with remains of his army

1789 – George Washington signs first US Tariff Act

1867 – Sir Charles Tupper’s last day as Premier of Nova Scotia

1884 – Sir John A. Macdonald appoints commission to investigate Chinese immigration in British Columbia

1950 – Harry Truman signs public law 600 allowing Puerto Ricans to write their own constitution

1966 – Lyndon Johnson signs Freedom of Information Act

1980 – Pierre Trudeau criticizes Provincial Premiers for opposing Charter of Rights and Freedoms

1991 – Grant Devine brings in Gross Revenue Insurance Plan


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pierre-Marc Johnson, 24th Quebec Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., former US Senator, VP candidate

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Julie Nixon Eisenhower, former first daughter

1935 – Franklin Roosevelt signs National Labor Relations Act

1967 – Queen Elizabeth II invests Roland Michener with the first ribbon and pendant star of the Order of Canada

1975 – Joey Smallwood elected leader of Liberal Reform Party

1977 – Pierre Trudeau sets up Task Force on Canadian Unity

1977 – John Robarts announced as co-chair of Task Force on Canadian Unity

1986 – Nancy Reagan cuts red, white and blue ribbon to reopen Statue of Liberty

1991 – Joe Clark accepts parallel constitutional reform process run by First Nations

2016 – FBI releases report calling Hillary Clinton careless in handling classified emails


HAPPY BIRTHDAY George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian Pallister, 22nd Manitoba Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nancy Reagan, former first lady

1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier enlarges the boundaries of Quebec

1945 – Harry Truman signs executive order establishing Medal of Freedom

1957 – Harry S. Truman Library forms in Independence, MO

1966 – Lester Pearson announces loans and grants for Caribbean Commonwealth countries

2006 – Stephen Harper makes first official visit to Washington

2006 – George W. Bush hosts new Canadian Prime Minister


1865 – 4 conspirators in Abraham Lincoln’s assassination are hanged

1898 – William McKinley signs the Orange Act, which annexes Hawaii

1930 – Construction begins on Hoover Dam

1946 – Jimmy Carter marries Rosalynn Smith

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower signs bill approving Alaskan statehood

1969 – Pierre Trudeau passes the Official Languages Act

1975 – Ed Broadbent elected leader of the New Democratic Party

1992 – Joe Clark reaches agreement with 9 provinces on constitutional package

1992 – Robert Bourassa sent constitutional package agreed to by Provincial Premiers

1993 – Bob Rae passes the Social Contract

2003 – Ralph Klein hit in the face with cream pie during his annual Stampede breakfast


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nelson Rockefeller, 49th New York Governor, 41st US Vice-President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Phil Gramm, former US Senator

1778 – George Washington headquarters at West Point with Continental Army

1891 – Warren Harding marries Florence DeWolfe

1896 – Sir Charles Tupper’s last day as Prime Minister

1915 – Germany responds to one of the points in Woodrow Wilson’s second Lusitania note

1919 – Woodrow Wilson returns to the US from the Versailles Peace Conference

1923 – Warren Harding becomes first sitting President to visit Alaska

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower begins three day visit to Ottawa

1974 – Pierre Trudeau and the Liberal Party win federal election

1975 – Gerald Ford announces he will seek Republican Presidential nomination

2000 – Preston Manning loses leadership of Canadian Alliance

2009 – Stephen Harper attends G8 Summit

2011 – Betty Ford passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Earl of Minto, 8th Governor General of Canada

1776 – Declaration of Independence is read to George Washington’s troops in New York

1951 – Harry Truman asks Congress to formally end state of war with Germany

1974 – Earl Warren passed away

1984 – John Turner calls a federal election

1991 – Brian Mulroney attends baseball game with US President in Toronto

1991 – George H. W. Bush attends baseball game with Canadian Prime Minister in Toronto

1991 – Joe Clark announces he will release federal position on constitution by September

2010 – David Johnston announced as new Governor General

2010 – Stephen Harper announces new Governor General


1861 – Abraham Lincoln tells Kentucky Militia that Union troops will not enter state

1919 – Woodrow Wilson personally delivers the Treaty of Versailles to the Senate

1920 – Robert Borden steps down as Prime Minister

1920 – Arthur Meighen sworn in as Canada’s 9th Prime Minister

1934 – Mitch Hepburn sworn in as Ontario’s 11th Premier

1934 – Franklin Roosevelt becomes first sitting president to visit South America (Columbia)

1944 – Tommy Douglas sworn in as Saskatchewan’s 7th Premier

1958 – John Diefenbaker and US President sign agreement for joint Canada-US defence

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower and Canadian Prime Minister sign agreement for joint US-Canada defence

1991 – Kim Campbell introduces draft new extradition law

1991 – Jean Charest orders environmental assessment of Great Whale hydro project


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Quincy Adams, 6th US President

1862 – Abraham Lincoln appoints General Halleck as general-in-chief

1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier sworn in as Canada’s 7th Prime Minister

1934 – Franklin Roosevelt becomes first President to travel through Panama Canal

1944 – Franklin Roosevelt announces he will seek a 4th term as President

1952 – Dwight Eisenhower nominated for President by Republican Party

1979 – Claude Wagner passed away

1989 – Ronald Reagan sportscasts the Major League Baseball All Star Game

1992 – Ross Perot, in speech to NAACP, refers to attendees as, “you people”

2007 – Lady Bird Johnson passed away


1954 – Dwight Eisenhower presents plan for interstate highway system

1957 – Dwight Eisenhower becomes first President to fly in a helicopter

1972 – George McGovern nominated for President by Democratic Party

1984 – Geraldine Ferraro becomes first woman nominated for vice-president by a major party

1985 – A cancerous growth is found on Ronald Reagan’s colon

1998 – Russell MacLellan elected leader of Nova Scotia Liberal Party and Premier

2016 – Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton for President


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mila Mulroney, former first lady of Canada

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack Kemp, 9th HUD Secretary, former Representative

1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier forms first ministry

1960 – John Kennedy nominated for President by Democratic Party

2009 – Queen Elizabeth II appoints Jean Chretien to Order of Merit


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gerald Ford, 38th US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robert Bourassa, 22nd Quebec Premier

1870 – Congress grants Mary Todd Lincoln a life pension

1915 – Sir Robert Borden attends British Cabinet meeting

1965 – Adlai Stevenson passed away

1976 – Jimmy Carter wins Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination


1838 – Lord Durham meets with Robert Baldwin and William Baldwin

1870 – George-Etienne Cartier’s Manitoba Act is passed

1932 – Herbert Hoover cuts his own salary by 15%

1948 – Harry Truman nominated for President by Democratic Party

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower sends troops to Lebanon

1964 – Barry Goldwater nominated for President by Republican Party

1969 – Ed Schreyer sworn in as Manitoba Premier

1971 – Richard Nixon announces he will visit People’s Republic of China

2013 – Stephen Harper shuffles cabinet


1882 – Mary Todd Lincoln passed away

1957 – John Glenn sets transcontinental speed record

1958 – Duff Roblin sworn in as Premier of Manitoba

1980 – Ronald Reagan nominated for President by Republican Party

2009 – Peter MacKay announces plan to purchase 65 C-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jets


1820 – A young boy named John A. Macdonald arrives in Kingston from Scotland with his family

1838 – Lord Durham reviews 43rd Regiment and other regulars at Niagara

1945 – Harry Truman has first meeting with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin at Potsdam

1968 – Lester Pearson appointed President of Institute for Strategic Studies

1969 – Pierre Trudeau asks western farmers, “Why should I sell your wheat?”

1974 – Ed Broadbent selected as interim leader of the New Democratic Party

1980 – Ronald Reagan formally accepts Republican Party’s Presidential nomination


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack Layton, former leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada

HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Glenn, former US Senator

1864 – Abraham Lincoln asks for 500,000 volunteers for military service

1940 – Franklin Roosevelt nominated for President by Democratic Party for third time

1947 – Harry Truman signs Presidential Succession Act

1958 – William Bennett announces British Columbia Ferry Authority will take over passenger service

1984 – Walter Mondale wins Democratic Party presidential nomination

1991 – Brian Mulroney tells Mikhail Gorbachev that Canada will lift freeze on food credits

1995 – Barack Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father” is published

1997 – Russell MacLellan sworn in as Nova Scotia’s 24th Premier


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dalton McGuinty, 24th Ontario Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY George McGovern, former US Senator

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt appoints Fair Employment Practice Committee

1948 – John Bracken resigns as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

1969 – Pierre Trudeau announces interest free cash advance for Western grain farmers

1984 – Geraldine Ferraro wins Democratic Vice-Presidential nomination

1990 – Peter Pocklington sells Palm Dairies

1990 – Richard Nixon Library opens

1993 – Bill Clinton fires FBI Director William Sessions

2017 – John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim Prentice, 16th Alberta Premier, former Conservative minister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack Horner, former Liberal Minister

1871 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier’s British Columbia Act comes into effect

1872 – Sir John A. Macdonald calls a federal election

1896 – Sir William Fielding’s last day as Nova Scotia Premier

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower visits Bernard Montgomery’s headquarters in Normandy

1944 – Franklin Roosevelt nominated for President for a fourth time by the Democratic Party

1965 – Lester Pearson outlines medicare proposals to federal-provincial conference

1965 – Judy LaMarsh and provincial colleagues identify problems with national medicare proposals

1981 – Pierre Trudeau hosts G7 economic summit in Montebello, Quebec

1988 – Michael Dukakis nominated for President by Democratic Party

2004 – Paul Martin’s cabinet sworn in


1961 – John Diefenbaker opens the town of Inuvik

1974 – House Judiciary Committee approves 2 articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon

1986 – John Buchanan hosts banquet to honour Hank Snow

1988 – Brian Mulroney passes Emergencies Act, replacing War Measures Act

1988 – Brian Mulroney passes Canadian Multiculturalism Act

1988 – Michael Dukakis accepts Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination

2000 – Frank Miller passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob Dole, former US Senator

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gilles Duceppe, former leader Bloc Quebecois

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michele Dionne, former first lady of Quebec

1775 – George Washington takes command of Continental Army

1937 – Franklin Roosevelt’s plan to expand Supreme Court is rejected by US Senate

1950 – William Lyon Mackenzie King passed away

1955 – Richard Nixon becomes first Vice-President to preside over Cabinet meeting

1961 – John Diefenbaker opens Northwest Telecommunications System

1963 – Lester Pearson appoints Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism

2016 – Hillary Clinton announces Tim Kaine as her running mate


1898 – Lord Minto takes up post as Governor General of Canada

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King passes bill authorizing conscription, but, not overseas

1959 – Richard Nixon begins tour of USSR

1973 – Richard Nixon refuses to release Watergate tapes

1974 – John Diefenbaker sworn in as a Member of Parliament for a record 12th time

1980 – Jimmy Carter designates River of No Return Wilderness Area


1758 – George Washington admitted into Virginia House of Burgess

1917 – Sir Robert Borden passes the Military Service Bill bringing in conscription

1929 – Herbert Hoover proclaims Kellogg-Briand Pact, which bans war

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt demands Japanese troops leave Indochina

1952 – Harry Truman settles 53 day steel strike

1959 – Richard Nixon gets into “kitchen debate” with Nikita Khrushchev

1974 – Supreme Court rules Richard Nixon must turn over Watergate tapes

1979 – Jimmy Carter names Paul Volcker Chairman of the Federal Reserve

2015 – Barack Obama begins 2 day visit to Kenya


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gilbert Parent, 33rd Speaker of the House of Commons

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Frank Church, former US Senator

1941- Franklin Roosevelt bans selling benzine/gasoline to Japan

1961 – John Kennedy announces that an attack on Berlin is an attack on NATO

1969 – Edward Kennedy pleads guilty to leaving the scene of an accident

1973 – Louis St. Laurent passed away

1988 – John Kerry and Julia Stimson divorce

1990 – Lucien Bouchard announces the formation of the Bloc Quebecois

2011 – Jack Layton takes a medical leave of absence as Leader of the Opposition

2014 – Israel and Hamas review John Kerry’s proposal for a ceasefire


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Peter Lougheed, Alberta’s 10th Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marc Lalonde, former Liberal Minister

1797 – John Quincy Adams marries Louisa Johnson

1880 – Sir John A. Macdonald leaves on a trip to London

1946 – Harry Truman orders desegregation of all US forces

1947 – Harry Truman signs National Security Act

1948 – Harry Truman signs Executive Order 9981 directing equality of treatment & opportunity in US armed forces

1990 – George H. W. Bush signs Americans With Disabilities Act

2015 – Flora Macdonald passed away


1942 – William Lyon Mackenzie King says it is not the time to proclaim a national anthem for Canada

1950 – Harry Truman promises aid to Taiwan

1960 – Richard Nixon nominated for President by Republican Party

1965 – Lyndon Johnson signs bill requiring health warnings on cigarette packaging

1967 – Lyndon Johnson sets up commission on causes of urban violence

1974 – House Judiciary Committee votes 27-11 in favour of impeaching Richard Nixon

1992 – Kim Campbell unveils new firearms regulations

1999 – John Hamm and the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party win election

2014 – Barack Obama reaffirms Israel’s right to defend itself

2017 – Boy Scouts of America apologize for political remarks made by Donald Trump at Scouts rally

2017 – Donald Trump’s chief of staff resigns


1840 – Lord Durham passed away

1858 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s government falls over resolution naming Ottawa as Canada’s capital

1915 – On orders from Woodrow Wilson, US Marines go ashore in Haiti, beginning a 19 year occupation

1930 – Richard Bennett and his Conservative Party win general election

1932 – Herbert Hoover evicts bonus marchers from their encampment

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt announces end of coffee rationing

1948 – Maurice Duplessis and the Union Nationale win re-election

1965 – Lyndon Johnson sends 50,000 more soldiers to Vietnam

2014 – Israel criticizes John Kerry’s proposed ceasefire

2017 – John McCain casts deciding vote against repeal of Affordable Care Act

2017 – Donald Trump appoints John Kelly as new chief of staff


1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King tells cabinet he would rather resign than support conscription

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower signs National Aeronautics and Space Act

1974 – House Judiciary Committee adopts second article of impeachment against Richard Nixon

1975 – Gerald Ford visits Auschwitz

1988 – Joe Clark announces Canada will deny visas to South African athletes to combat apartheid

2016 – Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bill Davis, 18th Ontario Premier

1863 – Abraham Lincoln gives order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every Black prisoner shot

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt signs bill creating Women’s Navy Auxiliary Agency

1962 – John Diefenbaker opens the Trans-Canada Highway to traffic

1965 – Lyndon Johnson signs Medicare bill

1986 – Bill Vander Zalm elected leader of British Columbia Social Credit Party

2002 – George W. Bush signs The Sarbanes Oxley Act, a change to accounting laws


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charles Dunning, 3rd Saskatchewan Premier, former Liberal Minister

1867 – George-Etienne Cartier says he was the man to make Confederation and that Sir John A. Macdonald had nothing to do with it

1868 – George-Etienne Cartier passes his Rupert’s Land Act

1932 – George Washington quarter goes into circulation

1948 – Harry Truman dedicates Idlewild Field in New York

1972 – Thomas Eagleton withdraws as Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate

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Today in History (June)


1812 – James Madison lists grievances against Britain

1866 – George-Etienne Cartier order out militia to meet Fenian threat

1909 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier creates the Department of External Affairs

1909 – Lord Grey donates the Grey Cup

1933 – Leonard Tilley sworn in as New Brunswick’s 21st Premier

1979 – Rene Levesque opens Parti Quebecois convention to establish consensus on sovereignty referendum

1992 – Brian Mulroney names non-politicians to the Privy Council

2008 – Stephen Harper authorizes the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

2015 – Jacques Parizeau passed away


1847 – Sir John A. Macdonald enters cabinet for the first time

1887 – Edward Blake resigns as Liberal Party leader

1915 – Sir Robert Borden establishes commission to monitor war time prices

1925 – Charles Dunning and the Saskatchewan Liberal Party wins election

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt authorizes building of first swimming pool in White House

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Bernard Montgomery in Portsmouth

1975 – Nelson Rockefeller finds no pattern of illegal activities at CIA

1987 – Brian Mulroney & Premiers finalize Meech Lake Accord

1997 – Jean Chretien and the Liberal Party win re-election

2017 – Donald Trump announces US withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pierre Poilievre, former Conservative Minister

1887 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier elected leader of Liberal Party

1909 – William Lyon Mackenzie King becomes Canada’s first deputy minister of labour

1953 – Louis St. Laurent attends Commonwealth Prime Minister conference

1959 – John Diefenbaker receives message from US President that was bounced off moon

1959 – Dwight Eisenhower sends message to Canadian Prime Minister bounced off the moon

1961 – John Kennedy meets with Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna

1980 – Jimmy Carter secures enough delegates for renomination

1987 – Brian Mulroney & Premiers initial Meech Lake Accord

1990 – Brian Mulroney dines with Premiers to try and save Meech Lake Accord

2014 – Barack Obama announces increased deployment of US troops in Europe


1944 – Dwight Eisenhower cancels planned D-Day invasion after receiving unfavourable weather reports

1965 – Claude Wagner becomes Quebec’s first Minister of Justice

1979 – Joe Clark sworn in as Canada’s 16th Prime Minister

1990 – Brian Mulroney calls first ministers conference to try and save Meech Lake Accord

1992 – Joe Clark’s referendum bill passes House of Commons


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joe Clark, Canada’s 16th Prime Minister

1897 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier sails to England for Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower sets date for D-Day

1961 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s home, Earnscliffe, declared national historic site

1998 – Sam Yorty passed away

2002 – Alexa McDonnough announces resignation as leader of the NDP

2004 – Ronald Reagan passed away


1861 – Abraham Lincoln says Union will pay for State’s mobilized volunteers

1891 – Sir John A. Macdonald passed away

1895 – Lord Aberdeen unveils the Sir John A. Macdonald memorial in Montreal

1917 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier declines offer to join Union Government

1956 – Louis St. Laurent forces closure on the Pipeline Debate

1968 – Robert Kennedy assassinated

1988 – George H. W. Bush promises reparations for interned WWII Japanese-Americans

1992 – John Crosbie welcomes international accord on sustainable fishing

2003 – Jean Chretien opens the Juno Beach Centre

2004 – Paul Martin attends the 60th anniversary ceremony of the D-Day invasion


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Turner, Canada’s 17th Prime Minister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike Pence, 48th US Vice-President

1864 – Abraham Lincoln renominated for President by Republican Party

1887 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier becomes leader of Liberal Party

1948 – George Drew and the Ontario PC Party win second majority

1955 – Dwight Eisenhower become first President to appear on colour TV

1968 – Robert Kennedy lies in state at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

1982 – Ronald Reagan meets with Pope John Paul II at Vatican City


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barbara Bush, former first lady

1789 – James Madison introduces a proposed Bill of Rights in House of Representatives

1877 – Edward Blake appointed President of the Council

1891 – Sir John A. Macdonald lies in state

1908 – James Whitney and the Ontario Conservative Party win re-election

1960 – Tommy Douglas and the Saskatchewan CCF win fifth straight majority

1968 – Robert Kennedy laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery

1969 – Richard Nixon says 25,000 troops to leave Vietnam by end of August

1972 – Lester Pearson receives Order of Merit from Queen Elizabeth II

1982 – Ronald Reagan addresses British Parliament

1985 – Mike Pence marries Karen Batten

1995 – Mike Harris and the Ontario PC Party win election

2017 – James Comey testifies that Donald Trump told lies


1915 – Woodrow Wilson sends second 2nd note to Germany protesting sinking of Lusitania

1949 – Joey Smallwood’s first government is sworn in

1968 – William Bennett dedicates Keenleyside Dam on Columbia River

1979 – Joey Smallwood resigns from Newfoundland House of Assembly

1980 – Pierre Trudeau and Premiers agree to discuss 12 items on the constitution

1990 – Brian Mulroney reaches compromise with Premiers over Meech Lake Accord


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Preston Manning, founding leader Reform Party

HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Edwards, former US Senator

1937 – Sir Robert Borden passed away

1942 – William Lyon Mackenzie King states, “conscription if necessary, but not necessarily conscription”

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt signs withholding tax bill

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt become first President to visit foreign country during wartime

1947 – Harry Truman begins two day visit to Ottawa

1952 – Harry Truman suggests nationalizing the steel industry

1957 – John Diefenbaker and the PC Party of Canada win minority in election

1963 – John Kennedy signs law for equal pay for equal work

1975 – Nelson Rockefeller’s committee reports on 300,000 CIA files on Americans

1984 – Pierre Trudeau returns to Canada after tour of Europe


1906 – Sir Hector Langevin passed away

1917 – Sir Robert Borden introduces the Conscription Act

1917 – Sir Robert Borden creates the Canadian Board of Grain Commissioners

1920 – Republicans nominate Warren Harding for President

1939 – Franklin Roosevelt serves hot dogs to King & Queen of England

1945 – William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Liberal Party of Canada win federal election

1952 – Tommy Douglas and the Saskatchewan CCF win their third election

1959 – Leslie Frost and the Ontario PC Party win a fifth straight majority

1962 – John Kennedy accepts honorary degree from Yale

1963 – George Wallace tries to prevent blacks from registering at University of Alabama

1963 – John Kennedy calls segregation morally wrong

1975 – Alan Blakeney and the Saskatchewan NDP win a second majority

1983 – Brian Mulroney wins PC Party leadership

1990 – Brian Mulroney tells of “knowing when to roll all the dice”

1990 – Brian Mulroney appoints first elected Senator, Stanley Waters

1992 – Joe Clark closes 3 months of constitutional talks

1993 – John Savage sworn in as Nova Scotia’s 23rd Premier

1996 – Bob Dole resigns from Senate to run for President

1997 – Paul Martin reappointed Minister of Finance

1998 – Jean Chretien appoints Hockey Hall of Fame member Frank Mahovolich to the Senate

2004 – Ronald Reagan’s funeral is held at Washington National Cathedral

2008 – Stephen Harper apologizes to First Nations over residential school abuses


HAPPY BIRTHDAY George H. W. Bush, 41st US President

1952 – William Bennett invited to form government in British Columbia

1977 – Groundbreaking at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

1980 – Ronald Reagan says he will submit to periodic medical tests

1984 – Bill Davis announces extension of funding for Ontario’s Catholic High Schools

1987 – Ronald Reagan challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”

1991 – Michael Wilson says culture not on the table for NAFTA negotiations

1995 – Jacques Parizeau announces team for upcoming referendum


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Martha Washington, former 1st lady

1789 – George Washington has ice cream for dessert

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt creates Department of War

1986 – Ronald Reagan criticises South African state of emergency

1991 – Brian Mulroney meets with Germany’s Helmut Khol in Ottawa

1993 – Kim Campbell wins leadership of PC Party


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donald Trump, 45th US President

1864 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s government loses vote of censure

1872 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s government passes Canadian Pacific Railway charter

1872 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s government passes Trade Unions Bill, legalizing unions

1922 – Warren Harding becomes first President to use radio

1928 – Herbert Hoover nominated for President by Republican Party

1953 – Dwight Eisenhower condemns Joseph McCarthy’s book burning proposal

1954 – Dwight Eisenhower signs order adding “under God” to pledge of allegiance

1961 – Bank of Canada Governor James Coyne resigns over differences with John Diefenbaker

1973 – Richard Nixon imposes 60 day economy wide price freeze

1974 – All the President’s Men by Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein is published

1984 – Pierre Trudeau gives farewell address to Liberal Party convention

1989 – Ronald Reagan knighted by Queen Elizabeth II

1991 – Brian Mulroney announces scaling down of military in Europe

1991 – Michael Wilson announces Canadian win on pork at free trade tribunal

1993 – Bill Clinton nominates Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court

1994 – Bob Rae plays a tin drum at the Massey Hall 100th Anniversary Concert


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mo Udall, former US Representative

1775 – George Washington appointed commander in chief of US Army

1886 – Sir William Fielding and the Nova Scotia Liberals win third straight majority

1944 – Tommy Douglas and the Saskatchewan CCF win election

1955 – Dwight Eisenhower stages first “operation alert” determining readiness under nuclear attack

1967 – Ronald Reagan signs California’s liberalized abortion bill

1971 – Vernon Jordan appointed head of National Urban League

1977 – Judy LaMarsh issues report on Royal Commission on Violence in Media

1985 – Brian Mulroney announces closure of embassy in Beirut

1990 – Gary Filmon’s attempt to introduce Meech Lake resolution in Manitoba is blocked

1990 – Brian Mulroney loses an MP over handling of Meech Lake

1991 – Lucien Bouchard founds the Bloc Quebecois

1992 – Dan Quayle misspells “potato”

1993 – Ralph Klein and the Alberta PC Party win election

1993 – John Connally passed away

2012 – Stephen Harper announces funding for construction of bridge between Windsor and Detroit

2015 – Donald Trump launches his campaign for President


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Arthur Meighen, Canada’s 9th Prime Minister

1858 – Abraham Lincoln accepts Illinois Republican Senate nomination

1928 – Thomas Dewey married Frances Eileen Hutt

1932 – Herbert Hoover re-nominated for President by Republican Party

1935 – Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” accepted by Congress

1958 – Duff Roblin and the Manitoba PC Party win election

1960 – Dwight Eisenhower cancels trip to Japan

1972 – Pierre Trudeau starts the Churchill Falls hydro electric power station

1976 – Pierre Trudeau visits Washington

1981 – Ronald Reagan presents Congressional Gold Medal to Ken Taylor

1984 – John Turner wins leadership of Liberal Party

1991 – Brian Mulroney holds joint press conference with Germany’s Helmut Kohl

2008 – Dalton McGuinty’s government announces two new nuclear reactors at Darlington plant

2017 – Donald Trump reinstates Cuban travel and business restrictions


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Duff Roblin, 14th Manitoba Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ernie Eves, 23rd Ontario Premier

1864 – Sir John A. Macdonald hosts opposition leaders to discuss coalition

1950 – Robert Kennedy married Ethel Kennedy

1977 – Joe Biden married Jill Jacobs

1980 – Jean Chretien co-chairs constitutional talks in Ottawa

1980 – Roy Romanow co-chairs constitutional talks in Ottawa

1982 – Ronald Reagan makes first address to United Nations

1988 – Brian Mulroney welcomes G-7 leaders to Toronto

1996 – Sheila Copps re-elected in by-election after resigning over broken GST promise


1812 – James Madison asks Congress to declare war on Britain

1940 – William Lyon Mackenzie King proposes National Resources Mobilization Bill which includes registration and training of men 21-45

1962 – John Diefenbaker and the PC Party win minority in election

1973 – Richard Nixon hosts Leonid Brezhnev

1975 – Pierre Trudeau creates the Federal Investment Review Agency (FIRA)

1979 – Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev sign Salt II Treaty

1985 – Frank Miller defeated on a series of confidence motions

1991 – Michael Wilson suspends export of automatic arms to Middle East


1778 – George Washington’s troops leave Valley Forge

1900 – Republican Party re-nominates William McKinley for President

1934 – Mitch Hepburn and the Ontario Liberals win election

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Two Ocean Navy Expansion Act

1959 – Dwight Eisenhower’s choice for Secretary of Commerce rejected by Senate

1991 – Jean Chretien hires new Chief of Staff

2013 – Bob Rae leaves politics after 35 year career


1882 – Sir John A. Macdonald and the National Liberal-Conservative Party wins federal election

1897 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier attends Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee

1940 – William Lyon Mackenzie King passes a conscription law that fulfils his earlier pledge

1947 – Harry Truman vetoes Taft-Hartley Act

1956 – Tommy Douglas and the Saskatchewan CCF win 4th straight election

1967 – Lester Pearson opens National Library and Archives building

1985 – Rene Levesque announces he will resign as Parti Quebecois leader

1986 – Ronald Reagan has 2 polyps removed from colon

1988 – Lucien Bouchard wins Lac-St.-Jean by-election

1991 – Brian Mulroney attends conference on Security and Co-Operation in Europe

1991 – Robert Bourassa passes bill requiring referendum on sovereignty

1992 – John Savage wins leadership of Nova Scotia Liberal Party

1997 – Preston Manning announces he will move into Stornaway


HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1st Marquess of Dufferin, 3rd Governor General of Canada

1870 – Sir Charles Tupper appointed President of the Privy Council

1937 – Richard Nixon marries Pat Ryan

1940 – William Lyon Mackenzie King brings in conscription for homeland service

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt meets with Winston Churchill in Washington

1957 – John Diefenbaker sworn in as 13th Prime Minister of Canada

1957 – Louis St. Laurent resigns as Prime Minister

1968 – Earl Warren resigns from Supreme Court

1982 – Ronald Reagan’s would be assassin found not guilty by reason of insanity

1985 – Rene Levesque resigns as Quebec Premier

1986 – Ronald Reagan gives speech defending judicial appointments

1990 – Brian Mulroney flies to Newfoundland to address legislature over Meech Lake

1995 – Roy Romanow and the Saskatchewan NDP win a second majority


1864 – Sir John A. Macdonald welcomes George Brown into coalition cabinet

1935 – Richard Bennett meets On to Ottawa trekkers

1944 – Franklin Roosevelt signs GI Bill of Rights


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul Martin Sr., former cabinet minister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laureen Harper, former Canadian first lady

1887 – Sir John A. Macdonald passes Rocky Mountain Parks Act, creating Banff National Park

1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Liberal Party win the federal election

1929 – Sir William Fielding passed away

1930 – Nelson Rockefeller married Mary Todhunter Clark

1936 – William Lyon Mackenzie King convinced to replace the CRBC with the CBC

1947 – Harry Truman’s veto of Taft-Hartley is overridden by congress

1963 – John Kennedy tours Western Europe

1971 – Robert Bourassa rejects the Victoria Charter constitutional package

1971 – Alan Blakeney and the Saskatchewan NDP win election

1972 – Richard Nixon signs act barring sexual discrimination in college sports

1972 – Richard Nixon agrees to use CIA to cover up Watergate

1974 – John Diefenbaker sworn in as an MP for a record 12th time

1986 – Ronald Reagan refused invitation to address House of Representatives

1987 – Robert Bourassa and the Quebec National Assembly ratify the Meech Lake Accord

1990 – Jean Chretien wins leadership of Liberal Party

1990 – Brian Mulroney went on TV to announce the Meech Lake Accord was dead

1990 – Robert Bourassa announces he will not, again, meet with provincial Premiers on the constitution

1992 – Brian Mulroney announces purchase of 50 helicopters for the military

2010 – Stephen Harper apologizes to families of Air India flight 182 bombing


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jean Charest, 29th Quebec Premier

1834 – George-Etienne Cartier sings “O Canada, Mon Pays, Mes Amours” at founding of St-Jean Baptiste Society

1904 – Arthur Meighen marries Jessie Isabel Cox

1909 – Lady Aberdeen hosts conference of The International Council of Women

1940 – Mackenzie King says, government I lead will not bring in measures for conscription of Canadians for service overseas

1948 – Tommy Douglas wins second majority

1948 – Thomas Dewey nominated for President by Republican convention

1968 – Pierre Trudeau showered with rocks and bottles while on reviewing stand at St-Jean Baptiste parade

1974 – Pierre Trudeau says Canada will not seek extradition of FLQ members who fled

1977 – IRS reveals Jimmy Carter paid no taxes in 1976

1990 – Brian Mulroney says no more constitutional talks without Quebec’s participation


1878 – George Walkem forms his second government

1926 – William Lyon Mackenzie King defeated on motion of censure in House of Commons

1929 – Herbert Hoover authorizes building of Boulder Dam (renamed Hoover Dam)

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt issues executive order 8802 forbidding discrimination

1942 – Dwight Eisenhower appointed commander of US forces in Europe

1948 – Harry Truman signs Displaced Persons Bill bringing 205,000 Europeans to the US

1957 – George Drew appointed Canada’s High Commissioner to Britain

1963 – John Kennedy speaks at Pauls Church in Frankfurt, Germany

1968 – Pierre Trudeau and the Liberal Party win general election

1968 – Ed Broadbent first elected to House of Commons

1969 – Ed Schreyer and the Manitoba NDP win election

1978 – Pierre Trudeau meets with Margaret Thatcher to discuss patriation of constitution

1990 – George H. W. Bush welcomes Nelson Mandela to the White House

1993 – Kim Campbell sworn in as Canada’s first female Prime Minister

1993 – Jean Charest becomes Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister

1998 – Supreme Court rules in Clinton v. City of New York that line item veto is unconstitutional

2015 – Barack Obama’s subsidies in Affordable Care Act upheld by Supreme Court


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Robert Borden, Canada’s 8th Prime Minister

1797 – John Quincy Adams marries Louisa Johnson

1835 – Sir John A. Macdonald opens his own law office in Kingston

1877 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier denounces clergy interference in elections

1926 – William Lyon Mackenzie King asks Governor General for election and is refused

1934 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Federal Credit Union Act

1947 – Richard Bennett passed away

1957 – John Diefenbaker attends Commonwealth Prime Ministers conference in London

1957 – Dwight Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II open St. Lawrence Seaway

1961 – John Diefenbaker opens the Hockey Hall of Fame

1963 – John Kennedy gives “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in West Germany

1985 – David Peterson sworn in as Ontario Premier

1990 – Kim Campbell introduces gun legislation banning certain semi-automatic assault weapons

1990 – Jacques Parizeau and Lucien Bouchard meet to discuss forming a separatist party in Ottawa

1993 – Bill Clinton launches missile attack into Baghdad intelligence headquarters

1995 – Mike Harris sworn in as Ontario Premier


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ross Perot, 3rd Party Presidential Candidate

1949 – Louis St. Laurent and the Liberal Party win federal election

1950 – Harry Truman order US Air Force & Navy into Korean conflict

1962 – Ross Perot starts Electronic Data Systems

1963 – John Kennedy spends first full day in Ireland

1969 – Richard Nixon begins visit to Ottawa

1973 – Watergate Committee learns of Richard Nixon’s “enemies list”

1974 – Richard Nixon visits USSR

1975 – Pierre Trudeau opens L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Park

1984 – Pierre Trudeau wins Albert Einstein Peace Prize

1988 – Joe Clark meets with Soviet Ambassador over expulsion of Soviet diplomats from Canada

1991 – Brian Mulroney hires Hugh Segal as senior advisor

1993 – Don Henley booed at concert for dedicating song to Bill Clinton

2008 – Court clears Jean Chretien of responsibility for Sponsorship Scandal


HAPPY BIRTHDAY David Johnston, 28th Governor General of Canada

1838 – Lord Durham banishes 8 Patriote leaders to Bermuda without trial

1919 – Harry Truman marries Elizabeth Truman

1925 – William Lyon Mackenzie King resigns his government in advance of confidence motion

1935 – Franklin Roosevelt orders gold vault to be built at Fort Knox, Kentucky

1961 – John Diefenbaker announces drought relief for farmers

1965 – John Robarts opens Trans-Canada Highway from Fort Frances to Atikokan

1965 – Lyndon Johnson authorizes first US ground combat forces in Vietnam

1973 – Ed Schreyer and the Manitoba NDP win re-election

1977 – Supreme Court allows Federal control of Richard Nixon’s tapes and papers

1992 – Dorothy Bush marries Bobby Koch

2004 – Paul Martin and the Liberal Party win a minority in the election


1914 – James Whitney and the Ontario PC Party win a 4th straight election

1926 – Arthur Meighen sworn in as Prime Minister for a second time

1936 – Franklin Roosevelt presents the US Congressional Gold Medal to George Cohan

1978 – Walter Mondale begins visit to Middle East

2002 – George W. Bush undergoes a colonoscopy

2006 – Supreme Court rules George W. Bush’s plan to try Guantanamo Bay detainees in military tribunals is unconstitutional


1864 – The Great Coalition Ministry begins with Reformers joining Sir John A. Macdonald’s government

1865 – 8 conspirators in Abraham Lincoln assassination are found guilty

1923 – William Lyon Mackenzie King passes An Act Respecting Chinese Immigration which defines Chinese persons excluded from Canada

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King brings in bill confirming no conscription

1948 – William Lyon Mackenzie King gives final speech in House of Commons

1960 – John Diefenbaker opens Ottawa International Airport

1971 – Alan Blakeney sworn in as Saskatchewan’s 10th Premier

1973 – Joe Clark marries Maureen McTeer

1977 – Jimmy Carter ends the B-1A bomber

1984 – John Turner sworn in as Canada’s 17th Prime Minister

1984 – Pierre Trudeau officially steps down as Prime Minister

1987 – Brian Mulroney joins the majority in the House of Commons in rejecting a return of capital punishment
1997 – Angus Reid reports that only 30% of Canadian students know Sir John A. Macdonald is Canada’s first Prime Minister
2001 – Quebec agrees to compensation for the “Maurice Duplessis Orphans”
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Today in History (May)


1896 – Sir Charles Tupper sworn in as Canada’s 6th Prime Minister

1962 – John Kennedy authorizes Area Redevelopment Act

1937 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Act of Neutrality

1985 – Ronald Reagan ends embargo against Nicaragua

2003 – George W. Bush gives “Mission Accomplished” speech


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Belinda Stronach, former Canadian Cabinet Minister

1974 – Spiro Agnew disbarred

2000 – Bill Clinton announces that GPS no longer restricted to military

2009 – Jack Kemp passed away


1861 – Abraham Lincoln asks for 42000 Army Volunteers and 18000 seamen

1960 – John Diefenbaker attends Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference in London

1963 – Lester Pearson visits London for meeting with British Prime Minister

1971 – Richard Nixon’s administration arrests 13000 anti-war protesters

1982 – Ronald Reagan begins weekly radio broadcasts

1989 – John Turner announces resignation as Liberal leader

1991 – Brian Mulroney announces GST processing centre in Summerside, PEI


1880 – Edward Blake selected as leader of Liberal Party

1910 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier passes Navel Service Act

1949 – Leslie Frost become Ontario Premier

1991 – George H. W. Bush hospitalized for erratic heart beat


1939 – Charles Dunning establishes Central Mortgage Bank, later CMHC

1960 – Dwight Eisenhower signs Civil Rights Act

1987 – Gary Hart denies having an affair with Donna Rice

1990 – Brian Mulroney says touch economic measures will make him unpopular

1993 – Robert Bourassa passes Bill 86 language law


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harry Truman, 33rd US President

1863 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s government is defeated in the Assembly

1871 – Sir John A. Macdonald signs the Treaty of Washington

1945 – William Lyon Mackenzie King gives VE Day speech

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower orders National Guard out of Central HS, Little Rock, Arkansas

1958 – Richard Nixon confronted by protesters in Peru

1963 – John Kennedy offers Israel assistance against aggression

1974 – Pierre Trudeau loses confidence vote over budget

1982 – Grant Devine sworn in as Saskatchewan Premier

1984 – Shooter enters National Assembly to kill Rene Levesque

1986 – Don Getty and the Alberta PC Party win the general election

1987 – Gary Hart leaves Democratic Presidential race

1994 – Bill Clinton announces US will no longer repatriate boat people


1914 – Woodrow Wilson proclaims Mother’s Day

1953 – William Bennett and the British Columbia Social Credit Party win election

1955 – Leslie Frost and the Ontario PC Party win 4th straight majority

1969 – William Bennett dedicates the Keenleyside Dam

1974 – US House of Representatives begins formal hearings on Richard Nixon’s impeachment

1977 – Bill Davis and the Ontario PC Party win second straight minority

1979 – Joey Smallwood resigns from Newfoundland’s House of Assembly

1989 – Dan Quayle accidently says, “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind” instead of “a mind is terrible thing to waste”

1990 – Brian Mulroney reaches deal with Provincial Premiers to save Meech Lake Accord

1994 – Bob Rae’s attempt to extend civil union rights to same sex couples is defeated

2012 – Barack Obama declares his support for same sex marriage

2017 – Donald Trump fires FBI Director James Comey


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Scott Brison, Liberal Minister

1775 – George Washington named Supreme Commander by Continental Congress

1865 – Sir Charles Tupper advocates Maritime Union instead of Confederation

1886 – Sir William Fielding passes resolution asking Nova Scotia be released from Confederation

1960 – John Kennedy wins West Virginia primary

1963 – Lester Pearson begins two days of meetings with US President

1963 – John Kennedy begins two days of meetings with Canadian Prime Minister

1966 – Lester Pearson gives speech suggesting end of isolation of Communist China

1970 – Pierre Trudeau takes part in Canada Day festivities at Expo ’70 in Osaka, Japan

1979 – Bill Bennett and British Columbia Social Credit Party win election

2005 – A hand grenade thrown 65 feet from George W. Bush malfunctions

2016 – Carolyn Bennett announces Canada’s support for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ed Stelmach, 13th Alberta Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mitchell Sharp, Liberal Minister

1963 – Lester Pearson announces that Canada will accept US nuclear warheads

1963 – John Turner marries Geils Kilgour

1989 – George H. W. Bush orders troops into Panama

2000 – Ralph Klein passes the Health Care Protection Act, expanding role of private sector

2005 – Paul Martin announces that coming vote on budget will be a matter of confidence

2011 – Michael Ignatieff resigns as Liberal Party leader


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Ignatieff, former Liberal MP

1901 – William McKinley visits San Francisco

1952 – William Bennett and the British Columbia Social Credit Party win election

1984 – Bill Davis announces extension of funding to Roman Catholic school boards through grade 13

1986 – Ronald Reagan appoints James Fletcher as NASA Administrator

1995 – Jacques Parizeau announces a common front to fight the referendum campaign

2002 – Jimmy Carter arrives in Cuba


1958 – Rioters attack Richard Nixon in Venezuela

2003 – John Savage passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Frank Miller, 19th Premier of Ontario

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aline Chretien, former Canadian first lady

1872 – George-Etienne Cartier passes the General Charter of the Canadian Pacific Railway

1940 – John Diefenbaker first takes seat in House of Commons

1949 – Harry Truman signs bill creating missile range at Cape Canaveral

1964 – Bill Davis sworn in as Ontario’s first Minister of University Affairs

1984 – Jeanne Sauve sworn in as Canada’s first female Governor General

1991 – John Nunziata alleges that RCMP know who bombed Air India-182, but don’t have enough evidence to prosecute

1998 – Camille Theriault sworn in as New Brunswick’s 29th Premier


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard J. Daley, 40th Chicago Mayor

1873 – Sir John A. Macdonald accused of receiving money for CPR contract

1879 – Sir John A. Macdonald brings in protective tariff as part of National Policy

1913 – Sir Robert Borden uses closure for the first time in Canadian history on Naval Aid Bill

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Montgomery, Churchill & George VI

1972 – Assassination attempt on George Wallace

1991 – Robert Bourassa brings in bill for referendum on Quebec sovereignty

1991 – George H. W. Bush takes Queen Elizabeth to a baseball game

1992 – Brian Mulroney brings in bill allowing referendum on constitutional reform

1992 – Donald Cameron sets up inquiry into Westray Coal Mine disaster


1865 – Sir John A. Macdonald presented to Queen Victoria

1865 – George-Etienne Cartier presented to Queen Victoria

1961 – John Kennedy begins 3 day visit to Ottawa

2008 – Stephen Harper unveils Canada’s version of the Victoria Cross


1878 – Lord Dufferin shown phonograph by Thomas Edison

1917 – Sir Robert Borden announces conscription

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower sets date for D-Day

1946 – Harry Truman takes control of nation’s railways to delay a strike

1961 – John Kennedy addresses Canadian Parliament

1971 – Pierre Trudeau begins 10 day visit to Soviet Union

1990 – Jean Charest’s committee recommends adopting Meech Lake Accord

2001 – George W. Bush calls for reduced regulation to encourage oil, gas & nuclear production

2005 – Belinda Stronach crosses the floor of the House of Commons


1860 – Abraham Lincoln selected as presidential nominee by Republican party

1917 – Sir Robert Borden announces compulsory conscription

1917 – Sir Robert Borden offers to form coalition government with opposition

1917 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier rejects offer to participate in coalition government

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Tennessee Valley Act to build dams

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt writes to Canadian Prime Minister about dispersing French Canadians to assimilate them

1942 – William Lyon Mackenzie King receives letter from US President with plan to disperse French Canadians in order to assimilate them

1971 – Richard Nixon rejects 60 demands of Congressional black caucus

1973 – John Diefenbaker’s former home donated to University of Saskatchewan

2016 – Justin Trudeau formally apologises for the Komagata Maru incident


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve Ford, former first son

1828 – John Quincy Adams signs Tariff of Abominations

1875 – Edward Blake made Minister of Justice

1908 – Louis St. Laurent marries Jeanne Osbourne

1909 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier establishes Commission of Conservation

1970 – Al Gore marries Tipper Aitcheson

1992 – Dan Quayle attacks TV character Murphy Brown

2005 – Paul Martin survives two non-confidence votes

2013 – Stephen Harper’s chief of staff resigns over revelation he wrote cheque to cover a Senator’s expenses


1862 – George-Etienne Cartier’s Militia Bill is defeated

1873 – George-Etienne Cartier passed away

1879 – Sir Charles Tupper appointed the first head of Department of Railways and Canals

1879 – Hector-Louis Langevin appointed Minister of Public Works

1980 – Quebecers vote NO in referendum on sovereignty

1984 – Robert Skelly elected leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party

1990 – Federal minister, Lucien Bouchard sends telegram of support to Parti Quebecois National Council meeting

1997 – Bill Clinton signs executive order barring new US investment in Burma

2010 – Stephen Harper appoints David Braley to the Senate

2017 – Donald Trump begins his first foreign trip


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leonard Tilley, 21st New Brunswick Premier

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt lights Mount Davidson Cross via telegraph

1965 – George Drew installed as first chancellor of University of Guelph

1969 – Robert Kennedy’s assassin is sentenced to death

1990 – Lucien Bouchard resigns from cabinet and the PC Party

1993 – Joe Clark named UN Special Envoy to find peace settlement in Cyprus

2012 – Stephen Harper announces that Canada’s military operation in Afghanistan will end in March 2014


1802 – Martha Washington passed away

1849 – Abraham Lincoln receives patent for device that lifts boats over shoals and obstructions

1868 – George-Etienne Cartier’s Canadian Militia Bill receives royal assent

1872 – Lord Dufferin appointed Governor General of Canada

1878 – George Walkem is returned to office in the British Columbia general election

1893 – Lord Aberdeen appointed Governor General of Canada

1947 – The Truman Doctrine goes into effect

1953 – Dwight Eisenhower signs Offshore Oil Bill

1964 – Lyndon Johnson introduces the “Great Society”

1972 – Richard Nixon begins visit to Moscow

1973 – Richard Nixon confesses role in Watergate cover-up

1979 – Joe Clark and the PC Party of Canada win election

1997 – Jean Charest says he would only recognize Quebec independence if referendum question was clear

1998 – Judge rules that Secret Service must testify in grand jury against Bill Clinton

2016 – Barack Obama begins 3 day visit to Vietnam


1856 – Sir John A. Macdonald forms a new government

1856 – George-Etienne Cartier sworn in as Attorney General

1879 – Lord Dufferin holds an investiture of the most distinguished order of St. Michael and St. George

1918 – Sir Robert Borden brings in the Act to Confer the Electoral Franchise Upon Women

1932 – Richard Bennett sets up the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission

1967 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s Kingston home is opened as a museum

1991 – George H. W. Bush gets Senate fast track approval to negotiate NAFTA

1992 – Brian Mulroney recalls ambassador to Belgrade and expels Yugoslavian diplomats


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Herb Grey, Canada’s first Jewish federal cabinet minister

1787 – George Washington presides over the opening of the Constitutional Convention

1882 – Lord Lorne hosts the founding meeting of the Royal Society of Canada

1961 – John Kennedy announces goal of putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade

1967 – Lyndon Johnson gives The Great Ring of Canada as a centennial gift from the US

1971 – Paul Hellyer launches Action Canada

1989 – Michael Wilson’s budget is leaked

1990 – Brian Mulroney begins meeting with Premiers to try and save Meech Lake Accord

1993 – John Savage and the Nova Scotia Liberal Party win election

1997 – Jean Chretien affirms government Canada will not recognize referendum result of 50.1% on Quebec independence


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Estes Kefauver, former US Senator

1932 – Richard Bennett passes the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Act

1972 – Richard Nixon & Leonid Brezhnev sign SALT Treaty

1973 – Brian Mulroney marries Mila Pivnicki

1984 – Ronald Reagan rules out US military intervention in Iran-Iraq war

1995 – John Kerry marries Teresa Heinz

1998 – Bill Clinton’s trial against Paula Jones begins

2002 – Jean Chretien shuffles his cabinet
2003 – Jean Chretien announces building a Canadian History Centre
2008 – Maxime Bernier resigns as Foreign Affairs minister over security breach


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hubert Humphrey, 38th US Vice President

1754 – George Washington ordered to attack the French

1838 – Lord Durham appointed Governor General of Canada

1846 – Sir John A. Macdonald makes first speech in House of Commons

1891 – Sir John A. Macdonald suffers a stroke

1916 – Woodrow Wilson addresses League to Enforce Peace

1935 – Franklin Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act declared unconstitutional

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt declares state of emergency over sinking of Robin Moor

1949 – Louis St. Laurent and the Liberal Party of Canada win election

1949 – Joey Smallwood and the Newfoundland Liberal Party wins first Newfoundland election

1964 – Lester Pearson releases his prefered choice for a new Canadian flag

1968 – Pierre Trudeau promises to make French available in federal institutions

1977 – Pierre Trudeau agrees to separation from wife

1985 – Ronald Reagan reviews parading inaugural bands

1986 – Ronald Reagan orders 2 poseidon submarines dismantled

1987 – Pierre Trudeau publicly attacks Meech Lake Accord

2011 – Ed Stelmach resigns as leader of the Alberta PC Party


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rudy Giuliani, 107th Mayor of New York City

1754 – George Washington’s forces fight Battle of Jumonville Glen

1884 – Sir Charles Tupper resigns seat to become first High Commissioner to Britain

1956 – Dwight Eisenhower signs bill allowing for storage of agricultural surpluses

1968 – Eugene McCarthy wins Democratic primary in Oregon

1985 – David Peterson signs agreement with NDP to become Ontario Premier

1990 – Brian Mulroney meets with UN General Secretary in Ottawa

1996 – Bill Clinton’s former Whitewater partners convicted of fraud

2005 – Justin Trudeau marries Sophie Gregoire


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Kennedy, 35th US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bill Vander Zalm, 28th British Columbia Premier

1838 – Lord Durham lands in Quebec

1849 – Abraham Lincoln says, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some…

1888 – George Foster enters cabinet as Minister of Finance

1902 – George Ross and the Ontario Liberal Party win second consecutive majority

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Churchill & Marshall, Confederacy of Algiers

1980 – Vernon Jordan Jr. faces assassination attempt

1987 – Preston Manning becomes leader at Reform Party founding convention

1990 – Brian Mulroney meets Mikhail Gorbachev in Ottawa

1998 – Barry Goldwater passes away

2014 – Barack Obama approves US military training of “moderate” Syrian rebels

2015 – Peter MacKay announces he will not seek re-election


1922 – Lincoln Memorial is dedicated

1991 – Kim Campbell introduces new gun control legislation

2003 – Jean Chretien unveils a bust of Emile Nelligan

2010 – Duff Roblin passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Henry “Scoop” Jackson, former US Senator

1961 – John Kennedy visits Charles de Gaulle in Paris

1968 – Pierre Trudeau opens the National Arts Centre

1972 – Pierre Trudeau announces new civilian and military awards

1990 – Brian Mulroney invites Premiers to Ottawa to try and save Meech Lake Accord

1990 – Don Getty announces privatization of Alberta Government Telephones

1997 – Frank McKenna and the PEI Premier open the Confederation Bridge

2003 – Peter MacKay elected leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

2017 – Kathy Griffin fired from CNN after photo posted of her with severed head of Donald Trump

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Today in History (April)


1949 – Louis St. Laurent give speech welcoming Newfoundland into Canada

1954 – William Lyon Mackenzie King’s family homestead becomes a National Historic Park

1970 – Richard Nixon signs bill limiting cigarette advertising

1981 – April Fools hoax video aired indicating threat to Ronald Reagan

1983 – Bill Bennett’s government sees it’s spending mandate expire

2002 – April Fools story about Paul Martin’s retirement causes dollar to fall

2009 – Stephen Harper gets G20 to agree to not raise trade barriers for 12 months


1965 – Lester Pearson calls for a stop to bombing of North Vietnam in speech while in US

1968 – Eugene McCarthy wins Wisconsin Primary

1984 – Pierre Trudeau divorces Margaret Trudeau


1776 – George Washington receives honourary degree from Harvard University

1948 – Harry Truman signs the Marshall Plan

1977 – Jimmy Carter meets with Anwar Sadat for first time

2012 – Stephen Harper suspends further spending on F35 stealth fighter

2012 – Barack Obama officially secures Democratic nomination


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Claude Wagner, former Quebec Liberal minister, former Progressive Conservative MP

1949 – Lester Pearson signs the North Atlantic Treaty

2006 – Ralph Klein announces intention to step down


1792 – George Washington casts first ever Presidential veto

1922 – Charles Dunning sworn in as Saskatchewan Premier

1983 – Bill Bennett is summoned to Government House to receive emergency spending warrants

1991 – Kitty Kelly publishes book bashing Nancy Reagan


HAPPY BIRTHDAY George “Ike” Smith, Nova Scotia’s 18th Premier

1943 – John Glenn marries high school sweetheart Anna Margaret Castor

1966 – Lester Pearson announces plan to promote bilingualism in public service

1968 – Pierre Trudeau wins leadership of Liberal Party of Canada

1987 – Ronald Reagan addresses Canadian House of Commons

1990 – Lucien Bouchard announces agreement to set up Saguenay Marine Park

1991 – Preston Manning stresses Reform Party wants Quebec to stay in Canada


1868 – Thomas D’Arcy McGee is assassinated

1954 – Dwight Eisenhower first to mention “domino-effect” regarding Communism in Indo-China

1971 – Richard Nixon orders It Calley (Mi Lai) free

1978 – Jimmy Carter defers production of neutron bomb

1980 – Jimmy Carter breaks relations with Iran

1984 – Frank Church passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Hamm, 25th Nova Scotia Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Betty Ford, former first lady

1873 – Sir John A. Macdonald moves for creation of committee to look into “pacific scandal”

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt brings in measures to check inflation

1952 – Harry Truman seizes steel mills to avert strike

1963 – Lester Pearson and the Liberal Party win general election

1970 – Richard Nixon’s Supreme Court nominee, G. Harold Carswell, rejected by Senate

2004 – Condoleezza Rice testifies before 9/11 Commission


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard Hatfield, 26th New Brunswick Premier

1961 – John Diefenbaker meets with British Prime Minister in Ottawa

1962 – John Kennedy throws out first pitch at Washington’s new stadium

1990 – Article alleges Rene Levesque showed US government legislation before own cabinet


1887 – Abraham Lincoln re-buried in Springfield, IL

1942 – William Lyon Mackenzie King approves resolutions of Joint Economic Committees

1961 – John Kennedy talks with Dutch Foreign Minister about New Guinea

1990 – Brian Mulroney meets with US President over acid rain

1990 – George H. W. Bush meets with Canadian Prime Minister over acid rain

2006 – Stephen Harper outlaws the Tamil Tigers in Canada

2014 – Jim Flaherty passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robert Stanfield, 24th Nova Scotia Premier

1865 – Abraham Lincoln urges spirit of generous conciliation during reconstruction

1951 – Harry Truman fires Douglas MacArthur

1968 – Lyndon Johnson signs the 1968 Civil Rights Act

1981 – Ronald Reagan returns home after assassination attempt

1991 – Brian Mulroney protests US challenge of Free Trade Tribunal ruling on Canadian pork

2015 – Barack Obama meets with Raul Castro, first meeting by US and Cuban Presidents since revolution


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lord Durham, 37th Governor General of Canada

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt passed away

1945 – Harry Truman sworn in as 33rd US President

1999 – Bill Clinton is cited for contempt of court

2015 – Hillary Clinton announces her second run for the Presidency


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas D’Arcy McGee, Father of Confederation

1868 – Thomas D’Arcy McGee given a state funeral

1870 – George-Etienne Cartier receives report on situation in Red River

1885 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s government introduces “An Act to Restrict and Regulate Chinese Immigration”

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt dedicates the Jefferson Memorial

1972 – Richard Nixon arrives in Ottawa for two day visit

1972 – Pierre Trudeau signs Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement with US President

1972 – Richard Nixon signs Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement with Canadian Prime Minister

1981 – Rene Levesque and the Parti Quebecois win re-election


HAPPY BIRTHDAY William “Bill” Bennett, 27th British Columbia Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Olive Diefenbaker, wife of former Prime Minister

1865 – Abraham Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower, Kenneth Anderson, Harold Alexander & Omar Bradley discuss assault on Tunis

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower becomes Supreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Force

1969 – Lester Pearson throws first pitch at first ever Montreal Expos home game

1971 – Richard Nixon ends blockade against People’s Republic of China

1975 – Judy LaMarsh chairs Ontario Royal Commission to Examine Violence in Media

1983 – Ronald Reagan signs Social Security rescue

2003 – Jean Charest and the Quebec Liberals win the election

2004 – Paul Martin announces extension of mission in Afghanistan

2010 – Jean Charest appoints public inquiry into how judges are appointed in Quebec

2013 – Justin Trudeau elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada


1865 – Abraham Lincoln passed away

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt buried at Hyde Park

1991 – Michael Wilson announces contribution to the founding of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

2002 – Ernie Eves sworn in as Ontario Premier


1789 – George Washington heads for first Presidential Inauguration

1861 – Abraham Lincoln outlaws doing business with Confederate States

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King meets with US President at White House

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt meets with Canadian Prime Minister in White House

1980 – Rene Levesque accepts amending formula without veto for Quebec

2011 – Allan Blakeney passed away


1967 – Lester Pearson announces creation of Order of Canada

1969 – Robert Kennedy’s murderer is convicted

1982 – Pierre Trudeau proclaims the Constitution Act, 1982

1990 – Lucien Bouchard announces draft rules forcing pulp and paper mills to install secondary waste treatment plants


1872 – Sir John A. Macdonald introduces a bill legalizing trade unions

1919 – Richard Bennett drives his car into a building

1963 – Lester Pearson and the Liberal Party win federal election

1994 – Audrey McLaughlin announces resignation as NDP leader

1994 – Richard Nixon suffers a stroke

1998 – Terry Sanford passed away

2007 – Jean Charest appoints Canada’s first gender balanced cabinet


1861 – Abraham Lincoln orders blockade of Confederate ports

1932 – Herbert Hoover proposes 5 day work week

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt announces US will leave gold standard

2016 – Brian Pallister and the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party win election


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maurice Duplessis, 16th Quebec Premier

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King signs Hyde Park Agreement with US President

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Hyde Park Agreement with Canadian Prime Minister

1968 – Pierre Trudeau sworn in as Canada’s 15th Prime Minister

1982 – Peter Pocklington held hostage in his home

1983 – Ronald Reagan signs bail out for social security


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada…Long Live the Queen!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keith Davey, former Liberal Party of Canada Senator

1864 – Thomas D’Arcy McGee publishes letter saying, “…the threat of assassination…has no terrors for me.”

1865 – Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train leaves Washington

1948 – William Lyon Mackenzie King sets record as longest serving Commonwealth Prime Minister

1960 – John Diefenbaker departs for Mexico

1989 – George W. Bush becomes co-CEO of the Texas Rangers

1991 – Jean Chretien recommends referendum on constitutional change

2005 – Paul Martin addresses the nation about the Sponsorship Scandal

2005 – Jack Layton offers to keep parliament alive in exchange for concessions in the budget

2014 – Herb Gray passed away

2016 – Barack Obama begins visit to United Kingdom


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Buchanan, 27th Nova Scotia Premier

1793 – George Washington attends opening of first circus in US

1897 – William Fielding introduces a new tariff in the federal budget

1963 – Lester Pearson sworn in as Canada’s 14th Prime Minister

1980 – Mark McGuigan announces Canada will boycott 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow

1991 – Brian Mulroney announces Royal Commission on Aboriginal Affairs to settle land claims

1991 – Joe Clark named Minister of Constitutional Affairs

1994 – Richard Nixon passed away

1996 – John Nunziata expelled from Liberal caucus for voting against budget


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lester Pearson, Canada’s 14th Prime Minister

1789 – George Washington moves into Franklin House

1995 – Bill Clinton declares national day of mourning for Oklahoma City

2004 – Paul Martin attends interfaith prayer event with Dalai Lama

2013 – Hacked news story about Barack Obama being injured causes 1% flash drop of markets


HAPPY BIRTHDAY David Crombie, 56th Toronto Mayor, former Progressive Conservative Minister

1950 – Harry Truman denies there are communists in US Government

1961 – Tommy Douglas predicts the Royal York Hotel’s Hotel & Employees Union strike will be short

1961 – John Kennedy accepts sole responsibility for Bay of Pigs


1862 – George-Etienne Cartier introduces Militia Bill leading to fall of government

1980 – Jimmy Carter announces failed rescue attempt in Iran

1989 – Michael Wilson’s budget leaked to Doug Small of Global News

2014 – Supreme Court rules Stephen Harper cannot unilaterally change Senate appointment process


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeanne Sauve, 66th Canadian Governor General

1954 – Lester Pearson leads Canadian delegation at conference on Korea

1982 – Grant Devin and the Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Party win the election

1984 – Ronald Reagan visits China

1988 – Gary Filmon and the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party win election

1989 – Michael Wilson reads budget at news conference because of leak

1991 – Richard Hatfield passed away

1998 – Jean Chretien begins official visit to Cuba


1846 – Sir John A. Macdonald gives maiden speech in Assembly of the Province of Canada

1861 – Abraham Lincoln suspends writ of habeas corpus

1880 – Edward Blake becomes leader of the Liberal Party

1942 – William Lyon Mackenzie King relieved of election promise on conscription through plebiscite

1967 – Lester Pearson officially opens Expo ’67

1982 – Trial of Ronald Reagan’s would be assassin begins

1994 – Richard Nixon is buried at his Presidential Library

2005 – Christina McCall passed away

2011 – Barack Obama releases a copy of his birth certificate


1934 – Franklin Roosevelt signs the Home Owners Loan Act

1944 – Frank Knox passed away

1952 – Dwight Eisenhower resigns as Supreme Commander of NATO

1958 – Richard Nixon begins goodwill tour of Latin America


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephen Harper, 22nd Prime Minister of Canada

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Today in History (March)


1912 – Edward Blake passed away

1914 – Gilbert, 8th Earl of Minto, passed away

1936 – The Herbert Hoover Dam is completed

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt announces success of Yalta conference

1961 – John Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps

1971 – Bill Davis sworn in as Ontario Premier

1974 – 7 of Richard Nixon’s aids are indicted

1980 – Jimmy Carter enacts the Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act

1981 – Marc Lalonde subsidizes oil imports to counter Alberta production cut

2004 – Paul Martin fires VIA Chairman, Jean Pelletier, over Sponsorship Scandal

2009 – Stephen Harper tells US TV interview, “we are not going to ever defeat the insurgency,” in Afghanistan

2014 – Barack Obama warns Vladimir Putin over involvement in Ukraine


1903 – Martha Washington Hotel open in NYC

1962 – John Kennedy announces resumption of above ground nuclear testing

1974 – Grand Jury concludes Richard Nixon involved in Watergate

1977 – Peter Pocklington becomes sole owner of Edmonton Oilers


1863 – Abraham Lincoln approves charter for National Academy of Sciences

1871 – Terms of BC confederation, negotiated by George-Etienne Cartier, accepted by Parliamen

1962 – Cairine Wilson passed away

1980 – Pierre Trudeau sworn in as Prime Minister for the second time

1992 – George H. W. Bush apologizes for breaking his “no new taxes” promise

2004 – Former Jean Chretien aide, Jean Carle, is linked to Sponsorship Scandal

2009 – Gilbert Parent passed away


1791 – George Washington calls the US Senate into it’s first session

1793 – George Washington’s second inauguration

1825 – John Quincy Adams inaugurated

1861 – Abraham Lincoln inaugurated

1861 – Abraham Lincoln opens Government Printing Office

1865 – Samuel Leonard Tilley defeated in New Brunswick election

1865 – Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration

1929 – Herbert Hoover inaugurated

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt inaugurated for the first time

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt closes banks and stock exchanges

1961 – John Diefenbaker begins 3 day tour of Ireland

1968 – Lester Pearson suspends relations with Gabon

1971 – Pierre Trudeau marries Margaret Sinclair

1989 – Ed Broadbent announces resignation as NDP Leader

1997 – Bill Clinton bans federal funding for human cloning research

2007 – Thomas Eagleton passed away


1891 – Sir John A. Macdonald wins general election

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt proclaims 10 day bank holiday

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton & Alexander Patch meet in Luneville

1976 – Pierre Trudeau says federal government can move unilaterally to change constitution

2004 – Paul Martin fires Via President, Marc Lefrancois over sponsership scandal


1839 – Sir Francis Bond Head praises black citizens for their loyalty during rebellions

1865 – Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural ball

1880 – The Marquis of Lorne helps found the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt declares a nationwide bank holiday

1957 – Supreme Court nullifies Maurice Duplessis’ Padlock Law

1960 – National Library puts on a display of Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s papers & memorabilia

1991 – George H. W. Bush announces of Iraq, that, “aggression is defeated. The war is over”

2004 – Sheila Copps loses Hamilton East-Stoney Creek Liberal nomination

2016 – Nancy Reagan passed away


1866 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier puts 10,000 militia on alert over fear of Fenian raids

1934 – Lord Aberdeen passed away

1968 – Paul Martin says Canada will participate with US in developing airborne radar system

1977 – Jimmy Carter meets with Yitzhak Rabin


1871 – Sir John A. Macdonald invited by Britain to join team that negotiated Treaty of Washington

1952 – Ronald Reagan marries Nancy Davis

1954 – Louis St. Laurent visits Canadian Brigade in Korea

1961 – John Diefenbaker attends 9 day Commonwealth Prime Ministers conference

1973 – World’s longest tunnel, the Dwight Eisenhower Tunnel, opens

1983 – Ronald Reagan first uses term, “Evil Empire” with regards to the Soviet Union

1990 – Michael Wilson gets budget through House of Commons


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ben Mulroney, former Prime Minister’s son

1873 – Sir John A. Macdonald proposes establishment of Mounted Police Force for Northwest Territories

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt calls Congress into special session, beginning the “100 days”

1970 – Pierre Trudeau opens first Arctic Games

1988 – Ronald Reagan presides over unveiling of Knute Rockne stamp

1989 – George H. W. Bush’s nominee for Defence Secretary is rejected by the Senate

2004 – Belinda Stronach wins Conservative nomination in Newmarket-Aurora

2004 – Sheila Copps files appeal of her Liberal nomination loss

2015 – Barack Obama signs executive order declaring Venezuela a national security threat


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim Campbell, Canada’s 19th Prime Minister

1849 – Abraham Lincoln applies for patent on device to lift boats over shoals and obstructions

1981 – Ronald Reagan arrives in Ottawa for official state visit

1982 – Ronald Reagan proclaims economic sanctions against Libya

1991 – Robert Bourassa declares that Canada is the best choice for Quebec

1996 – Rudy Giuliani visits Israel


1935 – Bank of Canada issues $500 note with Sir John A. Macdonald’s portrait

1935 – Bank of Canada issues $1000 note with Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s portrait

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease

1981 – While in Ottawa, Ronald Reagan agrees to ease social security eligibility

1987 – Brian Mulroney meets with Premiers to brief them on free trade talks

1997 – Ralph Klein wins 8th straight majority for Alberta Progressive Conservative Party


1878 – Sir John A. Macdonald moves his “National Policy” in the House of Commons

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt conducts first “fireside chat”

1947 – Harry Truman introduces “Truman Doctrine”

2006 – Stephen Harper visits Kandahar Province, giving a speech to troops


1953 – USSR vetoes Lester Pearson as UN Secretary General

1961 – John Kennedy sets up the Alliance for Progress

1974 – Jean Chretien bans off-shore drilling in Beaufort Sea

1991 – Brian Mulroney signs Air Quality Agreement with US President

1991 – George H. W. Bush signs Air Quality Agreement with Canadian Prime Minister

2013 – David Johnston approves a new badge for Royal Canadian Air Force


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Ford, son of former President

1879 – Samuel Leonard Tilley brings in 25% tariff on US goods

1959 – John Diefenbaker rejects Newfoundlands request for inquiry into labour problems

1967 – John Kennedy moved from temporary grave to permanent memorial

1979 – Peter Lougheed leads Alberta Progressive Conservative Party to 3rd straight majority

1997 – Quebec City Chamber of Commerce purchases Jacques Parizeau’s home as official residence


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lady Aberdeen, wife of former Governor General

1783 – George Washington asks his officers to not support Newburgh Conspiracy

1995 – Gerald Regan charged with child abuse and sex crimes

1997 – Gilles Duceppe elected leader of Bloc Quebecois

2000 – Stephane Dion sees his Clarity Act pass through House of Commons


1855 – George-Etienne Cartier passes Militia Act

1955 – Dwight Eisenhower upholds use of nuclear weapons in case of war

1964 – Lyndon Johnson asks Congress to pass Economic Opportunity Act

1968 – Robert Kennedy announces presidential campaign

1971 – Thomas Dewey passed away

1977 – Jacques Parizeau abolishes provincial Anti-Inflation Board

1977 – Jimmy Carter pleads for a Palestinian home land

1990 – Brian Mulroney signs 10 bilateral agreements with Mexico

2016 – Barack Obama nominates Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court


1776 – George Washington seizes Dorchester Heights in night attack

1905 – Franklin Roosevelt marries Eleanor Roosevelt

1908 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier creates National Battlefields Commission

1960 – Dwight Eisenhower forms anti-Fidel Castro exile army

1985 – Brian Mulroney hosts Shamrock Summit with US President

1985 – Ronald Reagan attends Shamrock Summit with Canadian Prime Minister

2003 – Jean Chretien announces Canada will not join coalition against Iraq

2003 – George W. Bush gives Saddam Hussein and his sons 48 hours to leave Iraq


1959 – Dwight Eisenhower signs Hawaii Statehood Bill

1969 – John Bracken passed away

1986 – Brian Mulroney comes to agreement with US President to fight acid rain

1986 – Ronald Reagan comes to agreement with Canadian Prime Minister to fight acid rain

2006 – Paul Martin resigns leadership of Liberal Party


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lloyd Francis, 30th Speaker of the House of Commons

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Earl Warren, 30th Governor of California, 14th Chief Justice of Supreme Court

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt orders men between 45 and 64 to register for non-military duty

1973 – Richard Nixon is told, “There is a cancer growing on the presidency”

1981 – Bill Davis & Ontario Progressive Conservative Party win election

1988 – Jacques Parizeau wins leadership of Parti Quebecois

1990 – Brian Mulroney forgives $182 million in Caribbean debt

2004 – Mitchell Sharp passed away

2011 – Stephen Harper attends meeting in Paris to discuss Middle East


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian Mulroney, Canada’s 18th Prime Minister

1910 – William Fielding meets with US President to discuss reciprocity

1939 – William Lyon Mackenzie King tells Parliament that an attack on Britain is an attack on the Commonwealth

1965 – Peter Lougheed elected leader of Alberta Progressive Conservative Party

1968 – Lyndon Johnson signs bill removing gold backing of US paper currency

1969 – Richard Nixon vows to end Vietnam War by 1970

1989 – Don Getty and the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party win election

1990 – Joe Clark says Canada will open High Commission in Namibia

1990 – Pierre Trudeau publishes book of anti-Meech Lake Accord speeches

2002 – Stephen Harper wins leadership of Canadian Alliance

2004 – Stephen Harper wins leadership of Conservative Party

2016 – Barack Obama becomes first President to visit Cuba in 88 years


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ed Broadbent, 3rd leader New Democratic Party

1871 – Edward Blake and the Ontario Liberal Party win election

1917 – Robert Borden attends Imperial War Conference

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower delays invasion of south of France until after Normandy

1947 – Harry Truman signs Executive Order requiring federal employees have allegiance to US

1980 – J.R. Ewing is shot

1997 – John Savage announces his resignation

2014 – Supreme Court rejects Stephen Harper’s latest nominee


1933 – Franklin Roosevelt legalizes wine and beer with up to 3.2% alcohol

1988 – Ronald Reagan’s veto of civil rights legislation is overridden by Congress

1990 – Brian Mulroney says he is optimistic Meech Lake Accord can be saved

2004 – Stephen Harper appoints a deputy leader of Conservative Party of Canada

2004 – Peter MacKay appointed deputy leader of Conservative Party of Canada

2004 – Paul Martin announces aid package for farmers affected by mad cow disease


1962 – John Kennedy visits San Francisco

1983 – Ronald Reagan releases Strategic Defence Initiative details

2001 – Preston Manning announces retirement from politics

2002 – Ernie Eves wins leadership of Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

2005 – Paul Martin signs Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America with Mexican and US Presidents

2005 – George W. Bush signs Security and Prosperity Partnership for North American with Mexican President & Canadian Prime Minister

2011 – Stephen Harper repeals “faint hope” clause on early parole


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas Dewey, 47th Governor of New York

1838 – Francis Bond Head heads for England after term as Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada

1865 – Sir John A. Macdonald leaves for England to discuss union of British North America

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Bernard Montgomery & Omar Bradley

1964 – John Kennedy half dollar issued

1965 – Robert Kennedy climbs to summit of Mount Kennedy

1969 – Pierre Trudeau begins two day visit to Washington

1972 – Joey Smallwood loses Newfoundland election

1981 – Pierre Trudeau’s constitutional package held up by filibuster in House

2005 – Paul Martin makes 9 Senate appointments

2010 – Shawn Graham announces failure of sale of NB Power to Hydro-Quebec


1776 – George Washington granted medal by Continental Congress

1957 – Louis St. Laurent begins two days of meetings with British Prime Minister

1964 – Britain sets memorial for John Kennedy

1996 – Jean Chretien wins 5 bye-elections

2011 – Stephen Harper’s government loses non-confidence vote


1940 – William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Liberal Party win federal election

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower with George Patton & Omar Bradley, attack Remagen the Rhine

1951 – Harry Truman officially adopts United States Air Force flag

1956 – Louis St. Laurent meets with US and Mexican Presidents

1956 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Canadian Prime Minister & Mexican President

1964 – Paul Hellyer announces merging of army, navy and air force

1975 – Peter Lougheed and Alberta Progressive Conservative Party win Alberta election

1985 – Brian Mulroney announces end of National Energy Program

1987 – Sheila Copps becomes first MP to give birth while in office

1990 – Brian Mulroney sends Meech Lake Accord to all party committee

1996 – Edmund Muskie passed away

2007 – Jean Charest and Quebec Liberal Party win general election

2011 – Geraldine Ferraro passed away


1935 – Lord Tweedsmuir appointed Governor General of Canada

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower declares German defences on Western Front to be broken

1998 – Jean Charest announces he will seek leadership of Quebec Liberal Party


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edmund Muskie, former US Senator, 64th Governor of Maine, 58th US Secretary of State

1843 – Sir John A. Macdonald elected Alderman in Kingston

1969 – Dwight Eisenhower passed away

1990 – George H. W. Bush awards Jesse Owens the Congressional Medal of Honor

1991 – Joe Clark announces External Affairs will operate Radio Canada International


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eugene McCarthy, former US Senator, former member US House of Representatives

1867 – Abraham Lincoln memorial approved by Congress

1909 – George Foster introduces Commons resolution to establish Canadian Naval Service

1990 – Lucien Bouchard releases green paper on the environment

1991 – Bill Vander Zalm announces he’s stepping down as BC Premier

2012 – Jim Flaherty tables budget

2013 – Ralph Klein passed away


1838 – Lord Durham appointed Governor General of Canada

1864 – Sir John A. Macdonald forms new government

1939 – William Lyon Mackenzie King says will not conscript men for military service

1964 – John Glenn withdraws from Ohio Senate race

1981 – Ronald Reagan shot


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Al Gore, 45th US Vice-President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY David Eisenhower, first grandson/son-in-law

1949 – Joey Smallwood becomes first Premier of Province of Newfoundland

1958 – John Diefenbaker wins federal election

1968 – Lyndon Johnson announces he will not seek re-election

1980 – Jimmy Carter deregulates banking industry

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Today in History (February)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Louis St. Laurent, Canada’s 12th Prime Minister

1897 – Lady Aberdeen moves forward with creation of Victorian Order of Nurses

1968 – Richard Nixon announces candidacy for President

2005 – Ernie Eves resigns seat in Ontario legislature

2013 – John Kerry becomes US Secretary of State


1897 – Lady Aberdeen begins to organize Victorian Order of Nurses

1942 – Arthur Meighen loses by-election, resigns as Conservative leader

1948 – Harry Truman urges civil rights program

1954 – Dwight Eisenhower reports detonation of first hydrogen bomb (in 1952)

1955 – Dwight Eisenhower holds first news conference on network TV

2001 – Ernie Eves becomes vice-president at Credit Suisse-First Boston


1932 – Arthur Meighen appointed to the Senate

1962 – John Kennedy bans all trade with Cuba

1966 – Lester Pearson bans imports and exports with Rhodesia

1966 – Lester Pearson announces formation of Royal Commission on the Status of Women

1976 – Pierre Trudeau visits with Fidel Castro in Cuba

1978 – Jimmy Carter meets with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat to discuss Middle East peace

1986 – Ronald Reagan creates commission to investigate Challenger accident

1994 – Bill Clinton lifts trade embargo against Vietnam

2016 – Barack Obama visits his first US Mosque


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cairine Wilson, Canada’s first female Senator

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dan Quayle, 44th US Vice-President

1789 – Electoral College picks George Washington as first US President

1839 – Lord Durham hands in his Report on the Affairs of British North America

1932 – Franklin Roosevelt opens the Olympic Games at Lake Placid

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill & Joseph Stalin meet in Yalta

1963 – John Diefenbaker’s defence minister resigns over refusal to accept nuclear warheads

1987 – Ronald Reagan’s veto of Clean Water Act is overridden by Congress

1999 – Jean Chretien signs Social Accord with 9 provinces over social programs


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adlai Stevenson, 31st Governor of Illinois

1836 – Francis Bond Head informs Colonial Office that Reformers interested in government for self gain

1901 – Sir Charles Tupper retires as leader of the opposition

1937 – Franklin Roosevelt proposes enlarging the Supreme Court

1963 – John Diefenbaker’s government falls over nuclear weapons policy

1981 – Pierre Trudeau inducts Joni Mitchell into Juno Hall of Fame

2001 – Jean Chretien becomes first visitor to new US President

2001 – George W. Bush receives his first foreign leader, the Prime Minister of Canada

2013 – Barack Obama calls for release of 3 Al Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ronald Reagan, 40th US President

1836 – Sir John A. Macdonald called to the Bar of Upper Canada

1865 – Sir John A. Macdonald opens Quebec Conference with prayer to unite Canada

1901 – Sir Robert Borden chosen as leader of Conservative Party

1968 – Dwight Eisenhower shot a hole in one

1974 – House of Representatives begins determining grounds for impeachment of Richard Nixon

1975 – Peter Lougheed cuts personal income tax, making Alberta lowest in Canada

1977 – Rene Levesque runs over and kills a homeless man lying on a Montreal street

1978 – Muriel Humphrey assumes her late husband’s Senate seat

1998 – Washington National Airport becomes Ronald Reagan National Airport

2006 – Stephen Harper sworn in as Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister


1891 – Sir John A. Macdonald declares, “A British subject I was born, a British subject I will die”

1945 – Harry Truman appoints Irwin Mollison judge of US Customs Court

1962 – John Kennedy begins blockade of Cuba

1976 – Joe Clark elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

1982 – Bob Rae elected leader of Ontario New Democratic Party

1990 – John Turner resigns as leader of Liberal Party of Canada

1996 – Bob Rae announces retirement from Ontario politics

2012 – Stephen Harper begins tour of China


1942 – Franklin Roosevelt advised that Japanese Americans should be locked up

1985 – Frank Miller sworn in as Ontario Premier

1990 – Jean Chretien announces candidacy for leadership of Liberal Party of Canada


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tom Wappel, Former MP

1825 – John Quincy Adams elected President by House of Representatives

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt authorizes 48 hour work week in war industries

1983 – Erik Neilsen chosen as interim leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

1991 – Donald Cameron chosen as new Nova Scotia Premier


1897 – Lady Aberdeen convenes meeting as Rideau Hall to create organization to relieve nursing shortage

1897 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier offers motion creating Victorian Order of Nurses

1899 – Herbert Hoover marries Lou Henry

1922 – William Lyon Mackenzie King appoints benefactor Peter Larkin as High Commissioner to Britain

1954 – Dwight Eisenhower warns against US intervention in Vietnam

1989 – Brian Mulroney hosts US President

1989 – George H. W. Bush visits Canadian Prime Minister

2005 – Paul Martin testifies at Gomery Inquiry


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lloyd Bentsen, former US Senator

1839 – Lord Durham presents his Report on the Affairs of British North America to Parliament

1861 – Abraham Lincoln takes train from Springfield, IL to Washington, DC

1869 – Patrick James Whelan hanged for murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee

1874 – George Walkem selected Premier of British Columbia

1901 – William Lyon Mackenzie King issues first Report of the Bureau of Labour

1940 – John Buchan, Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield, passed away

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower selected to head Allied forces in Europe

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill & Joseph Stalin sign Yalta Agreement

1953 – Dwight Eisenhower refuses clemency to Rosenbergs

1974 – Richard Nixon’s 7 point energy plan “Project Independence” is unveiled

1985 – Brian Mulroney signs Atlantic Accord with Newfoundland

1993 – Bill Clinton selects Janet Reno as first female US Attorney General

2004 – Paul Martin orders Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities

2010 – Stephen Harper addresses British Columbia Legislature in advance of Olympic Games

2010 – Heward Grafftey passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President

1850 – George Washington’s farewell address manuscript sells for $2300

1902 – Lord Dufferin passed away

1906 – “George Washington”, a musical by George Cohan, premiers in NYC

1914 – Abraham Lincoln Memorial dedicated in Washington DC

1917 – Sir Robert Borden joins British Imperial War Cabinet

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower leaves Algiers for Tebessa

1944 – Wendell Wilkie enters presidential race

1955 – Dwight Eisenhower sends first advisers to Vietnam

1976 – John Turner resigns seat in House of Commons

1999 – Bill Clinton acquitted by Senate in impeachment trial


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gerald Regan, 19th Premier of Nova Scotia

1861 – Abraham Lincoln declared President

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower visits the front

1963 – John Robarts charters Brock University

1971 – Bill Davis chosen as Ontario PC leader

1971 – Spiro Agnew hits two tee shots into crowd, injuring two

1985 – Joe Clark named acting Minister of National Defense

1988 – Jeanne Sauve opens the Calgary Olympics


1954 – John Kennedy appeared on Meet the Press

1971 – Richard Nixon installs recording system in White House

1973 – Pierre Trudeau agrees to Committee on Native Land Claims in Yukon

1984 – Pierre Trudeau attends funeral of Yuri Andropov

2005 – Paul Martin signs revenue sharing deal with Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia


HAPPY BIRTHDAY William Hearst, 7th Premier of Ontario

HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Anderson, independent Presidential candidate

1926 – William Lyon Mackenzie King wins by-election

1930 – Cairine Wilson appointed as Canada’s first woman Senator

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt survives assassination attempt

1946 – William Lyon Mackenzie King reveals Gouzenko spy probe

1973 – Lester Pearson College of the Pacific is announced

1991 – George H. W. Bush calls Saddam Hussein’s offer to withdraw from Kuwait a “cruel hoax”

1996 – Jean Chretien applies the “Shawinigan Handshake” to protester at Flag Day event

2012 – Stephen Harper abolishes the long gun registry


1867 – Sir John A. Macdonald marries Susan Agnes Bernard

1881 – Sir Charles Tupper signs papers creating 3rd incarnation of the Canadian Pacific Railway

1896 – Lady Aberdeen hosts a Canadian History costume ball in the Senate chamber

1971 – Pierre Trudeau says “fuddle duddle” in the House of Commons


1919 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier passed away

1960 – John Diefenbaker opens National Gallery of Canada

1960 – Richard Nixon opens the Squaw Valley Olympics

1965 – Lester Pearson lowers old age pension age to 65

1972 – Richard Nixon leaves Washington for China

2014 – John Kerry says that climate change requires urgent action


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wendell Willkie, 1940 Republican Presidential nominee

1970 – Richard Nixon launches the “Nixon Doctrine”

1980 – Pierre Trudeau wins general election

1997 – Paul Martin brings down a budget

2005 – Jean Charest shuffles his cabinet


1942 – Franklin Roosevelt orders internment of Japanese-Americans

1963 – John Kennedy informed by USSR that troops withdrawing from Cuba

1968 – Lester Pearson loses vote on tax bill

1983 – Joe Clark resigns as PC Party leader

1987 – Ronald Reagan lifts trade ban on Poland


1959 – John Diefenbaker’s Government announces cancelling of Avro Arrow

1962 – John Glenn becomes first American launched in Earth’s orbit

1963 – John Diefenbaker meets with US President in Washington

1963 – John Kennedy meets with Canadian Prime Minister in Washington

1969 – John Munro announces formation of Hockey Canada

1990 – Michael Wilson brings in deficit trimming budget

1992 – Ross Perot announces he will run for president on Larry King Show

1993 – Joe Clark announces he will not seek re-election


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tricia Nixon Cox, first daughter

1885 – The George Washington Monument is dedicated

1972 – Richard Nixon becomes first President to visit China

1980 – Joe Clark submits resignation as Prime Minister

1982 – David Peterson becomes leader Ontario Liberal Party

2014 – Barack Obama meets with the Dalai Lama


HAPPY BIRTHDAY George Washington, first US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edward “Ted” Kennedy, former US Senator

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shawn Graham, 31st New Brunswick Premier

1819 – John Quincy Adams signs Treaty of Florida Blanca

1887 – Sir John A. Macdonald wins federal election

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt orders Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines

1972 – Richard Nixon meets with Chinese Premier Chou En-Lai

1976 – Joe Clark wins leadership of PC Party

1977 – Pierre Trudeau gives first speech by Prime Minister to US Congress

1991 – George H. W. Bush gives Iraq 24 hours to leave Kuwait

1994 – Paul Martin tables first budget

1995 – Lucien Bouchard returns to House of Commons after battling flesh eating disease


HAPPY BIRTHDAY G. Mennen Williams, 41st Michigan Governor

1848 – John Quincy Adams passes away

1947 – Dwight Eisenhower opens drive to raise funds for European Jews

1979 – W. A. C. Bennett passes away

1990 – Kim Campbell appointed Canada’s first female Minister of Justice

1995 – Bill Clinton addresses Canadian Parliament

2005 – George W. Bush attends Slovakia Summit


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Erik Nielsen, former Deputy Prime Minister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joe Lieberman, former US Senator

1942 – Louis St. Laurent is empowered to evacuate Japanese to places of internment

1977 – Jimmy Carter announces foreign aid will consider human rights

1986 – Tommy Douglas passed away

1993 – Brian Mulroney announces his resignation

2006 – Stephen Harper nominates Marshall Rothstein to the Supreme Court


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Camille Theriault, 29th Premier of New Brunswick

1793 – George Washington hosts first cabinet meeting at his home

1862 – Abraham Lincoln introduces paper currency in the US

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King announces Japanese Canadians to be forcibly moved

1962 – Robert Kennedy visits the Netherlands

1966 – Lester Pearson cuts ribbon opening east-west Toronto subway

1990 – Robert Bourassa sets up group to study Meech Lake Accord


1857 – George-Etienne Cartier passes bill requesting Queen Victoria pick a permanent capital for Canada

1863 – Abraham Lincoln signs National Currency Act

1968 – Mitchell Sharp repatriates funds from IMF to support Canadian dollar

1984 – Jesse Jackson acknowledges calling New York City “hymietown”

2016 – Don Getty passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Connally, 39th Governor of Texas, navy & treasury secretary

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ralph Nader, former Green Party presidential candidate

1860 – Abraham Lincoln gives speech in Cooper Union in NY

1922 – Hebert Hoover convenes 1st National Radio Conference

1969 – Richard Nixon visits West Berlin

1972 – Richard Nixon and Chou En-lai issue communique of cooperation

1976 – Richard Nixon meets with Mao Zedong for the final time

1985 – Henry Cabot Lodge passed away

1991 – George H. W. Bush says “Kuwait is liberated”

1995 – Paul Martin tables second budget

2011 – Stephen Harper announces new sanctions against Libya


1961 – John Kennedy appoints Henry Kissinger as a special advisor

1968 – Lester Pearson survives non-confidence motion

1972 – Richard Nixon ends week long visit to China

1975 – Pierre Trudeau began 16 day European tour

1984 – Pierre Trudeau went for a walk in the snow

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Today in History (January)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Francis Bond Head, 6th Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barry Goldwater, former US Senator

1776 – George Washington hoists Continental Union Flag

1861 – Abraham Lincoln declares slavery in Confederate states unlawful

1863 – Abraham Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation

1976 – John Diefenbaker appointed a Companion of Honour by Queen Elizabeth

1992 – George H. W. Bush becomes first US President to address Australian Parliament

2005 – Shirley Chisholm passes away


1908 – Lord Grey strikes Canada’s first domestically struck coin

1935 – Richard Bennett outlines his “new deal” programme

1960 – John Kennedy announces candidacy for US Presidency

1974 – Richard Nixon imposes 55 MPH speed limit

1983 – Joe Clark announces a leadership convention after receiving 2/3 support among PC Party delegates

1983 – Pierre Trudeau begins 18 day tour of Asia

1988 – Brian Mulroney signs free trade agreement with US President

1988 – Ronald Reagan signs free trade agreement with Canadian Prime Minister


1777 – George Washington defeats British at Battle of Princeton

1919 – Herbert Hoover placed in charge of war relief in Europe

1946 – Thomas Dewey commutes Lucky Luciano’s sentence

1947 – William Lyon Mackenzie King receives Canadian Citizenship certificate 0001

1993 – George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin sign Start II arms reduction treaty


1965 – Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” state of the Union address

1974 – Richard Nixon refuses to hand over tapes to Watergate Committee

1975 – Gerald Ford issues executive order on CIA activities in the US


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Crosbie, 80th Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Franklin Roosevelt, 32nd US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sterling Lyon, 17th Premier of Manitoba

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dick Cheney, 46th US Vice President

1839 – Lord Durham completes his Report on the Affairs of British North America

1946 – The first issue of the Franklin Roosevelt dime

1957 – Congress accepts the “Eisenhower Doctrine”

1961 – John Kennedy asks for an Alliance for Progress and Peace Corps

1976 – George H. W. Bush becomes CIA Director

1989 – Brian Mulroney shuffles cabinet

1989 – Lucien Bouchard sworn in as Minister of the Environment

1990 – Michael Wilson gets GST through first reading


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard Gephardt, US House Minority Leader

1839 – Lord Durham hands in his Report on the Affairs in British North America

1884 – Sir John A. Macdonald passes Railway Relief Bill providing further loans to CPR

1934 – Franklin Roosevelt devalues US dollar relative to gold to $35

1950 – Harry Truman announces support for development of hydrogen bomb

1982 – Pierre Trudeau urges end to martial law on Polish TV

1995 – Bill Clinton authorizes $20 billion loan to Mexico

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Today in History (December)


1824 – House of Representatives begins process that made John Quincy Adams president

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill & Joseph Stalin agree to Operation Overlord (D-Day)

1975 – Gerald Ford visits China

1978 – Jimmy Carter more than doubles national park system

1994 – Lucien Bouchard struck by flesh eating disease

1996 – Dalton McGuinty elected leader Ontario Liberal Party


1893 – Lord Aberdeen opens Royal Victoria Hospital

1942 – William Lyon Mackenzie King proposes new world order based on human rights and universal rule of law

1963 – Queen Elizabeth II phones Lester Pearson via COMPAC

1968 – Richard Nixon names Henry Kissinger as security advisor

1985 – Robert Bourassa and the Quebec Liberal Party win election

1989 – Audrey McLaughlin wins NDP leadership

1996 – Lucien Bouchard sworn in as Quebec’s 27th Premier

2006 – Stephane Dion elected leader Liberal Party of Canada

2006 – Ed Stelmach elected leader of Alberta PC party

2009 – Stephen Harper arrives on first visit to China

2016 – Donald Trump takes a call from Taiwan’s President


1953 – Dwight Eisenhower criticizes Joe McCarthy over allegations of Communists in party

1971 – Richard Nixon commutes Jimmy Hoffa’s sentence

1989 – George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev declare cold war over

2009 – Stephen Harper begins a 4 day visit to China

2015 – William Bennett passes away


1783 – George Washington bids farewell to officers at Fraunce’s Tavern in New York City

1837 – Francis Bond Head puts family on steamer to protect against rebels

1918 – Woodrow Wilson sets sail for Versailles becoming first President to travel outside US while in office

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt creates Federal Alcohol Control Administration

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt orders dismantling of Works Progress Administration

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt meets with Winston Churchill & Ismet Inonu in Cairo

1972 – David Crombie and his Civic Action Party win Toronto elections

1973 – Pierre Trudeau passes law outlawing electronic surveillance

1974 – Pierre Trudeau visits Washington

1981 – Ronald Reagan’s executive order allows CIA to engage in domestic counter-intelligence

1985 – Ronald Reagan appoints John Poindexter as security advisor

1992 – George H. W. Bush orders U.S. troops to Somalia

1995 – Brian Tobin signs UN treaty on migrating fish stocks

2008 – Stephen Harper asks Governor General to prorogue parliament to prevent coalition


1792 – George Washington re-elected as President

1831 – Former President John Quincy Adams takes seat in House of Representatives

1912 – Sir Robert Borden’s government introduces Naval Aid Bill

1912 – Sir Robert Borden proposes gift to Britain to assist with rearmament

1946 – Harry Truman creates Committee on Civil Rights

1992 – Ralph Klein elected leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party

2003 – Jean Charest spearheads formation of Council of the Federation


1862 – Abraham Lincoln orders hanging of 39 Santee Sioux indians

1921 – William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Liberal Party win election

1921 – Arthur Meighen loses seat in House of Commons

1928 – William Lyon Mackenzie King appoints Royal Commission on Radio Broadcasting

1973 – Pierre Trudeau announces creation of Petro Canada

1973 – Gerald Ford sworn in as first un-elected Vice President

1975 – Bob Dole marries Elizabeth Hanford

1982 – Ted Kennedy and Joan Kennedy get divorced

1994 – Jacques Parizeau sets groundwork for referendum on separation


1837 – Francis Bond Head orders military to Montgomery’s Tavern in Toronto

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt returns to US after Cairo meeting

1944 – William Lyon Mackenzie King wins confidence vote over conscription

1978 – Ed Schreyer appointed Governor General of Canada

1980 – Rene Levesque calls constitutional repatriation a coup d’etat by a dictator

2015 – Donald Trump proposes banning all Muslims from entering the US


1776 – George Washington retreats across the Delaware River in New Jersey

1837 – Sir Francis Bond Head orders confrontation with rebels south of Hamilton

1863 – Abraham Lincoln issues Amnesty Proclamation and plan for Southern Reconstruction

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt delivers “Day of Infamy” speech to Congress

1953 – John Diefenbaker marries Olive Palmer

1953 – Dwight Eisenhower gives “Atoms for Peace” speech to the United Nations

1959 – Dwight Eisenhower watches cricket match while at Karachi

1970 – John Robarts announces resignation as Ontario Premier

1987 – Ronald Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev sign treaty eliminating medium range nuclear missiles

1993 – Bill Clinton signs NAFTA into law

2006 – Stephen Harper passes Federal Accountability Act

2008 – Jean Charest and the Quebec Liberal Party win election

2016 – John Glenn passes away


1939 – Arthur Meighen officially resigns as Conservative Party leader

1957 – Lester Pearson accepts Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo

1975 – Gerald Ford signs loan authorization for New York City

1979 – John Crosbie introduces “tough budget”

2003 – Paul Simon passes away

2005 – Bill Clinton speaks at Montreal climate conference


1904 – Earl Grey sworn in as Canada’s 9th Governor General

1919 – Woodrow Wilson awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1936 – Edward VIII signs Instrument of Abdication

1941 – Louis St. Laurent sworn in as Minister of Justice

1984 – Brian Mulroney tells New York audience that “Canada is open for business again”

1990 – Jean Chretien wins by-election in Beausejour

2005 – Eugene McCarthy passes away

2008 – Michael Ignatieff selected as interim leader of Liberal Party

2009 – Barack Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Kerry, 68th US Secretary of State

1753 – George Washington arrives in Ohio Valley with 3 Indian Chiefs to counter French

1928 – Assassination attempt on Herbert Hoover

1942 – John Bracken wins leadership of PC Party

1948 – Joey Smallwood signs Confederation Agreement for Newfoundland

1957 – Lester Pearson delivers his Nobel Peace Prize Lecture

1961 – John Kennedy provides US military helicopters & crews to South Vietnam

1975 – Bill Bennett and the British Columbia Social Credit win election

1983 – Gary Filmon elected leader of Manitoba PC Party

1993 – Stephen Harper marries Laureen Teskey

2003 – Jean Chretien announces resignation as Liberal leader and Prime Minister

2003 – Labour holds province wide protest against Jean Charest


1753 – George Washington delivers ultimatum to French at Fort Le Boeuf

1866 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s London hotel room catches fire

1946 – Maurice Duplessis’ government faces protests in Montreal over despotism

1952 – Jimmy Carter part of clean up team at Chalk River spill

1975 – Gerald Ford would be assassin Sara Jane Moore pleads guilty

1985 – Robert Bourassa sworn in as Quebec Premier for 2nd time

1991 – Kim Campbell brings in new rape shield law

1992 – Jacques Parizeau marries Lisette Lapointe

1996 – Jean Chretien names Lise Thibault as Lieutenant Governor of Quebec

1998 – Mo Udall passed away

2000 – US Supreme Court releases decision in Bush v. Gore

2003 – Paul Martin sworn in as 21st Prime Minister of Canada


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mary Todd Lincoln, former first lady

1964 – Lyndon Johnson & Gustavo Diaz Ordaz set off explosion diverting Rio Grande

1979 – Joe Clark loses non-confidence vote in House of Commons

1993 – Kim Campbell resigns as leader of the PC Party

1995 – Lucien Bouchard resigns from House of Commons to run for Parti Quebecois leadership

1999 – Jean Chretien introduces in the Clarity Act

2000 – Al Gore delivers his concession speech

2003 – Paul Martin cancels the sponsorship program


1799 – George Washington passed away

1929 – William Lyon Mackenzie King transfers control of natural resources to Alberta & Manitoba

1956 – John Diefenbaker wins leadership of PC Party

1964 – Lester Pearson invokes closure during flag debate

1967 – Lester Pearson announces he will resign as Liberal party leader

1992 – Ralph Klein sworn in as Alberta’s 12th Premier

1998 – Paul Martin prohibits banks from merging

2003 – George W. Bush announces capture of Saddam Hussein

2006 – Ed Stelmach sworn in as Alberta’s 13th Premier

2008 – George W. Bush has shoes thrown at him by journalist while in Iraq


1944 – Dwight Eisenhower receives 5th star from Congress

1961 – John Kennedy visits Puerto Rico

1995 – Jacques Parizeau resigns as Quebec Premier

2006 – George W. Bush presents Presidential Medal of Freedom to B.B. King

2015 – Justin Trudeau attends reading of final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

2015 – Stephen Harper’s decision to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol takes effect


1950 – Harry Truman proclaims state of emergency against communist imperialism

1953 – Dwight Eisenhower holds first ever White House press conference

1978 – Ronald Reagan denounces US recognition of PR China

1980 – Ronald Reagan announces Alexander Haig as Secretary of State

1990 – Brian Mulroney sets up Beaudoin-Edwards Committee on Constitutional Reform

1996 – Jean Chretien apologizes for not telling truth about eliminating GST

1997 – Bill Clinton names new dog Buddy

2002 – Jean Chretien formally signs the Kyoto Protocols

2003 – Robert Stanfield passed away

2010 – Sterling Lyon passes away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s 10th Prime Minister

1777 – George Washington’s army returns to Valley Forge, PA

1917 – Sir Robert Borden’s Unionist Government wins general election

1945 – William Lyon Mackenzie King passes orders in council allowing deportation of Japanese Canadians

1946 – Paul Martin Sr. sworn is in as Minister of National Health and Welfare

1975 – Gerald Ford’s would be assassin Lynette Fromme sentenced to life in prison

1991 – Joey Smallwood passes away

1992 – Brian Mulroney signs North American Free Trade Agreement

1996 – Gilles Duceppe declares candidacy for Bloc Quebecois leadership


1799 – George Washington interred at Mount Vernon

1902 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier arrives in Quebec City for ministerial conference

1915 – Woodrow Wilson marries Edith Bolling Galt

1979 – Pierre Trudeau postpones retirement to lead Liberals into election

1988 – Robert Bourassa uses “notwithstanding clause” to pass Bill 178 language law

1990 – George H. W. Bush reiterates “no concessions” to Iraq

1992 – John Crosbie cuts groundfish quotas

1998 – Gerald Regan acquitted of sex related charges

2000 – Jean Chretien and Vladimir Putin sign agreement supporting existing nuclear arms accords

2001 – Jean Chretien’s anti-terrorist legislation passed by Senate


1777 – George Washington settles troops in Valley Forge for the winter

1950 – Dwight Eisenhower named NATO commander

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower makes first radio broadcast from space

1961 – John Diefenbaker speaks with Queen Elizabeth via new CANTAT cable

1974 – Nelson Rockefeller sworn in as Vice-President

1982 – George Smith passes away

1988 – Gary Filmon withdraws Meech Lake Accord ratification resolution from Manitoba legislature

1998 – 2 articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton forwarded to the Senate

2004 – Paul Martin arrives in Libya for visit with Moammar Gadhafi

2016 – Electoral College selects Donald Trump as President


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Judy LaMarsh, former Liberal cabinet minister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carolyn Bennett, Liberal cabinet minister

1883 – Edward Blake sworn in as Ontario’s 2nd Premier

1901 – W. S. Fielding assures Gugleilmo Marconi of a warm welcome in Nova Scotia

1976 – Richard Daley passes away

1978 – Richard Nixon’s Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman, released from jail

1979 – Rene Levesque announces referendum on sovereignty-association

1988 – Robert Bourassa has 3 ministers resign over Bill 178 language law

1993 – Donald Trump marries Marla Maples

2010 – Stephen Harper makes 2 Senate appointments, giving Conservatives majority in Senate


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edward Schreyer, 22nd Governor General of Canada

1907 – Earl Grey gives lecture at founding of Women’s Canadian Club

1961 – John Kennedy meets Harold MacMillan in Bermuda

1964 – Paul Hellyer announces military purchase program

1987 – Jacques Parizeau accepts presidency of Parti Quebecois

1988 – Robert Bourassa passes Bill 178 language law

1989 – Dan Quayle sends out Christmas card with spelling error

1990 – Jean Chretien becomes leader of the opposition

1992 – John Crosbie says Europeans will stop overfishing outside Canada’s 200 mile limit

2016 – Donald Trump announces Carl Icahn as special advisor on regulatory reform


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lucien Bouchard, 27th Premier of Quebec

1963 – Official mourning period for John Kennedy comes to an end

1967 – Pierre Trudeau says “There is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”

1968 – Julie Nixon married David Eisenhower

1969 – Pierre Trudeau meets with John Lennon & Yoko Ono

1975 – William Bennett sworn in as 27th BC Premier

1975 – Gerald Ford signs Energy Policy & Conservation Act

1976 – Olive Diefenbaker passed away

1980 – Ronald Reagan appoints Jeane Kirkpatrick & James Watt to cabinet

1995 – Lucien Bouchard announces candidacy for Parti Quebecois leadership

2008 – Stephen Harper names Thomas Cromwell to the Supreme Court of Canada

2008 – Stephen Harper names 18 new senators

2010 – Barack Obama signs repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


1783 – George Washington resigns as Commander in Chief of army

1912 – Sir Robert Borden meets with a Canadian Suffrage Association delegation

1913 – Woodrow Wilson signs Federal Reserve Act into law

1966 – It is announced that John Diefenbaker’s childhood home will be moved

1983 – Jeanne Sauve appointed Canada’s first female Governor General

1986 – Robert Stanfield named first Canadian head of Commonwealth Foundation

1987 – Gerald Ford’s would be assassin Lynette Fromme escapes from prison

1999 – Brian Mulroney appointed chair of Sun Media


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joey Smallwood, first Premier of Newfoundland

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt appoints new Supreme Commander of Allied forces

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower appointed Supreme Commander of the Allied forces

1974 – John Glenn becomes a member of the US Senate

1992 – George H. W. Bush pardons Caspar Weinberger

2001 – Rudy Giuliani named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Justin Trudeau, Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister

1776 – George Washington crosses Delaware

1965 – Lyndon Johnson orders a halt to bombing in North Vietnam


1776 – George Washington defeats Hessians at Battle of Trenton

1799 – George Washington eulogized “1st in war, 1st in peace & 1st in hearts of his countrymen”

1972 – Harry Truman passes away

1989 – Maryon Pearson passes away

2006 – Gerald Ford passed away


1972 – Lester Pearson passed away

1985 – Ronald Reagan blames Libya for terrorist attacks in Rome & Vienna


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY David Peterson, Ontario’s 20th Premier

1837 – Francis Bond Head approves raising of 6 regiments of incorporated militia

1857 – Thomas D’Arcy McGee elected MLA for Montreal West

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Bernard Montgomery

1947 – Leonard Tilley passes away

1973 – Richard Nixon signs the Endangered Species Act

1977 – Pierre Trudeau tours NORAD headquarters

1980 – Pierre Trudeau discusses constitution in year end interview on CTV


1921 – William Lyon Mackenzie King sworn in as Canada’s 10th Prime Minister

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower’s train returns to Versailles

1992 – John Crosbie bans capture of beluga whales for export

2016 – Barack Obama ejects 35 Russian spies from the US


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim Flaherty, former Canadian finance minister

1881 – Marquis of Lorne founds the Royal Society of Canada

1931 – George Foster passes away

1963 – John Kennedy half dollar authorized by Congress

1972 – Richard Nixon halts bombing of North Vietnam

1972 – Richard Nixon announces peace talks with North Vietnam

1977 – Jimmy Carter hold first ever Presidential press conference in Eastern Europe

1988 – Ronald Reagan receives subpoena from Oliver North’s defense

1988 – George H. W. Bush receives subpoena from Oliver North’s defense

2004 – Paul Martin welcomes King Mohammed VI of Morocco to Ottawa


1857 – George-Etienne Cartier advises Queen Victoria to pick Ottawa as capital

1862 – Abraham Lincoln signs act admitting West Virginia into Union

1946 – Harry Truman proclaims end of World War II

1966 – Lester Pearson lights Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill

1967 – Harry Strom sworn in as Alberta’s 9th Premier

1970 – Dwight Eisenhower dollar authorized by Congress

2004 – John Gomery refers to Jean Chretien’s distribution of autographed golf balls as “small town cheap”

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Today in History (November)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ralph Klein, 12th Alberta Premier

1838 – Lord Durham sails for London to report on the state of the Canadas

1893 – Statue of Sir John A. Macdonald unveiled at Gore Park

1902 – Lord Minto receives first “world circulating telegraph message”

1913 – Woodrow Wilson demands that Mexican dictator Huerta resign

1921 – Zoe Lafontaine (Mrs. Wilfrid Laurier) passes away

1950 – Puerto Rican nationalists try to kill Harry Truman at Blair House

1955 – Lester Pearson opens Canada Dam in India

1971 – Dwight Eisenhower dollar put into circulation

1977 – Jimmy Carter raises minimum wage from $2.20 to $3.35 effective in 1981

1979 – Mamie Eisenhower passes away

1985 – Don Getty sworn in as Alberta’s 11th Premier

1987 – Rene Levesque passes away

1987 – Preston Manning elected as first leader of Reform Party

1991 – Roy Romanow sworn in as Saskatchewan’s 12th Premier

2005 – Gomery Commission preliminary report criticizes Jean Chretien for setting up program

2005 – Gomery Commission preliminary report clears Paul Martin

2015 – Fred Thompson passes away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Warren Harding, 29th US President

1783 – George Washington bids farewell to his army after the revolutionary war

1920 – Warren Harding elected US President

1935 – John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir, sworn in as Canada’s 15th Governor General

1948 – Harry Truman is re-elected US President

1976 – Jimmy Carter elected as US President

1982 – Peter Lougheed and the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party win re-election

1983 – Ronald Reagan signs bill establishing Martin Luther King Jr. holiday

1993 – Rudy Giuliani elected first Republican Mayor of New York City since 1965


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Dukakis, 65th & 67th Massachusetts Governor

1783 – George Washington orders Continental Army disbanded

1873 – Sir John A. Macdonald gives 5 hour speech in defence of himself on Pacific Scandal

1896 – William McKinley is elected US President

1904 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Liberal Party win election

1927 – William Lyon Mackenzie King makes first transatlantic phone call

1936 – Franklin Roosevelt is re-elected US President

1964 – Paul Hellyer announces disbanding of 60 militia units

1964 – Lyndon Johnson is re-elected US President

1970 – Richard Nixon promises gradual troop withdrawal from Vietnam

1981 – Rene Levesque tries to get compromise on constitutional talks

1983 – Jesse Jackson launches first presidential campaign

1988 – Ronald Reagan signs credit card disclosure bill

1992 – Bill Clinton is elected US President

1997 – Jean Chretien and Jody Williams push a button to destroy the last land mines in the Canadian arsenal


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Wilson, former PC Party Minister, former Canadian Ambassador to US

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura Bush, former first lady of the United States

1842 – Abraham Lincoln marries Mary Todd

1873 – Sir John A. Macdonald and Donald Smith clash in Parliament over CPR contract

1952 – Dwight Eisenhower is elected US President

1956 – Lester Pearson proposes UN Peacekeeping force in Suez

1956 – Rene Levesque premiers on Pointe de Mire radio show

1980 – Ronald Reagan is elected US President

1981 – Pierre Trudeau proposes referendum on constitutional package

1990 – Brian Mulroney apologizes to Italian Canadians interned in World War II

1993 – Jean Chretien sworn in as Canada’s 20th Prime Minister

1993 – Jean Chretien cancels EH-101 helicopter deal

2008 – Barack Obama elected first African-American president

2010 – Jim Prentice announces his retirement from politics

2015 – Justin Trudeau sworn in as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister


1873 – Sir John A. Macdonald resigns over Pacific Scandal allegations

1912 – Woodrow Wilson is re-elected US President

1940 – Franklin Roosevelt wins unprecedented third term as US President

1946 – John Kennedy elected to US House of Representatives

1956 – Lester Pearson’s Suez peace plan accepted by United Nations

1963 – Lyndon Johnson visits the Netherlands

1967 – Robert Stanfield elected leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

1968 – Richard Nixon is elected US President

1977 – George W. Bush marries Laura Welch

1981 – Pierre Trudeau signs constitutional accord with 9 Premiers

1983 – Pierre Trudeau appoints Royal Commission on economy

1991 – Michael Harcourt sworn in as British Columbia’s 30th Premier

1992 – Brian Mulroney invites US President-elect to Canada

1992 – Bill Clinton invited to Canada by Prime Minister

1995 – Aline Chretien stops intruder at 24 Sussex Dr.


1860 – Abraham Lincoln elected US President

1867 – George-Etienne Cartier’s motion on Rupert’s Land entry into Canada is adopted

1900 – William McKinley re-elected as US President

1919 – George Foster reads message from King George V regarding remembering the sacrifice of soldiers

1928 – Herbert Hoover elected US President

1956 – Dwight Eisenhower re-elected US President

1962 – Teddy Kennedy first elected to US Senate

1984 – Ronald Reagan wins re-election as US President

1984 – John Buchanan and the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party win re-election

1986 – Ronald Reagan signs immigration bill

1990 – Robert Bourassa gives direction to Belanger-Campeau commission

2012 – Barack Obama re-elected US President


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Audrey McLaughlin, 4th leader New Democratic Party of Canada

1873 – Edward Blake sworn into cabinet as Minister Without Portfolio

1900 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Liberal Party win election

1916 – Woodrow Wilson re-elected US President

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt gives first foreign language broadcast

1944 – Franklin Roosevelt wins 4th term as President

1957 – William Bennett opens West Arm Bridge at Nelson, BC

1962 – Richard Nixon tells press they won’t have him to kick around any more

1967 – Lyndon Johnson signs bill creating Corporation for Public Broadcasting

1972 – Richard Nixon wins re-election as President

1991 – Kim Campbell passes gun control law
2000 – Hillary Rodham Clinton elected to the US Senate
2009 – Ed Stelmach gets 7% support in review vote of Alberta Progressive Conservative Party delegates
1838 – George-Etienne Cartier returns from exile on promise of good behaviour
1864 – Abraham Lincoln re-elected US President
1867 – Sir John A. Macdonald opens debate on first ever thrown speech
1919 – Robert Borden departs Ottawa for Paris Peace Conference
1932 – Franklin Roosevelt elected US Presidential
1932 – Maurice Duplessis elected leader of Quebec Conservative Party
1933 – Franklin Roosevelt creates Civil Works Administration
1935 – Maurice Duplessis founds the Union Nationale
1940 – William Lyon Mackenzie King appoints commission on a new Canadian flag
1942 – Dwight Eisenhower leads Operation Torch forces into French North Africa
1960 – John Kennedy elected US President
1961 – John Robarts sworn in as 17th Ontario Premier
1965 – Lester Pearson and the Liberal Party win re-election
1965 – Pierre Trudeau first wins election to House of Commons
1966 – Ronald Reagan elected Governor of California
1966 – Lyndon Johnson signs anti-trust immunity to AFL-NFL merger
1983 – Pierre Trudeau meets with 6 European leaders while on peace tour
1988 – George H. W. Bush elected US president
1991 – Brian Mulroney announces economic sanctions against Yugoslavia
2001 – Herb Gray breaks the record for most consecutive days as a Canadian Member of Parliament
2014 – Barack Obama authorises military deployment to train Iraqi and Kurdish forces
2016 – Donald Trump elected US President
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Spiro Agnew, 55th Maryland Governor, 39th US Vice President
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sargent Shriver, 1972 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate
1835 – George-Etienne Cartier called to the bar of Lower Canada
1860 – John A. Macdonald begins speaking tour of western Ontario
1937 – Police begin upholding Maurice Duplessis’ Padlock Law
1946 – Harry Truman ends wage and price freeze
1961 – John Diefenbaker announces the Canadian Museum of History
1900 – Sir Charles Tupper steps down as head of Conservative Party
1972 – Dave Barrett and the British Columbia New Democratic Party win election
1987 – Pierre-Marc Johnson quits politics
1989 – Brian Mulroney convenes first ministers conference on Meech Lake Accord
2008 – Stephen Harper and Provincial Premiers agree on infrastructure stimulus
2012 – Barack Obama wins the Electoral College vote
1897 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier meets US Secretary of State in Washington
1916 – Sir Robert Borden asks his Minister of Militia and Defence to resign
1921 – Warren Harding dedicates Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery
1983 – Ronald Reagan becomes first US President to address Japanese Parliament
1989 – Joe Clark signs papers making Canada member of Organization of American States
2010 – Stephen Harper pays tribute to veterans with Prince Charles at National War Memorial
2010 – Stephen Harper announces continuation of forces in Afghanistan to train local army
2014 – David Johnston rededicates the National War Memorial in the name of all who have died in the service of Canada
1775 – George Washington forbids the recruiting of blacks
1898 – The Earl of Minto sworn in as 8th Governor General of Canada
1909 – William Lyon Mackenzie King becomes Minister of Labour
1921 – Sir Robert Borden represents Canada at Conference on the Limitation of Armaments
1941 – Arthur Meighen elected leader of Conservative Party for a second time
1970 – Richard Hatfield and the New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party win election
1979 – Jimmy Carter freezes Iranian assets and halts Iranian oil imports
1990 – Robert Bourassa enters hospital for diagnostic tests
1991 – Jack Layton loses Toronto Mayoral race
1998 – Al Gore symbolically signs Kyoto Protocol
2015 – Barack Obama named “Ally of the Year” by Out Magazine
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fred Harris, former Oklahoma Senator
1956 – Louis St. Laurent announces creation of Canada Council
1969 – Spiro Agnew accused TV news departments of bias and distortion
1970 – Spiro Agnew calls TV executives “impudent snobs”
1979 – Ronald Reagan announces he will run for President
1984 – Pierre Trudeau wins Albert Einstein Peace Prize
1986 – Ronald Reagan admits to arms sales to Iran
2001 – George W. Bush signs executive order allowing for military tribunals against foreigners
2001 – George W. Bush orders Strategic Petroleum Reserve be filled
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mamie Eisenhower, former first lady
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State
1778 – George Washington writes that French will help in Canada to regain “New France”
1781 – George Washington is told that the people of Vermont would rather join Canada than be subject to New York
1935 – Franklin Roosevelt proclaims Philippines a free commonwealth
1945 – Louis St. Laurent urges keeping red ensign in a flag debate
1953 – Dwight Eisenhower addresses Canadian House of Commons
1998 – Joe Clark elected leader of Progressive Conservative Party
2003 – Paul Martin elected leader of Liberal Party
HAPPY BIRTHDAY George Walkem, 3rd & 5th British Columbia Premier
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Curtis Le May, former independent vice-presidential candidate
1920 – George Foster leads Canadian delegation to first League of Nations meeting
1935 – William Lyon Mackenzie King signs reciprocal trade deal with United States
1939 – Franklin Roosevelt lays cornerstone at Jefferson Memorial
1948 – William Lyon Mackenzie King retires as Canada’s longest serving Prime Minister
1948 – Louis St. Laurent sworn in as Canada’s 12th Prime Minister
1967 – Judy LaMarsh opens Museum of Science & Technology in Ottawa
1973 – Maurice Duplessis play, “Charbonneau et le chef” premiers
1976 – Rene Levesque and the Parti Quebecois win election
1977 – Jimmy Carter welcomes the Shah of Iran
1983 – Pierre Trudeau begins 19 peace tour of Asia
1990 – George H. W. Bush passes Clean Air Act
1995 – Mike Harcourt resigns as British Columbia Premier
1933 – Franklin Roosevelt establishes diplomatic relations with USSR
1935 – William Lyon Mackenzie King signs trade agreement with US
1950 – Harry Truman proclaims emergency crises caused by communist threat
1959 – Leslie Frost turns sod on Young St. subway extension
1961 – John Kennedy increases aid to South Vietnam
1969 – Richard Nixon first President to attend an NFL game
1973 – Richard Nixon authorizes construction of Alaskan pipeline
1981 – Ronald Reagan approves plan to block Cuban aid to Nicaragua and El Salvador
1983 – Margaret Trudeau files for divorce from Pierre Trudeau
1985 – Ronald Reagan arrives in Geneva for summit with Mikhail Gorbachev
1985 – John Sparkman passed away
1988 – Ronald Reagan meets with Margaret Thatcher
1988 – Ronald Reagan meets with Mayor of Jerusalem
1998 – Monica Lewinsky signs book deal about affair with Bill Clinton
2000 – Bill Clinton becomes first president to visit Vietnam since end of Vietnam War
2004 – George W. Bush begins first official visit to Canada
2010 – George W. Bush Presidential Centre groundbreaking occurs
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Howard Dean, 79th Governor of Vermont
1863 – Abraham Lincoln begins first draft of Gettysburg Address
1934 – Lyndon Johnson marries Claudia Alta Taylor
1962 – John Kennedy dedicates Dulles International Airport
1973 – Richard Nixon says to AP, “I’m not a crook”
1992 – Kim Campbell announces compensation to brainwashing victims
1993 – Bill Clinton wins vote on NAFTA in House of Representatives
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Peter Pocklington, PC Party leadership candidate
1961 – John Kennedy sends 18 000 advisers to Vietnam
2004 – Paul Martin expels Carolyn Parish from caucus
1863 – Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address
1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier reaches agreement with Manitoba over schools question
1944 – Franklin Roosevelt announces 6th war loan drive
1950 – Dwight Eisenhower becomes supreme commander of NATO-Europe
1953 – Richard Nixon visits Hanoi
1967 – Rene Levesque founds the Mouvement Souveraineté-Association
1967 – George Smith attends protest march over the closure of DOSCO’s steel mill in Sydney
1985 – Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meet for the first time
1998 – Impeachment hearings begin against Bill Clinton
2002 – BC Conflict of Interest Commissioner reports that Glen Clark broke the conflict of interest rules
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Canada’s 7th Prime Minister
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robert Kennedy, former Attorney General, former US Senator (D-NY)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joseph Biden, Vice-President of the United States
1871 – Wilfrid Laurier first elected to Quebec Assembly
1880 – Sir John A. Macdonald and the CPR syndicate sign the final CPR agreement
1920 – Woodrow Wilson wins Nobel Peace Prize
1956 – Robert Stanfield sworn in as Nova Scotia Premier
1964 – Mount Kennedy named after the late President John Kennedy
1975 – Ronald Reagan announces candidacy for Republican Presidential Nomination
1979 – Pierre Trudeau announces resignation as Liberal leader
1995 – Brian Mulroney files $50 million law suit against justice department and RCMP
1996 – Lucien Bouchard cuts budget of Quebec’s Lieutenant Governor
2001 – George W. Bush dedicates Justice Department building in honour of Robert Kennedy
2013 – Barack Obama presents Ben Bradlee with the Presidential Medal of Freedom
2014 – Barack Obama announces sweeping changes to immigration rules
1872 – Lord Dufferin presents statue of Queen Victoria to City of Montreal
1946 – Harry Truman becomes first President to travel in submerged sub
1952 – Don Getty throws 52 yard touchdown with 45 seconds left to win Yates Cup for Western
1959 – Richard Nixon plays a duet with Jack Benny
1963 – John Kennedy flies to Texas
1988 – Brian Mulroney and the Progressive Conservative Party win election
1989 – Brian Mulroney begins official visit to USSR
1989 – George H. W. Bush signs law banning smoking on domestic flights
1990 – Brian Mulroney signs Charter of Paris for Canada
1995 – Lucien Bouchard announces he will run for leadership of Parti Quebecois
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Glen Clark, 31st Premier of British Columbia
1903 – Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt become engaged
1943 – Franklin Roosevelt meets with Winston Churchill & Chiang Kai-sheck
1951 – Leslie Frost and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party win 3rd straight majority
1963 – John Kennedy felled by an assassin’s bullet
1963 – Lyndon Johnson sworn in as 36th President of the United States
1984 – Jacques Parizeau resigns as Quebec finance minister
1990 – George H. W. Bush visits troops in Saudi Arabia
2004 – Ralph Klein and the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party win re-election
2006 – Stephen Harper introduces motion to recognize the Quebecois as a nation within Canada
2016 – Barack Obama posthumously awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Grace Hopper
1921 – Warren Harding signs law forbidding doctors from prescribing alcohol for medicinal purposes
1944 – William Lyon Mackenzie King reverses conscription policy…sends troops over seas
1952 – Rene Levesque interviews the Van Doos in Korea
1963 – John Kennedy lays in repose in East Room of White House
1963 – Lyndon Johnson declares November 25 a national day of mourning
1981 – Ronald Reagan vetoes House Joint Resolution 357 calling for further appropriations for fiscal year 1982
1988 – Ronald Reagan announces a pocket veto of a bill further restricting lobbying by former federal employees
1995 – Jean Chretien unveils federal unity plan
2014 – Barack Obama criticized for using executive power to push through immigration reform
HAPPY BIRTHDAY William Stevens Fielding, 7th Nova Scotia Premier, former finance minister
1937 – Lord Tweedsmuir awards first Governor General’s Literary Award to Bertram Brooker
1944 – After William Lyon Mackenzie King’s conscription announcement, riots in Montreal
1974 – Gerald Ford signs SALT II Treaty with Leonid Brezhnev
1977 – Sterling Lyon sworn in as Manitoba’s 17th Premier
2004 – Paul Martin visits Burkina Faso
2005 – Stephen Harper introduces a motion of non-confidence against the government
2005 – Motion of non-confidence introduced against Paul Martin
1857 – John A. Macdonald forms government
1878 – Lord Lorne sworn in as Canada’s 4th Governor General
1957 – Dwight Eisenhower suffers a mild stroke
1963 – John Kennedy laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery
1976 – Rene Levesque sworn in as Quebec’s 23rd Premier
1986 – Ronald Reagan reveals arms deal with Iran
1869 – Sir John A. Macdonald refuses to take over Rupert’s Land because of rebellions
1916 – Woodrow Wilson declares, “The business of neutrality is over. The nature of modern war leaves no state untouched”
1967 – John Robarts opens Confederation of Tomorrow conference
1969 – Richard Nixon signs Lottery for Selective Draftees Bill
1977 – Shirley Chisholm marries Arthur Hardwick Jr.
1985 – Richard Nixon’s memoirs purchased for $3 million by Random House
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sheila Copps, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier puts Clifford Sifton in charge of immigration
1943 – Franklin Roosevelt meets Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin in Tehran
1944 – William Lyon Mackenzie King loses Air Minister Chubby Power over conscription
1952 – Louis St. Laurent arrives in London for 2 week Commonwealth Conference
1972 – Pierre Trudeau forms new government
1973 – Gerald Ford confirmed by Senate as Vice-President
1973 – Richard Nixon signs the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act
1995 – Jean Chretien announces package fulfilling commitments made during Quebec Referendum
2000 – Jean Chretien and the Liberal Party win re-election
2003 – Stephen Harper fires Larry Spencer as family values critic over anti-gay remarks
2006 – Stephen Harper’s motion declaring Quebecois a nation within a unified Canada passes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lord Grey, 9th Governor General of Canada
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gary Hart, former Colorado Senator
1838 – Sir John A. Macdonald serves as counsel to rebels from Battle of the Windmill
1877 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier first elected to House of Commons
1889 – Sir John A. Macdonald sworn in as Minister of Railways and Canals
1943 – Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin map out strategy in Tehran
1983 – Pierre Trudeau begins two day visit to China
1986 – Ronald Reagan exceeds Salt II arms limitations for first time
2002 – Roy Romanow’s commission on Future of Health Care in Canada releases final report
2005 – Stephen Harper’s non-confidence motion brings down government
2005 – Paul Martin’s government loses non-confidence vote
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul Simon, former Illinois Senator
1952 – Dwight Eisenhower visits Korea
1963 – Lyndon Johnson sets up Warren Commission
1975 – Gerald Ford requires states to provide free education to the handicapped
1991 – Jean Charest announces funding to protect Canadian wildlife
1995 – Mike Harris vows to balance Ontario budget by 2000
1995 – Bill Clinton lifts ban on oil exports from Alaskan North Slope
2004 – Tommy Douglas voted “Greatest Canadian” by CBC viewers
2005 – Paul Martin calls federal election
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shirley Chisholm, former New York Congresswoman
1835 – Francis Bond Head sworn in as Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada
1950 – Harry Truman threatens China with atom bomb
1964 – John Diefenbaker begins filibuster to stop new Canadian flag
1967 – John Robart’s Confederation of Tomorrow conference ends
1967 – Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower announce their engagement
1967 – Eugene McCarthy begins run for the presidency
1986 – John Turner wins confidence of delegates at Liberal convention
1990 – George H. W. Bush offers to send Secretary of State to Iraq to negotiate
1993 – Bill Clinton signs Brady Gun Control bill
1998 – Lucien Bouchard and the Parti Quebecois win election
2004 – George W. Bush begins first state visit to Canada
2007 – 5 hour hostage crisis at Hillary Clinton’s Rochester, NH campaign office