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Today in History (July)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA, Greatest Country in the World

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephen Juba, 41st Winnipeg Mayor

1867 – Sir John A. Macdonald sworn in as Canada’s first Prime Minister

1867 – Sir Charles Tupper conferred the Companionship of the Bath

1867 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier conferred the Companionship of the Bath

1870 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier commits to start building the Canadian Pacific Railway within two years

1916 – Dwight Eisenhower marries Mary Geneva Doud

1926 – Arthur Meighen takes Canada back to the gold standard

1927 – William Lyon Mackenzie King dedicates Peace Tower Carillon in first Trans-Canada Radio broadcast

1932 – Franklin Roosevelt nominated for President by Democratic Party

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower visits front in Normandy

1960 – John Diefenbaker grants Treaty Indians and registered native Canadians the right to vote

1962 – The Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Dominion Square is vandalized by separatists

1963 – John Kennedy arrives in Rome

1968 – Statue of William Lyon Mackenzie King is unveiled on Parliament Hill

1970 – Pierre Trudeau in confrontation with heckler over unsold grain

1971 – Pierre Trudeau opens museum for aboriginal artifacts on University of British Columbia campus

1978 – Richard Nixon gives first speech since resignatio

1980 – Ed Schreyer proclaims Act Respecting the National Anthem making O Canada officially the national anthem

1989 – Brian Mulroney names non-politicians to the Privy Council


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Charles Tupper, 6th Prime Minister of Canada

1862 – Abraham Lincoln signs act providing land for state agricultural colleges

1867 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s coalition cabinet is sworn in

1872 – Sir Charles Tupper named Minister of Inland Revenue

1926 – Arthur Meighen’s government loses non-confidence vote

1932 – Franklin Roosevelt makes the first presidential nomination convention acceptance speech

1964 – Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act & the Voting Rights Act

1992 – John Crosbie orders northern cod fisheries shut down for two years

2001 – George W. Bush seeks to allow oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard Bennett, Canada’s 11th Prime Minister

1754 – George Washington surrenders to French at Fort Necessity

1775 – George Washington takes command of Continental Army at Cambridge

1938 – Franklin Roosevelt dedicates Eternal Light Peace Memorial at Gettysburg

1986 – Ronald Reagan presides over relighting of Statue of Liberty

1991 – Brian Mulroney begins process of privatizing Petro Canada

1992 – Ted Kennedy marries Victoria Reggie



HAPPY BIRTHDAY Malia Obama, former first daughter

1754 – George Washington retreats from Fort Necessity with remains of his army

1789 – George Washington signs first US Tariff Act

1867 – Sir Charles Tupper’s last day as Premier of Nova Scotia

1884 – Sir John A. Macdonald appoints commission to investigate Chinese immigration in British Columbia

1950 – Harry Truman signs public law 600 allowing Puerto Ricans to write their own constitution

1966 – Lyndon Johnson signs Freedom of Information Act

1980 – Pierre Trudeau criticizes Provincial Premiers for opposing Charter of Rights and Freedoms

1991 – Grant Devine brings in Gross Revenue Insurance Plan


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pierre-Marc Johnson, 24th Quebec Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., former US Senator, VP candidate

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Julie Nixon Eisenhower, former first daughter

1935 – Franklin Roosevelt signs National Labor Relations Act

1967 – Queen Elizabeth II invests Roland Michener with the first ribbon and pendant star of the Order of Canada

1975 – Joey Smallwood elected leader of Liberal Reform Party

1977 – Pierre Trudeau sets up Task Force on Canadian Unity

1977 – John Robarts announced as co-chair of Task Force on Canadian Unity

1986 – Nancy Reagan cuts red, white and blue ribbon to reopen Statue of Liberty

1991 – Joe Clark accepts parallel constitutional reform process run by First Nations

2016 – FBI releases report calling Hillary Clinton careless in handling classified emails


HAPPY BIRTHDAY George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian Pallister, 22nd Manitoba Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nancy Reagan, former first lady

1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier enlarges the boundaries of Quebec

1945 – Harry Truman signs executive order establishing Medal of Freedom

1957 – Harry S. Truman Library forms in Independence, MO

1966 – Lester Pearson announces loans and grants for Caribbean Commonwealth countries

2006 – Stephen Harper makes first official visit to Washington

2006 – George W. Bush hosts new Canadian Prime Minister


1865 – 4 conspirators in Abraham Lincoln’s assassination are hanged

1898 – William McKinley signs the Orange Act, which annexes Hawaii

1930 – Construction begins on Hoover Dam

1946 – Jimmy Carter marries Rosalynn Smith

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower signs bill approving Alaskan statehood

1969 – Pierre Trudeau passes the Official Languages Act

1975 – Ed Broadbent elected leader of the New Democratic Party

1992 – Joe Clark reaches agreement with 9 provinces on constitutional package

1992 – Robert Bourassa sent constitutional package agreed to by Provincial Premiers

1993 – Bob Rae passes the Social Contract

2003 – Ralph Klein hit in the face with cream pie during his annual Stampede breakfast


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nelson Rockefeller, 49th New York Governor, 41st US Vice-President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Phil Gramm, former US Senator

1778 – George Washington headquarters at West Point with Continental Army

1891 – Warren Harding marries Florence DeWolfe

1896 – Sir Charles Tupper’s last day as Prime Minister

1915 – Germany responds to one of the points in Woodrow Wilson’s second Lusitania note

1919 – Woodrow Wilson returns to the US from the Versailles Peace Conference

1923 – Warren Harding becomes first sitting President to visit Alaska

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower begins three day visit to Ottawa

1974 – Pierre Trudeau and the Liberal Party win federal election

1975 – Gerald Ford announces he will seek Republican Presidential nomination

2000 – Preston Manning loses leadership of Canadian Alliance

2009 – Stephen Harper attends G8 Summit

2011 – Betty Ford passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Earl of Minto, 8th Governor General of Canada

1776 – Declaration of Independence is read to George Washington’s troops in New York

1951 – Harry Truman asks Congress to formally end state of war with Germany

1974 – Earl Warren passed away

1984 – John Turner calls a federal election

1991 – Brian Mulroney attends baseball game with US President in Toronto

1991 – George H. W. Bush attends baseball game with Canadian Prime Minister in Toronto

1991 – Joe Clark announces he will release federal position on constitution by September

2010 – David Johnston announced as new Governor General

2010 – Stephen Harper announces new Governor General


1861 – Abraham Lincoln tells Kentucky Militia that Union troops will not enter state

1919 – Woodrow Wilson personally delivers the Treaty of Versailles to the Senate

1920 – Robert Borden steps down as Prime Minister

1920 – Arthur Meighen sworn in as Canada’s 9th Prime Minister

1934 – Mitch Hepburn sworn in as Ontario’s 11th Premier

1934 – Franklin Roosevelt becomes first sitting president to visit South America (Columbia)

1944 – Tommy Douglas sworn in as Saskatchewan’s 7th Premier

1958 – John Diefenbaker and US President sign agreement for joint Canada-US defence

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower and Canadian Prime Minister sign agreement for joint US-Canada defence

1991 – Kim Campbell introduces draft new extradition law

1991 – Jean Charest orders environmental assessment of Great Whale hydro project


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Quincy Adams, 6th US President

1862 – Abraham Lincoln appoints General Halleck as general-in-chief

1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier sworn in as Canada’s 7th Prime Minister

1934 – Franklin Roosevelt becomes first President to travel through Panama Canal

1944 – Franklin Roosevelt announces he will seek a 4th term as President

1952 – Dwight Eisenhower nominated for President by Republican Party

1979 – Claude Wagner passed away

1989 – Ronald Reagan sportscasts the Major League Baseball All Star Game

1992 – Ross Perot, in speech to NAACP, refers to attendees as, “you people”

2007 – Lady Bird Johnson passed away


1954 – Dwight Eisenhower presents plan for interstate highway system

1957 – Dwight Eisenhower becomes first President to fly in a helicopter

1972 – George McGovern nominated for President by Democratic Party

1984 – Geraldine Ferraro becomes first woman nominated for vice-president by a major party

1985 – A cancerous growth is found on Ronald Reagan’s colon

1998 – Russell MacLellan elected leader of Nova Scotia Liberal Party and Premier

2016 – Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton for President


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mila Mulroney, former first lady of Canada

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack Kemp, 9th HUD Secretary, former Representative

1896 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier forms first ministry

1960 – John Kennedy nominated for President by Democratic Party

2009 – Queen Elizabeth II appoints Jean Chretien to Order of Merit


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gerald Ford, 38th US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robert Bourassa, 22nd Quebec Premier

1870 – Congress grants Mary Todd Lincoln a life pension

1915 – Sir Robert Borden attends British Cabinet meeting

1965 – Adlai Stevenson passed away

1976 – Jimmy Carter wins Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination


1838 – Lord Durham meets with Robert Baldwin and William Baldwin

1870 – George-Etienne Cartier’s Manitoba Act is passed

1932 – Herbert Hoover cuts his own salary by 15%

1948 – Harry Truman nominated for President by Democratic Party

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower sends troops to Lebanon

1964 – Barry Goldwater nominated for President by Republican Party

1969 – Ed Schreyer sworn in as Manitoba Premier

1971 – Richard Nixon announces he will visit People’s Republic of China

2013 – Stephen Harper shuffles cabinet


1882 – Mary Todd Lincoln passed away

1957 – John Glenn sets transcontinental speed record

1958 – Duff Roblin sworn in as Premier of Manitoba

1980 – Ronald Reagan nominated for President by Republican Party

2009 – Peter MacKay announces plan to purchase 65 C-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jets


1820 – A young boy named John Alexander Macdonald arrived in Kingston from Scotland with his family

1838 – Lord Durham reviews 43rd Regiment and other regulars at Niagara

1945 – Harry Truman has first meeting with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin at Potsdam

1968 – Lester Pearson appointed President of Institute for Strategic Studies

1969 – Pierre Trudeau asks western farmers, “Why should I sell your wheat?”

1974 – Ed Broadbent selected as interim leader of the New Democratic Party

1980 – Ronald Reagan formally accepts Republican Party’s Presidential nomination


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack Layton, former leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada

HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Glenn, former US Senator

1864 – Abraham Lincoln asks for 500,000 volunteers for military service

1940 – Franklin Roosevelt nominated for President by Democratic Party for third time

1947 – Harry Truman signs Presidential Succession Act

1958 – William Bennett announces British Columbia Ferry Authority will take over passenger service

1984 – Walter Mondale wins Democratic Party presidential nomination

1991 – Brian Mulroney tells Mikhail Gorbachev that Canada will lift freeze on food credits

1995 – Barack Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father” is published

1997 – Russell MacLellan sworn in as Nova Scotia’s 24th Premier


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dalton McGuinty, 24th Ontario Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY George McGovern, former US Senator

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt appoints Fair Employment Practice Committee

1948 – John Bracken resigns as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

1969 – Pierre Trudeau announces interest free cash advance for Western grain farmers

1984 – Geraldine Ferraro wins Democratic Vice-Presidential nomination

1990 – Peter Pocklington sells Palm Dairies

1990 – Richard Nixon Library opens

1993 – Bill Clinton fires FBI Director William Sessions

2017 – John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim Prentice, 16th Alberta Premier, former Conservative minister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack Horner, former Liberal Minister

1871 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier’s British Columbia Act comes into effect

1872 – Sir John A. Macdonald calls a federal election

1896 – Sir William Fielding’s last day as Nova Scotia Premier

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower visits Bernard Montgomery’s headquarters in Normandy

1944 – Franklin Roosevelt nominated for President for a fourth time by the Democratic Party

1965 – Lester Pearson outlines medicare proposals to federal-provincial conference

1965 – Judy LaMarsh and provincial colleagues identify problems with national medicare proposals

1981 – Pierre Trudeau hosts G7 economic summit in Montebello, Quebec

1988 – Michael Dukakis nominated for President by Democratic Party

2004 – Paul Martin’s cabinet sworn in


1961 – John Diefenbaker opens the town of Inuvik

1974 – House Judiciary Committee approves 2 articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon

1986 – John Buchanan hosts banquet to honour Hank Snow

1988 – Brian Mulroney passes Emergencies Act, replacing War Measures Act

1988 – Brian Mulroney passes Canadian Multiculturalism Act

1988 – Michael Dukakis accepts Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination

2000 – Frank Miller passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob Dole, former US Senator

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gilles Duceppe, former leader Bloc Quebecois

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michele Dionne, former first lady of Quebec

1775 – George Washington takes command of Continental Army

1937 – Franklin Roosevelt’s plan to expand Supreme Court is rejected by US Senate

1950 – William Lyon Mackenzie King passed away

1955 – Richard Nixon becomes first Vice-President to preside over Cabinet meeting

1961 – John Diefenbaker opens Northwest Telecommunications System

1963 – Lester Pearson appoints Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism

2016 – Hillary Clinton announces Tim Kaine as her running mate


1898 – Lord Minto takes up post as Governor General of Canada

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King passes bill authorizing conscription, but, not overseas

1959 – Richard Nixon begins tour of USSR

1973 – Richard Nixon refuses to release Watergate tapes

1974 – John Diefenbaker sworn in as a Member of Parliament for a record 12th time

1980 – Jimmy Carter designates River of No Return Wilderness Area


1758 – George Washington admitted into Virginia House of Burgess

1917 – Sir Robert Borden passes the Military Service Bill bringing in conscription

1929 – Herbert Hoover proclaims Kellogg-Briand Pact, which bans war

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt demands Japanese troops leave Indochina

1952 – Harry Truman settles 53 day steel strike

1959 – Richard Nixon gets into “kitchen debate” with Nikita Khrushchev

1974 – Supreme Court rules Richard Nixon must turn over Watergate tapes

1979 – Jimmy Carter names Paul Volcker Chairman of the Federal Reserve

2015 – Barack Obama begins 2 day visit to Kenya


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gilbert Parent, 33rd Speaker of the House of Commons

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Frank Church, former US Senator

1941- Franklin Roosevelt bans selling benzine/gasoline to Japan

1961 – John Kennedy announces that an attack on Berlin is an attack on NATO

1969 – Edward Kennedy pleads guilty to leaving the scene of an accident

1973 – Louis St. Laurent passed away

1988 – John Kerry and Julia Stimson divorce

1990 – Lucien Bouchard announces the formation of the Bloc Quebecois

2011 – Jack Layton takes a medical leave of absence as Leader of the Opposition

2014 – Israel and Hamas review John Kerry’s proposal for a ceasefire


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Peter Lougheed, Alberta’s 10th Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marc Lalonde, former Liberal Minister

1797 – John Quincy Adams marries Louisa Johnson

1880 – Sir John A. Macdonald leaves on a trip to London

1946 – Harry Truman orders desegregation of all US forces

1947 – Harry Truman signs National Security Act

1948 – Harry Truman signs Executive Order 9981 directing equality of treatment & opportunity in US armed forces

1990 – George H. W. Bush signs Americans With Disabilities Act

2015 – Flora Macdonald passed away


1942 – William Lyon Mackenzie King says it is not the time to proclaim a national anthem for Canada

1950 – Harry Truman promises aid to Taiwan

1960 – Richard Nixon nominated for President by Republican Party

1965 – Lyndon Johnson signs bill requiring health warnings on cigarette packaging

1967 – Lyndon Johnson sets up commission on causes of urban violence

1974 – House Judiciary Committee votes 27-11 in favour of impeaching Richard Nixon

1992 – Kim Campbell unveils new firearms regulations

1999 – John Hamm and the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party win election

2014 – Barack Obama reaffirms Israel’s right to defend itself

2017 – Boy Scouts of America apologize for political remarks made by Donald Trump at Scouts rally

2017 – Donald Trump’s chief of staff resigns


1840 – Lord Durham passed away

1858 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s government falls over resolution naming Ottawa as Canada’s capital

1915 – On orders from Woodrow Wilson, US Marines go ashore in Haiti, beginning a 19 year occupation

1930 – Richard Bennett and his Conservative Party win general election

1932 – Herbert Hoover evicts bonus marchers from their encampment

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt announces end of coffee rationing

1948 – Maurice Duplessis and the Union Nationale win re-election

1965 – Lyndon Johnson sends 50,000 more soldiers to Vietnam

2014 – Israel criticizes John Kerry’s proposed ceasefire

2017 – John McCain casts deciding vote against repeal of Affordable Care Act

2017 – Donald Trump appoints John Kelly as new chief of staff


1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King tells cabinet he would rather resign than support conscription

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower signs National Aeronautics and Space Act

1974 – House Judiciary Committee adopts second article of impeachment against Richard Nixon

1975 – Gerald Ford visits Auschwitz

1988 – Joe Clark announces Canada will deny visas to South African athletes to combat apartheid

2016 – Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bill Davis, 18th Ontario Premier

1863 – Abraham Lincoln gives order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every Black prisoner shot

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt signs bill creating Women’s Navy Auxiliary Agency

1962 – John Diefenbaker opens the Trans-Canada Highway to traffic

1965 – Lyndon Johnson signs Medicare bill

1986 – Bill Vander Zalm elected leader of British Columbia Social Credit Party

2002 – George W. Bush signs The Sarbanes Oxley Act, a change to accounting laws


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charles Dunning, 3rd Saskatchewan Premier, former Liberal Minister

1867 – George-Etienne Cartier says he was the man to make Confederation and that Sir John A. Macdonald had nothing to do with it

1868 – George-Etienne Cartier passes his Rupert’s Land Act

1932 – George Washington quarter goes into circulation

1948 – Harry Truman dedicates Idlewild Field in New York

1972 – Thomas Eagleton withdraws as Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate

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