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Today in History (May)


1896 – Sir Charles Tupper sworn in as Canada’s 6th Prime Minister

1962 – John Kennedy authorizes Area Redevelopment Act

1937 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Act of Neutrality

1985 – Ronald Reagan ends embargo against Nicaragua

2003 – George W. Bush gives “Mission Accomplished” speech


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Belinda Stronach, former Canadian Cabinet Minister

1974 – Spiro Agnew disbarred

2000 – Bill Clinton announces that GPS no longer restricted to military

2009 – Jack Kemp passed away


1861 – Abraham Lincoln asks for 42000 Army Volunteers and 18000 seamen

1960 – John Diefenbaker attends Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference in London

1963 – Lester Pearson visits London for meeting with British Prime Minister

1971 – Richard Nixon’s administration arrests 13000 anti-war protesters

1982 – Ronald Reagan begins weekly radio broadcasts

1989 – John Turner announces resignation as Liberal leader

1991 – Brian Mulroney announces GST processing centre in Summerside, PEI


1880 – Edward Blake selected as leader of Liberal Party

1910 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier passes Navel Service Act

1949 – Leslie Frost become Ontario Premier

1991 – George H. W. Bush hospitalized for erratic heart beat


1939 – Charles Dunning establishes Central Mortgage Bank, later CMHC

1960 – Dwight Eisenhower signs Civil Rights Act

1987 – Gary Hart denies having an affair with Donna Rice

1990 – Brian Mulroney says touch economic measures will make him unpopular

1993 – Robert Bourassa passes Bill 86 language law


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harry Truman, 33rd US President

1863 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s government is defeated in the Assembly

1871 – Sir John A. Macdonald signs the Treaty of Washington

1945 – William Lyon Mackenzie King gives VE Day speech

1958 – Dwight Eisenhower orders National Guard out of Central HS, Little Rock, Arkansas

1958 – Richard Nixon confronted by protesters in Peru

1963 – John Kennedy offers Israel assistance against aggression

1974 – Pierre Trudeau loses confidence vote over budget

1982 – Grant Devine sworn in as Saskatchewan Premier

1984 – Shooter enters National Assembly to kill Rene Levesque

1986 – Don Getty and the Alberta PC Party win the general election

1987 – Gary Hart leaves Democratic Presidential race

1994 – Bill Clinton announces US will no longer repatriate boat people


1914 – Woodrow Wilson proclaims Mother’s Day

1953 – William Bennett and the British Columbia Social Credit Party win election

1955 – Leslie Frost and the Ontario PC Party win 4th straight majority

1969 – William Bennett dedicates the Keenleyside Dam

1974 – US House of Representatives begins formal hearings on Richard Nixon’s impeachment

1977 – Bill Davis and the Ontario PC Party win second straight minority

1979 – Joey Smallwood resigns from Newfoundland’s House of Assembly

1989 – Dan Quayle accidently says, “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind” instead of “a mind is terrible thing to waste”

1990 – Brian Mulroney reaches deal with Provincial Premiers to save Meech Lake Accord

1994 – Bob Rae’s attempt to extend civil union rights to same sex couples is defeated

2012 – Barack Obama declares his support for same sex marriage

2017 – Donald Trump fires FBI Director James Comey


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Scott Brison, Liberal Minister

1775 – George Washington named Supreme Commander by Continental Congress

1865 – Sir Charles Tupper advocates Maritime Union instead of Confederation

1886 – Sir William Fielding passes resolution asking Nova Scotia be released from Confederation

1960 – John Kennedy wins West Virginia primary

1963 – Lester Pearson begins two days of meetings with US President

1963 – John Kennedy begins two days of meetings with Canadian Prime Minister

1966 – Lester Pearson gives speech suggesting end of isolation of Communist China

1970 – Pierre Trudeau takes part in Canada Day festivities at Expo ’70 in Osaka, Japan

1979 – Bill Bennett and British Columbia Social Credit Party win election

2005 – A hand grenade thrown 65 feet from George W. Bush malfunctions

2016 – Carolyn Bennett announces Canada’s support for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ed Stelmach, 13th Alberta Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mitchell Sharp, Liberal Minister

1963 – Lester Pearson announces that Canada will accept US nuclear warheads

1963 – John Turner marries Geils Kilgour

1989 – George H. W. Bush orders troops into Panama

2000 – Ralph Klein passes the Health Care Protection Act, expanding role of private sector

2005 – Paul Martin announces that coming vote on budget will be a matter of confidence

2011 – Michael Ignatieff resigns as Liberal Party leader


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Ignatieff, former Liberal MP

1901 – William McKinley visits San Francisco

1952 – William Bennett and the British Columbia Social Credit Party win election

1984 – Bill Davis announces extension of funding to Roman Catholic school boards through grade 13

1986 – Ronald Reagan appoints James Fletcher as NASA Administrator

1995 – Jacques Parizeau announces a common front to fight the referendum campaign

2002 – Jimmy Carter arrives in Cuba


1958 – Rioters attack Richard Nixon in Venezuela

2003 – John Savage passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Frank Miller, 19th Premier of Ontario

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aline Chretien, former Canadian first lady

1872 – George-Etienne Cartier passes the General Charter of the Canadian Pacific Railway

1940 – John Diefenbaker first takes seat in House of Commons

1949 – Harry Truman signs bill creating missile range at Cape Canaveral

1964 – Bill Davis sworn in as Ontario’s first Minister of University Affairs

1984 – Jeanne Sauve sworn in as Canada’s first female Governor General

1991 – John Nunziata alleges that RCMP know who bombed Air India-182, but don’t have enough evidence to prosecute

1998 – Camille Theriault sworn in as New Brunswick’s 29th Premier


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard J. Daley, 40th Chicago Mayor

1873 – Sir John A. Macdonald accused of receiving money for CPR contract

1879 РSir John A. Macdonald brings in protective tariff as part of National Policy

1913 – Sir Robert Borden uses closure for the first time in Canadian history on Naval Aid Bill

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Montgomery, Churchill & George VI

1972 – Assassination attempt on George Wallace

1991 – Robert Bourassa brings in bill for referendum on Quebec sovereignty

1991 – George H. W. Bush takes Queen Elizabeth to a baseball game

1992 – Brian Mulroney brings in bill allowing referendum on constitutional reform

1992 – Donald Cameron sets up inquiry into Westray Coal Mine disaster


1865 – Sir John A. Macdonald presented to Queen Victoria

1865 – George-Etienne Cartier presented to Queen Victoria

1961 – John Kennedy begins 3 day visit to Ottawa

2008 – Stephen Harper unveils Canada’s version of the Victoria Cross


1878 – Lord Dufferin shown phonograph by Thomas Edison

1917 – Sir Robert Borden announces conscription

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower sets date for D-Day

1946 – Harry Truman takes control of nation’s railways to delay a strike

1961 – John Kennedy addresses Canadian Parliament

1971 – Pierre Trudeau begins 10 day visit to Soviet Union

1990 – Jean Charest’s committee recommends adopting Meech Lake Accord

2001 – George W. Bush calls for reduced regulation to encourage oil, gas & nuclear production

2005 – Belinda Stronach crosses the floor of the House of Commons


1860 – Abraham Lincoln selected as presidential nominee by Republican party

1917 – Sir Robert Borden announces compulsory conscription

1917 – Sir Robert Borden offers to form coalition government with opposition

1917 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier rejects offer to participate in coalition government

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Tennessee Valley Act to build dams

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt writes to Canadian Prime Minister about dispersing French Canadians to assimilate them

1942 – William Lyon Mackenzie King receives letter from US President with plan to disperse French Canadians in order to assimilate them

1971 – Richard Nixon rejects 60 demands of Congressional black caucus

1973 – John Diefenbaker’s former home donated to University of Saskatchewan

2016 – Justin Trudeau formally apologises for the Komagata Maru incident


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve Ford, former first son

1828 – John Quincy Adams signs Tariff of Abominations

1875 – Edward Blake made Minister of Justice

1908 – Louis St. Laurent marries Jeanne Osbourne

1909 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier establishes Commission of Conservation

1970 – Al Gore marries Tipper Aitcheson

1992 – Dan Quayle attacks TV character Murphy Brown

2005 – Paul Martin survives two non-confidence votes

2013 – Stephen Harper’s chief of staff resigns over revelation he wrote cheque to cover a Senator’s expenses


1862 – George-Etienne Cartier’s Militia Bill is defeated

1873 – George-Etienne Cartier passed away

1879 – Sir Charles Tupper appointed the first head of Department of Railways and Canals

1879 – Hector-Louis Langevin appointed Minister of Public Works

1980 – Quebecers vote NO in referendum on sovereignty

1984 – Robert Skelly elected leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party

1990 – Federal minister, Lucien Bouchard sends telegram of support to Parti Quebecois National Council meeting

1997 – Bill Clinton signs executive order barring new US investment in Burma

2010 – Stephen Harper appoints David Braley to the Senate

2017 – Donald Trump begins his first foreign trip


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leonard Tilley, 21st New Brunswick Premier

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt lights Mount Davidson Cross via telegraph

1965 – George Drew installed as first chancellor of University of Guelph

1969 – Robert Kennedy’s assassin is sentenced to death

1990 – Lucien Bouchard resigns from cabinet and the PC Party

1993 – Joe Clark named UN Special Envoy to find peace settlement in Cyprus

2012 – Stephen Harper announces that Canada’s military operation in Afghanistan will end in March 2014


1802 – Martha Washington passed away

1849 – Abraham Lincoln receives patent for device that lifts boats over shoals and obstructions

1868 – George-Etienne Cartier’s Canadian Militia Bill receives royal assent

1872 – Lord Dufferin appointed Governor General of Canada

1878 – George Walkem is returned to office in the British Columbia general election

1893 – Lord Aberdeen appointed Governor General of Canada

1947 – The Truman Doctrine goes into effect

1953 – Dwight Eisenhower signs Offshore Oil Bill

1964 – Lyndon Johnson introduces the “Great Society”

1972 – Richard Nixon begins visit to Moscow

1973 – Richard Nixon confesses role in Watergate cover-up

1979 – Joe Clark and the PC Party of Canada win election

1997 – Jean Charest says he would only recognize Quebec independence if referendum question was clear

1998 – Judge rules that Secret Service must testify in grand jury against Bill Clinton

2016 – Barack Obama begins 3 day visit to Vietnam


1856 – Sir John A. Macdonald forms a new government

1856 – George-Etienne Cartier sworn in as Attorney General

1879 – Lord Dufferin holds an investiture of the most distinguished order of St. Michael and St. George

1918 – Sir Robert Borden brings in the Act to Confer the Electoral Franchise Upon Women

1932 – Richard Bennett sets up the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission

1967 – Sir John A. Macdonald’s Kingston home is opened as a museum

1991 – George H. W. Bush gets Senate fast track approval to negotiate NAFTA

1992 – Brian Mulroney recalls ambassador to Belgrade and expels Yugoslavian diplomats


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Herb Grey, Canada’s first Jewish federal cabinet minister

1787 – George Washington presides over the opening of the Constitutional Convention

1882 – Lord Lorne hosts the founding meeting of the Royal Society of Canada

1961 – John Kennedy announces goal of putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade

1967 – Lyndon Johnson gives The Great Ring of Canada as a centennial gift from the US

1971 – Paul Hellyer launches Action Canada

1989 – Michael Wilson’s budget is leaked

1990 – Brian Mulroney begins meeting with Premiers to try and save Meech Lake Accord

1993 – John Savage and the Nova Scotia Liberal Party win election

1997 – Jean Chretien affirms government Canada will not recognize referendum result of 50.1% on Quebec independence


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Estes Kefauver, former US Senator

1932 – Richard Bennett passes the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Act

1972 – Richard Nixon & Leonid Brezhnev sign SALT Treaty

1973 – Brian Mulroney marries Mila Pivnicki

1984 – Ronald Reagan rules out US military intervention in Iran-Iraq war

1995 – John Kerry marries Teresa Heinz

1998 – Bill Clinton’s trial against Paula Jones begins

2002 – Jean Chretien shuffles his cabinet
2003 – Jean Chretien announces building a Canadian History Centre
2008 – Maxime Bernier resigns as Foreign Affairs minister over security breach


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hubert Humphrey, 38th US Vice President

1754 – George Washington ordered to attack the French

1838 – Lord Durham appointed Governor General of Canada

1846 – Sir John A. Macdonald makes first speech in House of Commons

1891 – Sir John A. Macdonald suffers a stroke

1916 – Woodrow Wilson addresses League to Enforce Peace

1935 – Franklin Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act declared unconstitutional

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt declares state of emergency over sinking of Robin Moor

1949 – Louis St. Laurent and the Liberal Party of Canada win election

1949 – Joey Smallwood and the Newfoundland Liberal Party wins first Newfoundland election

1964 – Lester Pearson releases his prefered choice for a new Canadian flag

1968 – Pierre Trudeau promises to make French available in federal institutions

1977 – Pierre Trudeau agrees to separation from wife

1985 – Ronald Reagan reviews parading inaugural bands

1986 – Ronald Reagan orders 2 poseidon submarines dismantled

1987 – Pierre Trudeau publicly attacks Meech Lake Accord

2011 – Ed Stelmach resigns as leader of the Alberta PC Party


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rudy Giuliani, 107th Mayor of New York City

1754 – George Washington’s forces fight Battle of Jumonville Glen

1884 – Sir Charles Tupper resigns seat to become first High Commissioner to Britain

1956 – Dwight Eisenhower signs bill allowing for storage of agricultural surpluses

1968 – Eugene McCarthy wins Democratic primary in Oregon

1985 – David Peterson signs agreement with NDP to become Ontario Premier

1990 – Brian Mulroney meets with UN General Secretary in Ottawa

1996 – Bill Clinton’s former Whitewater partners convicted of fraud

2005 – Justin Trudeau marries Sophie Gregoire


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Kennedy, 35th US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bill Vander Zalm, 28th British Columbia Premier

1838 – Lord Durham lands in Quebec

1849 – Abraham Lincoln says, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some…

1888 – George Foster enters cabinet as Minister of Finance

1902 – George Ross and the Ontario Liberal Party win second consecutive majority

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Churchill & Marshall, Confederacy of Algiers

1980 – Vernon Jordan Jr. faces assassination attempt

1987 – Preston Manning becomes leader at Reform Party founding convention

1990 – Brian Mulroney meets Mikhail Gorbachev in Ottawa

1998 – Barry Goldwater passes away

2014 – Barack Obama approves US military training of “moderate” Syrian rebels

2015 – Peter MacKay announces he will not seek re-election


1922 – Lincoln Memorial is dedicated

1991 – Kim Campbell introduces new gun control legislation

2003 – Jean Chretien unveils a bust of Emile Nelligan

2010 – Duff Roblin passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Henry “Scoop” Jackson, former US Senator

1961 – John Kennedy visits Charles de Gaulle in Paris

1968 – Pierre Trudeau opens the National Arts Centre

1972 – Pierre Trudeau announces new civilian and military awards

1990 – Brian Mulroney invites Premiers to Ottawa to try and save Meech Lake Accord

1990 – Don Getty announces privatization of Alberta Government Telephones

1997 – Frank McKenna and the PEI Premier open the Confederation Bridge

2003 – Peter MacKay elected leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

2017 – Kathy Griffin fired from CNN after photo posted of her with severed head of Donald Trump

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