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Today in History (March)


1912 – Edward Blake passed away

1914 – Gilbert, 8th Earl of Minto, passed away

1936 – The Herbert Hoover Dam is completed

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt announces success of Yalta conference

1961 – John Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps

1971 – Bill Davis sworn in as Ontario Premier

1974 – 7 of Richard Nixon’s aids are indicted

1980 – Jimmy Carter enacts the Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act

1981 – Marc Lalonde subsidizes oil imports to counter Alberta production cut

2004 – Paul Martin fires VIA Chairman, Jean Pelletier, over Sponsorship Scandal

2009 – Stephen Harper tells US TV interview, “we are not going to ever defeat the insurgency,” in Afghanistan

2014 – Barack Obama warns Vladimir Putin over involvement in Ukraine


1903 – Martha Washington Hotel open in NYC

1962 – John Kennedy announces resumption of above ground nuclear testing

1974 – Grand Jury concludes Richard Nixon involved in Watergate

1977 – Peter Pocklington becomes sole owner of Edmonton Oilers


1863 – Abraham Lincoln approves charter for National Academy of Sciences

1871 – Terms of BC confederation, negotiated by George-Etienne Cartier, accepted by Parliamen

1962 – Cairine Wilson passed away

1980 – Pierre Trudeau sworn in as Prime Minister for the second time

1992 – George H. W. Bush apologizes for breaking his “no new taxes” promise

2004 – Former Jean Chretien aide, Jean Carle, is linked to Sponsorship Scandal

2009 – Gilbert Parent passed away


1791 – George Washington calls the US Senate into it’s first session

1793 – George Washington’s second inauguration

1825 – John Quincy Adams inaugurated

1861 – Abraham Lincoln inaugurated

1861 – Abraham Lincoln opens Government Printing Office

1865 – Samuel Leonard Tilley defeated in New Brunswick election

1865 – Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration

1929 – Herbert Hoover inaugurated

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt inaugurated for the first time

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt closes banks and stock exchanges

1961 – John Diefenbaker begins 3 day tour of Ireland

1968 – Lester Pearson suspends relations with Gabon

1971 – Pierre Trudeau marries Margaret Sinclair

1989 – Ed Broadbent announces resignation as NDP Leader

1997 – Bill Clinton bans federal funding for human cloning research

2007 – Thomas Eagleton passed away


1891 – Sir John A. Macdonald wins general election

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt proclaims 10 day bank holiday

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton & Alexander Patch meet in Luneville

1976 – Pierre Trudeau says federal government can move unilaterally to change constitution

2004 – Paul Martin fires Via President, Marc Lefrancois over sponsership scandal


1839 – Sir Francis Bond Head praises black citizens for their loyalty during rebellions

1865 – Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural ball

1880 – The Marquis of Lorne helps found the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt declares a nationwide bank holiday

1957 – Supreme Court nullifies Maurice Duplessis’ Padlock Law

1960 – National Library puts on a display of Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s papers & memorabilia

1991 – George H. W. Bush announces of Iraq, that, “aggression is defeated. The war is over”

2004 – Sheila Copps loses Hamilton East-Stoney Creek Liberal nomination

2016 – Nancy Reagan passed away


1866 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier puts 10,000 militia on alert over fear of Fenian raids

1934 – Lord Aberdeen passed away

1968 – Paul Martin says Canada will participate with US in developing airborne radar system

1977 – Jimmy Carter meets with Yitzhak Rabin


1871 – Sir John A. Macdonald invited by Britain to join team that negotiated Treaty of Washington

1952 – Ronald Reagan marries Nancy Davis

1954 – Louis St. Laurent visits Canadian Brigade in Korea

1961 – John Diefenbaker attends 9 day Commonwealth Prime Ministers conference

1973 – World’s longest tunnel, the Dwight Eisenhower Tunnel, opens

1983 – Ronald Reagan first uses term, “Evil Empire” with regards to the Soviet Union

1990 – Michael Wilson gets budget through House of Commons


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ben Mulroney, former Prime Minister’s son

1873 – Sir John A. Macdonald proposes establishment of Mounted Police Force for Northwest Territories

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt calls Congress into special session, beginning the “100 days”

1970 – Pierre Trudeau opens first Arctic Games

1988 – Ronald Reagan presides over unveiling of Knute Rockne stamp

1989 – George H. W. Bush’s nominee for Defence Secretary is rejected by the Senate

2004 – Belinda Stronach wins Conservative nomination in Newmarket-Aurora

2004 – Sheila Copps files appeal of her Liberal nomination loss

2015 – Barack Obama signs executive order declaring Venezuela a national security threat


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim Campbell, Canada’s 19th Prime Minister

1849 – Abraham Lincoln applies for patent on device to lift boats over shoals and obstructions

1981 – Ronald Reagan arrives in Ottawa for official state visit

1982 – Ronald Reagan proclaims economic sanctions against Libya

1991 – Robert Bourassa declares that Canada is the best choice for Quebec

1996 – Rudy Giuliani visits Israel


1935 – Bank of Canada issues $500 note with Sir John A. Macdonald’s portrait

1935 – Bank of Canada issues $1000 note with Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s portrait

1941 – Franklin Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease

1981 – While in Ottawa, Ronald Reagan agrees to ease social security eligibility

1987 – Brian Mulroney meets with Premiers to brief them on free trade talks

1997 – Ralph Klein wins 8th straight majority for Alberta Progressive Conservative Party


1878 – Sir John A. Macdonald moves his “National Policy” in the House of Commons

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt conducts first “fireside chat”

1947 – Harry Truman introduces “Truman Doctrine”

2006 – Stephen Harper visits Kandahar Province, giving a speech to troops


1953 – USSR vetoes Lester Pearson as UN Secretary General

1961 – John Kennedy sets up the Alliance for Progress

1974 – Jean Chretien bans off-shore drilling in Beaufort Sea

1991 – Brian Mulroney signs Air Quality Agreement with US President

1991 – George H. W. Bush signs Air Quality Agreement with Canadian Prime Minister

2013 – David Johnston approves a new badge for Royal Canadian Air Force


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Ford, son of former President

1879 – Samuel Leonard Tilley brings in 25% tariff on US goods

1959 – John Diefenbaker rejects Newfoundlands request for inquiry into labour problems

1967 – John Kennedy moved from temporary grave to permanent memorial

1979 – Peter Lougheed leads Alberta Progressive Conservative Party to 3rd straight majority

1997 – Quebec City Chamber of Commerce purchases Jacques Parizeau’s home as official residence


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lady Aberdeen, wife of former Governor General

1783 – George Washington asks his officers to not support Newburgh Conspiracy

1995 – Gerald Regan charged with child abuse and sex crimes

1997 – Gilles Duceppe elected leader of Bloc Quebecois

2000 – Stephane Dion sees his Clarity Act pass through House of Commons


1855 – George-Etienne Cartier passes Militia Act

1955 – Dwight Eisenhower upholds use of nuclear weapons in case of war

1964 – Lyndon Johnson asks Congress to pass Economic Opportunity Act

1968 – Robert Kennedy announces presidential campaign

1971 – Thomas Dewey passed away

1977 – Jacques Parizeau abolishes provincial Anti-Inflation Board

1977 – Jimmy Carter pleads for a Palestinian home land

1990 – Brian Mulroney signs 10 bilateral agreements with Mexico

2016 – Barack Obama nominates Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court


1776 – George Washington seizes Dorchester Heights in night attack

1905 – Franklin Roosevelt marries Eleanor Roosevelt

1908 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier creates National Battlefields Commission

1960 – Dwight Eisenhower forms anti-Fidel Castro exile army

1985 – Brian Mulroney hosts Shamrock Summit with US President

1985 – Ronald Reagan attends Shamrock Summit with Canadian Prime Minister

2003 – Jean Chretien announces Canada will not join coalition against Iraq

2003 – George W. Bush gives Saddam Hussein and his sons 48 hours to leave Iraq


1959 – Dwight Eisenhower signs Hawaii Statehood Bill

1969 – John Bracken passed away

1986 – Brian Mulroney comes to agreement with US President to fight acid rain

1986 – Ronald Reagan comes to agreement with Canadian Prime Minister to fight acid rain

2006 – Paul Martin resigns leadership of Liberal Party


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lloyd Francis, 30th Speaker of the House of Commons

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Earl Warren, 30th Governor of California, 14th Chief Justice of Supreme Court

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt orders men between 45 and 64 to register for non-military duty

1973 – Richard Nixon is told, “There is a cancer growing on the presidency”

1981 – Bill Davis & Ontario Progressive Conservative Party win election

1988 – Jacques Parizeau wins leadership of Parti Quebecois

1990 – Brian Mulroney forgives $182 million in Caribbean debt

2004 – Mitchell Sharp passed away

2011 – Stephen Harper attends meeting in Paris to discuss Middle East


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian Mulroney, Canada’s 18th Prime Minister

1910 – William Fielding meets with US President to discuss reciprocity

1939 – William Lyon Mackenzie King tells Parliament that an attack on Britain is an attack on the Commonwealth

1965 – Peter Lougheed elected leader of Alberta Progressive Conservative Party

1968 – Lyndon Johnson signs bill removing gold backing of US paper currency

1969 – Richard Nixon vows to end Vietnam War by 1970

1989 – Don Getty and the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party win election

1990 – Joe Clark says Canada will open High Commission in Namibia

1990 – Pierre Trudeau publishes book of anti-Meech Lake Accord speeches

2002 – Stephen Harper wins leadership of Canadian Alliance

2004 – Stephen Harper wins leadership of Conservative Party

2016 – Barack Obama becomes first President to visit Cuba in 88 years


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ed Broadbent, 3rd leader New Democratic Party

1871 – Edward Blake and the Ontario Liberal Party win election

1917 – Robert Borden attends Imperial War Conference

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower delays invasion of south of France until after Normandy

1947 – Harry Truman signs Executive Order requiring federal employees have allegiance to US

1980 – J.R. Ewing is shot

1997 – John Savage announces his resignation

2014 – Supreme Court rejects Stephen Harper’s latest nominee


1933 – Franklin Roosevelt legalizes wine and beer with up to 3.2% alcohol

1988 – Ronald Reagan’s veto of civil rights legislation is overridden by Congress

1990 – Brian Mulroney says he is optimistic Meech Lake Accord can be saved

2004 – Stephen Harper appoints a deputy leader of Conservative Party of Canada

2004 – Peter MacKay appointed deputy leader of Conservative Party of Canada

2004 – Paul Martin announces aid package for farmers affected by mad cow disease


1962 – John Kennedy visits San Francisco

1983 – Ronald Reagan releases Strategic Defence Initiative details

2001 – Preston Manning announces retirement from politics

2002 – Ernie Eves wins leadership of Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

2005 – Paul Martin signs Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America with Mexican and US Presidents

2005 – George W. Bush signs Security and Prosperity Partnership for North American with Mexican President & Canadian Prime Minister

2011 – Stephen Harper repeals “faint hope” clause on early parole


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas Dewey, 47th Governor of New York

1838 – Francis Bond Head heads for England after term as Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada

1865 – Sir John A. Macdonald leaves for England to discuss union of British North America

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Bernard Montgomery & Omar Bradley

1964 – John Kennedy half dollar issued

1965 – Robert Kennedy climbs to summit of Mount Kennedy

1969 – Pierre Trudeau begins two day visit to Washington

1972 – Joey Smallwood loses Newfoundland election

1981 – Pierre Trudeau’s constitutional package held up by filibuster in House

2005 – Paul Martin makes 9 Senate appointments

2010 – Shawn Graham announces failure of sale of NB Power to Hydro-Quebec


1776 – George Washington granted medal by Continental Congress

1957 – Louis St. Laurent begins two days of meetings with British Prime Minister

1964 – Britain sets memorial for John Kennedy

1996 – Jean Chretien wins 5 bye-elections

2011 – Stephen Harper’s government loses non-confidence vote


1940 – William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Liberal Party win federal election

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower with George Patton & Omar Bradley, attack Remagen the Rhine

1951 – Harry Truman officially adopts United States Air Force flag

1956 – Louis St. Laurent meets with US and Mexican Presidents

1956 – Dwight Eisenhower meets with Canadian Prime Minister & Mexican President

1964 – Paul Hellyer announces merging of army, navy and air force

1975 – Peter Lougheed and Alberta Progressive Conservative Party win Alberta election

1985 – Brian Mulroney announces end of National Energy Program

1987 – Sheila Copps becomes first MP to give birth while in office

1990 – Brian Mulroney sends Meech Lake Accord to all party committee

1996 – Edmund Muskie passed away

2007 – Jean Charest and Quebec Liberal Party win general election

2011 – Geraldine Ferraro passed away


1935 – Lord Tweedsmuir appointed Governor General of Canada

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower declares German defences on Western Front to be broken

1998 – Jean Charest announces he will seek leadership of Quebec Liberal Party


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edmund Muskie, former US Senator, 64th Governor of Maine, 58th US Secretary of State

1843 – Sir John A. Macdonald elected Alderman in Kingston

1969 – Dwight Eisenhower passed away

1990 – George H. W. Bush awards Jesse Owens the Congressional Medal of Honor

1991 – Joe Clark announces External Affairs will operate Radio Canada International


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eugene McCarthy, former US Senator, former member US House of Representatives

1867 – Abraham Lincoln memorial approved by Congress

1909 – George Foster introduces Commons resolution to establish Canadian Naval Service

1990 – Lucien Bouchard releases green paper on the environment

1991 – Bill Vander Zalm announces he’s stepping down as BC Premier

2012 – Jim Flaherty tables budget

2013 – Ralph Klein passed away


1838 – Lord Durham appointed Governor General of Canada

1864 – Sir John A. Macdonald forms new government

1939 – William Lyon Mackenzie King says will not conscript men for military service

1964 – John Glenn withdraws from Ohio Senate race

1981 – Ronald Reagan shot


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Al Gore, 45th US Vice-President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY David Eisenhower, first grandson/son-in-law

1949 – Joey Smallwood becomes first Premier of Province of Newfoundland

1958 – John Diefenbaker wins federal election

1968 – Lyndon Johnson announces he will not seek re-election

1980 – Jimmy Carter deregulates banking industry