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Today in History (February)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Louis St. Laurent, Canada’s 12th Prime Minister

1897 – Lady Aberdeen moves forward with creation of Victorian Order of Nurses

1968 – Richard Nixon announces candidacy for President

2005 – Ernie Eves resigns seat in Ontario legislature

2013 – John Kerry becomes US Secretary of State


1897 – Lady Aberdeen begins to organize Victorian Order of Nurses

1942 – Arthur Meighen loses by-election, resigns as Conservative leader

1948 – Harry Truman urges civil rights program

1954 – Dwight Eisenhower reports detonation of first hydrogen bomb (in 1952)

1955 – Dwight Eisenhower holds first news conference on network TV

2001 – Ernie Eves becomes vice-president at Credit Suisse-First Boston


1932 – Arthur Meighen appointed to the Senate

1962 – John Kennedy bans all trade with Cuba

1966 – Lester Pearson bans imports and exports with Rhodesia

1966 – Lester Pearson announces formation of Royal Commission on the Status of Women

1976 – Pierre Trudeau visits with Fidel Castro in Cuba

1978 – Jimmy Carter meets with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat to discuss Middle East peace

1986 – Ronald Reagan creates commission to investigate Challenger accident

1994 – Bill Clinton lifts trade embargo against Vietnam

2016 – Barack Obama visits his first US Mosque


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cairine Wilson, Canada’s first female Senator

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dan Quayle, 44th US Vice-President

1789 – Electoral College picks George Washington as first US President

1839 – Lord Durham hands in his Report on the Affairs of British North America

1932 – Franklin Roosevelt opens the Olympic Games at Lake Placid

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill & Joseph Stalin meet in Yalta

1963 – John Diefenbaker’s defence minister resigns over refusal to accept nuclear warheads

1987 – Ronald Reagan’s veto of Clean Water Act is overridden by Congress

1999 – Jean Chretien signs Social Accord with 9 provinces over social programs


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adlai Stevenson, 31st Governor of Illinois

1836 – Francis Bond Head informs Colonial Office that Reformers interested in government for self gain

1901 – Sir Charles Tupper retires as leader of the opposition

1937 – Franklin Roosevelt proposes enlarging the Supreme Court

1963 – John Diefenbaker’s government falls over nuclear weapons policy

1981 – Pierre Trudeau inducts Joni Mitchell into Juno Hall of Fame

2001 – Jean Chretien becomes first visitor to new US President

2001 – George W. Bush receives his first foreign leader, the Prime Minister of Canada

2013 – Barack Obama calls for release of 3 Al Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ronald Reagan, 40th US President

1836 – Sir John A. Macdonald called to the Bar of Upper Canada

1865 – Sir John A. Macdonald opens Quebec Conference with prayer to unite Canada

1901 – Sir Robert Borden chosen as leader of Conservative Party

1968 – Dwight Eisenhower shot a hole in one

1974 – House of Representatives begins determining grounds for impeachment of Richard Nixon

1975 – Peter Lougheed cuts personal income tax, making Alberta lowest in Canada

1977 – Rene Levesque runs over and kills a homeless man lying on a Montreal street

1978 – Muriel Humphrey assumes her late husband’s Senate seat

1998 – Washington National Airport becomes Ronald Reagan National Airport

2006 – Stephen Harper sworn in as Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister


1891 – Sir John A. Macdonald declares, “A British subject I was born, a British subject I will die”

1945 – Harry Truman appoints Irwin Mollison judge of US Customs Court

1962 – John Kennedy begins blockade of Cuba

1976 – Joe Clark elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

1982 – Bob Rae elected leader of Ontario New Democratic Party

1990 – John Turner resigns as leader of Liberal Party of Canada

1996 – Bob Rae announces retirement from Ontario politics

2012 – Stephen Harper begins tour of China


1942 – Franklin Roosevelt advised that Japanese Americans should be locked up

1985 – Frank Miller sworn in as Ontario Premier

1990 – Jean Chretien announces candidacy for leadership of Liberal Party of Canada


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tom Wappel, Former MP

1825 – John Quincy Adams elected President by House of Representatives

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt authorizes 48 hour work week in war industries

1983 – Erik Neilsen chosen as interim leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

1991 – Donald Cameron chosen as new Nova Scotia Premier


1897 – Lady Aberdeen convenes meeting as Rideau Hall to create organization to relieve nursing shortage

1897 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier offers motion creating Victorian Order of Nurses

1899 – Herbert Hoover marries Lou Henry

1922 – William Lyon Mackenzie King appoints benefactor Peter Larkin as High Commissioner to Britain

1954 – Dwight Eisenhower warns against US intervention in Vietnam

1989 – Brian Mulroney hosts US President

1989 – George H. W. Bush visits Canadian Prime Minister

2005 – Paul Martin testifies at Gomery Inquiry


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lloyd Bentsen, former US Senator

1839 – Lord Durham presents his Report on the Affairs of British North America to Parliament

1861 – Abraham Lincoln takes train from Springfield, IL to Washington, DC

1869 – Patrick James Whelan hanged for murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee

1874 – George Walkem selected Premier of British Columbia

1901 – William Lyon Mackenzie King issues first Report of the Bureau of Labour

1940 – John Buchan, Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield, passed away

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower selected to head Allied forces in Europe

1945 – Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill & Joseph Stalin sign Yalta Agreement

1953 – Dwight Eisenhower refuses clemency to Rosenbergs

1974 – Richard Nixon’s 7 point energy plan “Project Independence” is unveiled

1985 – Brian Mulroney signs Atlantic Accord with Newfoundland

1993 – Bill Clinton selects Janet Reno as first female US Attorney General

2004 – Paul Martin orders Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities

2010 – Stephen Harper addresses British Columbia Legislature in advance of Olympic Games

2010 – Heward Grafftey passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President

1850 – George Washington’s farewell address manuscript sells for $2300

1902 – Lord Dufferin passed away

1906 – “George Washington”, a musical by George Cohan, premiers in NYC

1914 – Abraham Lincoln Memorial dedicated in Washington DC

1917 – Sir Robert Borden joins British Imperial War Cabinet

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower leaves Algiers for Tebessa

1944 – Wendell Wilkie enters presidential race

1955 – Dwight Eisenhower sends first advisers to Vietnam

1976 – John Turner resigns seat in House of Commons

1999 – Bill Clinton acquitted by Senate in impeachment trial


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gerald Regan, 19th Premier of Nova Scotia

1861 – Abraham Lincoln declared President

1943 – Dwight Eisenhower visits the front

1963 – John Robarts charters Brock University

1971 – Bill Davis chosen as Ontario PC leader

1971 – Spiro Agnew hits two tee shots into crowd, injuring two

1985 – Joe Clark named acting Minister of National Defense

1988 – Jeanne Sauve opens the Calgary Olympics


1954 – John Kennedy appeared on Meet the Press

1971 – Richard Nixon installs recording system in White House

1973 – Pierre Trudeau agrees to Committee on Native Land Claims in Yukon

1984 – Pierre Trudeau attends funeral of Yuri Andropov

2005 – Paul Martin signs revenue sharing deal with Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia


HAPPY BIRTHDAY William Hearst, 7th Premier of Ontario

HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Anderson, independent Presidential candidate

1926 – William Lyon Mackenzie King wins by-election

1930 – Cairine Wilson appointed as Canada’s first woman Senator

1933 – Franklin Roosevelt survives assassination attempt

1946 – William Lyon Mackenzie King reveals Gouzenko spy probe

1973 – Lester Pearson College of the Pacific is announced

1991 – George H. W. Bush calls Saddam Hussein’s offer to withdraw from Kuwait a “cruel hoax”

1996 – Jean Chretien applies the “Shawinigan Handshake” to protester at Flag Day event

2012 – Stephen Harper abolishes the long gun registry


1867 – Sir John A. Macdonald marries Susan Agnes Bernard

1881 – Sir Charles Tupper signs papers creating 3rd incarnation of the Canadian Pacific Railway

1896 – Lady Aberdeen hosts a Canadian History costume ball in the Senate chamber

1971 – Pierre Trudeau says “fuddle duddle” in the House of Commons


1919 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier passed away

1960 – John Diefenbaker opens National Gallery of Canada

1960 – Richard Nixon opens the Squaw Valley Olympics

1965 – Lester Pearson lowers old age pension age to 65

1972 – Richard Nixon leaves Washington for China

2014 – John Kerry says that climate change requires urgent action


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wendell Willkie, 1940 Republican Presidential nominee

1970 – Richard Nixon launches the “Nixon Doctrine”

1980 – Pierre Trudeau wins general election

1997 – Paul Martin brings down a budget

2005 – Jean Charest shuffles his cabinet


1942 – Franklin Roosevelt orders internment of Japanese-Americans

1963 – John Kennedy informed by USSR that troops withdrawing from Cuba

1968 – Lester Pearson loses vote on tax bill

1983 – Joe Clark resigns as PC Party leader

1987 – Ronald Reagan lifts trade ban on Poland


1959 – John Diefenbaker’s Government announces cancelling of Avro Arrow

1962 – John Glenn becomes first American launched in Earth’s orbit

1963 – John Diefenbaker meets with US President in Washington

1963 – John Kennedy meets with Canadian Prime Minister in Washington

1969 – John Munro announces formation of Hockey Canada

1990 – Michael Wilson brings in deficit trimming budget

1992 – Ross Perot announces he will run for president on Larry King Show

1993 – Joe Clark announces he will not seek re-election


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tricia Nixon Cox, first daughter

1885 – The George Washington Monument is dedicated

1972 – Richard Nixon becomes first President to visit China

1980 – Joe Clark submits resignation as Prime Minister

1982 – David Peterson becomes leader Ontario Liberal Party

2014 – Barack Obama meets with the Dalai Lama


HAPPY BIRTHDAY George Washington, first US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edward “Ted” Kennedy, former US Senator

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shawn Graham, 31st New Brunswick Premier

1819 – John Quincy Adams signs Treaty of Florida Blanca

1887 – Sir John A. Macdonald wins federal election

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt orders Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines

1972 – Richard Nixon meets with Chinese Premier Chou En-Lai

1976 – Joe Clark wins leadership of PC Party

1977 – Pierre Trudeau gives first speech by Prime Minister to US Congress

1991 – George H. W. Bush gives Iraq 24 hours to leave Kuwait

1994 – Paul Martin tables first budget

1995 – Lucien Bouchard returns to House of Commons after battling flesh eating disease


HAPPY BIRTHDAY G. Mennen Williams, 41st Michigan Governor

1848 – John Quincy Adams passes away

1947 – Dwight Eisenhower opens drive to raise funds for European Jews

1979 – W. A. C. Bennett passes away

1990 – Kim Campbell appointed Canada’s first female Minister of Justice

1995 – Bill Clinton addresses Canadian Parliament

2005 – George W. Bush attends Slovakia Summit


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Erik Nielsen, former Deputy Prime Minister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joe Lieberman, former US Senator

1942 – Louis St. Laurent is empowered to evacuate Japanese to places of internment

1977 – Jimmy Carter announces foreign aid will consider human rights

1986 – Tommy Douglas passed away

1993 – Brian Mulroney announces his resignation

2006 – Stephen Harper nominates Marshall Rothstein to the Supreme Court


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Camille Theriault, 29th Premier of New Brunswick

1793 – George Washington hosts first cabinet meeting at his home

1862 – Abraham Lincoln introduces paper currency in the US

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King announces Japanese Canadians to be forcibly moved

1962 – Robert Kennedy visits the Netherlands

1966 – Lester Pearson cuts ribbon opening east-west Toronto subway

1990 – Robert Bourassa sets up group to study Meech Lake Accord


1857 – George-Etienne Cartier passes bill requesting Queen Victoria pick a permanent capital for Canada

1863 – Abraham Lincoln signs National Currency Act

1968 – Mitchell Sharp repatriates funds from IMF to support Canadian dollar

1984 – Jesse Jackson acknowledges calling New York City “hymietown”

2016 – Don Getty passed away


HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Connally, 39th Governor of Texas, navy & treasury secretary

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ralph Nader, former Green Party presidential candidate

1860 – Abraham Lincoln gives speech in Cooper Union in NY

1922 – Hebert Hoover convenes 1st National Radio Conference

1969 – Richard Nixon visits West Berlin

1972 – Richard Nixon and Chou En-lai issue communique of cooperation

1976 – Richard Nixon meets with Mao Zedong for the final time

1985 – Henry Cabot Lodge passed away

1991 – George H. W. Bush says “Kuwait is liberated”

1995 – Paul Martin tables second budget

2011 – Stephen Harper announces new sanctions against Libya


1961 – John Kennedy appoints Henry Kissinger as a special advisor

1968 – Lester Pearson survives non-confidence motion

1972 – Richard Nixon ends week long visit to China

1975 – Pierre Trudeau began 16 day European tour

1984 – Pierre Trudeau went for a walk in the snow

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