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Today in History (October)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jimmy Carter, 39th US President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sam Yorty, 37th Los Angeles Mayor

1864 – Abraham Lincoln substitute, John Staples, paid $500

1869 – George Desbarats accepts Sir John A. Macdonald’s offer to become first Queen’s Printer of Canada

1909 – Earl Grey lays cornerstone of Alberta’s legislature

1974 – Watergate cover-up trial begins

1986 – Jimmy Carter’s Presidential Library & Museum dedicated in Atlanta

1990 – Bob Rae sworn in as Ontario’s 21st Premier

1990 – George H. W. Bush condemns Iraq’s takeover of Kuwait at United Nations

1992 – Pierre Trudeau comes out against the Charlottetown Accord

1992 – Ross Perot re-enters presidential race

2010 – David Johnston installed as Canada’s 28th Governor General

2011 – Barack Obama appoints Martin Dempsey US Joints Chief of Staff


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir James Whitney, Ontario’s 6th Premier

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dave Barrett, British Columbia’s 26th Premier

1789 – George Washington transmits first 10 amendments to constitution to the states

1914 – Sir William Hearst sworn in as Ontario’s 7th Premier

1915 – Arthur Meighen appointed Solicitor General of Canada

1919 – Woodrow Wilson suffers a stroke

1937 – Franklin Roosevelt visits Grand Coulee Dam construction site

1948 – George Drew elected leader PC Party of Canada

1958 – Charles Dunning passes away

1980 – Pierre Trudeau says he will unilaterally patriate the constitution

1996 – Robert Bourassa passes away

2003 – Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal party win election


1789 – George Washington proclaims 1st National Thanksgiving for November 26

1863 – Abraham Lincoln designates last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day

1874 – Edward Blake makes “Aurora Speech” defining new Canadian nationalism

1913 – Woodrow Wilson signs the Federal Income Tax into law

1927 – William Lyon Mackenzie King makes first transatlantic phone call

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King questions price freeze proposed to cabinet

1942 – Franklin Roosevelt forms Office of Economic Stabilization

1985 – Pierre-Marc Johnson sworn in as Quebec’s 28th Premier

1992 – Barack Obama marries Michelle Robinson

2000 – Pierre Trudeau’s state funeral

2006 – Shawn Graham sworn in as New Brunswick’s 31st Premier

2008 – George W. Bush signs bailout bill for US financial system

2009 – Stephen Harper performs Beatles songs with Yo Yo Ma at National Arts Centre


1777 – George Washington loses battle of Germantown

1854 – Abraham Lincoln makes first political speech at Illinois State Fair

1909 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier lays first stone at Ecole Technique

1909 – Early Grey lays cornerstone of Saskatchewan legislature

1925 – Earl Warren marries Nina Elisabeth Palmquist

1939 – During election, Maurice Duplessis declares vote for Union National a vote for autonomy against conscription

2000 – Jean Chretien renames Canada’s highest peak as Mount Pierre Elliott Trudeau

2004 – Paul Martin’s minority government sworn in


1878 – Lord Lorne appointed Governor General of Canada

1947 – Harry Truman gives first televised address from White House

1953 – Earl Warren sworn in as 14th US Chief Justice

1954 – Louis St. Laurent meets with Quebec Premier to discuss taxation

1954 – Maurice Duplessis meets with Prime Minister to discuss taxation

1970 5:00 PM – October Crises – Pierre Trudeau meets with his cabinet

1970 5:00 PM – October Crises – Robert Bourassa meets with his cabinet

1978 – John Buchanan and the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party win election

1992 – George H. W. Bush veto overturned for the first time

2001 – George W. Bush appoints Tom Ridge as first Homeland Security Advisor


1911 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier resigns as Prime Minister after election defeat

1937 – Mitch Hepburn and the Ontario Liberal Party win re-election

1945 – Dwight Eisenhower welcomed in Hague

1946 – Harry Truman questions British Jews about Palestine

1949 – Harry Truman signs Mutual Defense Assistance Act

1959 – John Diefenbaker announces relief for Japanese typhoon victims

1961 – John Diefenbaker receives petition from Canadian Committee for Control of Radiation Hazards

1961 – John Kennedy advises Americans to build fallout shelters

1964 – Louis St. Laurent has Mount St. Laurent named after him

1970 – Mitchell Sharp announces that the government won’t meet the FLQ’s demands

1976 – Gerald Ford claims “no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe

1980 – Pierre Trudeau announces plans to unilaterally patriate the constitution

1983 – Dave Barrett ejected from legislature for defying speaker

2011 – Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal Party win re-election


1963 – John Kennedy signs ratification for nuclear test ban treaty

1975 – Dave Barrett forces striking forest, propane, railway and food workers back to work

1992 – Michael Wilson initials the North American Free Trade Agreement for Canada

1996 – Robert Bourassa’s funeral is held

1997 – RCMP ordered to pay $2 million in reparations to Brian Mulroney

1997 – Frank McKenna retires as Premier of New Brunswick

2015 – Barack Obama apologizes to Doctors Without Borders for bombing of a hospital

2016 – Video released of Donald Trump claiming to have groped and kissed women without consent


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jesse Jackson, candidate for President

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dennis Kucinich, former member US House of Representatives

1846 – Charles Tupper marries Frances Amelia Morse

1944 – Wendell Willkie passes away

1945 – Harry Truman says he will share secrets of atomic bomb with Britain & Canada

1974 – Paul Martin Sr. appointed Canadian High Commissioner to Britain

1981 – Ronald Reagan greets predecessors before sending them to Anwar Sadat’s funeral

1984 – Bill Davis announces he will retire as Ontario Premier

1999 – Bill Clinton dedicates US Embassy in Ottawa

2001 – George W. Bush announces creation of Department of Homeland Security


1838 – Lord Durham publishes his resignation in Quebec newspapers

1878 – Sir John A. Macdonald sworn in as Prime Minister

1915 – Woodrow Wilson becomes first President to attend World Series game

1936 – Herbert Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles

1963 – Lester Pearson announces that Canada will allow US to place defensive nuclear weapons in Canada

1991 – George H. W. Bush declares “total confidence” in Clarence Thomas


1886 – Sir John A. Macdonald establishes Yoho National Park & Glacier National Park

1911 – Sir Robert Borden sworn in as Canada’s 8th Prime Minister

1957 – Dwight Eisenhower apologizes to Ghana’s President Komla Agbeli Gbdemah

1973 – Pierre Trudeau begins 6 day tour of China

1973 – Spiro Agnew pleads no contest to tax evasion and resigns as Vice-President

1992 – Legal text of Charlottetown Accord released

2004 – Paul Martin begins 2 day visit to Russia

2007 – Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal Party win re-election


1927 – Richard Bennett elected leader of Conservative Party of Canada

1939 – Franklin Roosevelt informed by Albert Einstein about possibility of nuclear weapons

1970 12:00 PM – October Crises – Robert Bourassa meets with Cabinet

1970 9:45 PM – October Crises – Robert Bourassa agrees to negotiate to free hostages

1975 – Bill Clinton marries Hillary Rodham

1977 – Sterling Lyon and the Manitoba PC party win election

1985 – Ronald Reagan bans importation of South African Krugerrands into the US

1986 – Ronald Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev open talks in Reykjavik, Iceland


1868 – Sir George-Etienne Cartier arrives in London to secure loans for railways

1872 – Sir John A. Macdonald wins federal election

1917 – Sir Robert Borden sworn in as Unionist Prime Minister

1953 – Statue of Sir Wilfrid Laurier unveiled in Montreal’s Dominion Square

1957 – Lester Pearson awarded Nobel Peace Prize

1968 – Rene Levesque elected President of the new Parti Quebecois

1970 – October Crises – Pierre Trudeau orders troops to Ottawa

1973 – Richard Nixon nominates a new Vice-President

1973 – Gerald Ford nominated to be Vice-President

1980 – Peter Lougheed announces Alberta will curtail oil production by 25%

1982 – Richard Hatfield and the New Brunswick PC Party win election

1987 – Alf Landon passes away

2007 – Stephen Harper appoints John Manley as chair of panel on Afghan mission

2010 – Jim Flaherty announces 2009 deficit of $55.6 billion, largest in Canadian history


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edward Blake, 2nd Ontario Premier

1792 – George Washington lays cornerstone on White House

1917 – Sir Robert Borden publicly announces formation of Union Government

1961 – Tommy Douglas introduces Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Bill providing universal health care

1968 РRene Levesque leads Mouvement Souveraineté-Association

1970 – Gerald Regan and the Nova Scotia Liberals win election

1970 – October Crisis – When asked how far he would go, Pierre Trudeau responds, “Just watch me”

1975 – Pierre Trudeau imposes 6 & 5 wage and price control program

1978 – Jimmy Carter answers caller’s questions on National Public Radio

1982 – Bill Davis announces Ontario Government purchasing shares in Suncor

1985 – Don Getty elected leader of Alberta Progressive Conservative Party

1987 – Frank McKenna and the New Brunswick Liberal Party win all 58 seats in the election

1992 – Brian Mulroney says no vote on Charlottetown Accord will not mean break up of Canada


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dwight Eisenhower, 34th US President

1844 – John A. Macdonald first elected to Upper Canada Assembly

1935 – William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Liberal Party win election

1947 – Dwight Eisenhower receives Golden Award from Dutch Queen Wilhelmina

1952 – Lester Pearson elected president of 7th session of the United Nations General Assembly

1953 – Dwight Eisenhower vows to fire as “Red” any federal employee pleading 5th Amendment

1960 – John Kennedy first suggest Peace Corps

1965 – Rene Levesque appointed Quebec’s first Minister of Family & Social Services

1967 – Rene Levesque announces resignation from Quebec Liberal Party

1968 – Rene Levesque elected leader of Parti Quebecois

1970 – October Crises – Robert Bourassa replies to claims by FLQ that talks have broken down

1975 – Gerald Ford’s limousine is hit broadside

1980 – Provincial Premiers meet to challenge Pierre Trudeau’s constitutional proposals

1980 – Ronald Reagan promises to name a woman to the Supreme Court

1982 – Ronald Reagan declares a war on drugs

1995 – Alexa McDonough wins NDP leadership

1999 – Bill Bennett signs settlement agreement with BC Securities Commission over insider trading

2008 – Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party win election


1789 – George Washington makes first ever Presidential tour in New England

1849 – George-Etienne Cartier responds to the Annexation Manifesto

1860 – 11 year old Grace Bedell writes Abraham Lincoln and tells him to grow a beard

1932 – Richard Bennett opens the Winnipeg Auditorium

1948 – Gerald Ford marries Elizabeth (Betty) Bloomer Warren

1966 – Lyndon Johnson signs bill creating US Department of Transportation

1967 – Rene Levesque cites rejection of separation as reason for leaving Quebec Liberal Party

1968 – Rene Levesque chosen as president of new Parti Quebecois

1969 – Herb Grey appointed as Canada’s first Jewish cabinet minister

1970 – October Crisis – Pierre Trudeau orders troops into Montreal

1970 – October Crisis – Robert Bourassa rejects FLQ demands

1983 – Robert Bourassa re-gains leadership of Quebec Liberal Party

1985 – Jean Chretien publishes “Dans la Fosse aux Lion”

1986 – Rene Levesque publishes “Attendez que je me Souvienne”

1993 – Jean Chretien’s facial features target of attack ad by PC Party

2012 – Dalton McGuinty announces his intention to resign


1781 – George Washington takes Yorktown

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises – John Kennedy learns of Soviet missiles in Cuba

1970 4:00 am – October Crises – Pierre Trudeau imposes War Measures Act

1970 5:00 pm – October Crises – Robert Bourassa approves declaration of emergency

1970 10:15 pm – October Crises – Pierre Trudeau addresses the nation

1986 – US Government shuts down due to dispute between Ronald Reagan and House

1992 – Federal Court rejects appeal by Native Women’s Association of Canada to cancel Charlottetown Accord referendum

2001 – Mike Harris announces he will be resigning as Ontario Premier

2003 – Peter MacKay and the Canadian Alliance leader agree in principle to unite their parties

2003 – Stephen Harper and the leader of the PC Party leader agree in principle to unite their parties


1878 – Sir John A. Macdonald sworn in as Prime Minister for a second time

1978 – Jimmy Carter signs bill restoring citizenship to Jefferson Davis

1979 – Jimmy Carter signs legislation creating Department of Education

1987 – Nancy Reagan undergoes modified radical mastectomy


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s 15th Prime Minister

1941 – William Lyon Mackenzie King brings in wage and price controls

1944 – Dwight Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and Bernard Montgomery confer in Brussels

1962 – John Kennedy meets with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko

1974 – Paul Martin Sr. appointed Canadian High Commissioner to London

1976 – Pierre Trudeau brings in conflict of interest guidelines for Ministers

1978 – Allan Blakeney and the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party win re-election

1978 – Former US First Daughter Susan Ford announces engagement to Charles Vance

1982 – John Robarts passes away


1781 – Charles Cornwallis surrenders British garrison to George Washington

1926 – William Lyon Mackenzie King attends imperial conference in London

1927 – William Lyon Mackenzie King sends the petition of the Famous Five to the Supreme Court

1951 – Harry Truman formally ends state of war with Germany

1956 – Maurice Duplessis rejects offer from Ottawa for funding to Quebec universities

1973 – Pierre Trudeau meets with Mao Tse Tung in China

1976 – Gerald Ford signs 1st major revision to copyright law since 1909

2015 – Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party win election


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tommy Douglas, Saskatchewan’s 7th Premier & former NDP leader

1864 – Abraham Lincoln officially establishes Thanksgiving as a national holiday

1865 – George-Etienne Cartier recommends Queen Victoria proclaim Ottawa as Canada’s seat of government

1887 – Sir John A. Macdonald refuses to attend first Premiers Conference

1960 – John Diefenbaker opens Sir John A. Macdonald Hall at Queen’s University

1965 – John Robarts lays cornerstone for Champlain College at Trent University

1970 – Ted Kennedy calls for withdrawal of British troops from Northern Ireland

1973 – Richard Nixon fires Archibald Cox

1976 – Pierre Trudeau begins 6 day trip to Japan

1979 – John Kennedy Library dedicated in Boston


1880 – Sir John A. Macdonald signs final Canadian Pacific Railway contract

1899 – Sir George Ross sworn in as Ontario’s 5th Premier

1945 – William Lyon Mackenzie King & Shirley Temple kick off 9th Victory Loan drive

1968 – Pierre Trudeau dances with actress Louise Marleau after a gala

1971 – Bill Davis and the Ontario PC Party win 8th straight election

1971 – Richard Nixon nominates William Rehnquist & Lewis Powell to Supreme Court

1974 – Pierre Trudeau begins two day visit to France

1980 – Pierre Trudeau wins NDP support for constitutional proposals

1991 – Roy Romanow and the Saskatchewan NDP win election

2012 – George McGovern passes away


1928 – Herbert Hoover speaks of “American spirit of rugged individualism”

1945 – William Lyon Mackenzie King brings in the Canadian Citizenship Act

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises – John Kennedy addresses nation about missiles in Cuba

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises – John Kennedy imposes naval blockade on Cuba

1962 – John Kennedy hosts Ugandan Premier Milton Obote

1970 – Richard Hatfield and the New Brunswick PC Party win election

1970 – Lester Pearson named first chairman of International Development Research Centre

1986 – Bill Vander Zalm leads British Columbia Social Credit to re-election win

1988 – Don Getty and Lubicon Chief Bernard Ominayak agree to set aside land for Cree reserve

1990 – Brian Mulroney’s bill overhauling Unemployment Insurance Fund passes Senate

1995 – Jean Chretien in New York for 3 days to celebrate UN’s 50th birthday

2000 – Jean Chretien calls an election

2015 – Gilles Duceppe resigns as leader of Bloc Quebecois


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Turner, son of Canada’s 17th Prime Minister

1935 – William Lyon Mackenzie King sworn in as Prime Minister for a third time

1935 – Charles Dunning becomes Canada’s Minister of Finance

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises – Adlai Stevenson speaks at United Nations

1966 – Lester Pearson commits Ottawa to covering 50% of cost of higher education

1973 – Richard Nixon agrees to turn over White House tapes to Judge Sirica

1985 – Pierre-Marc Johnson sworn in as Quebec’s 24th Premier

1995 – Advance polls close in Quebec Referendum, 320 954 people vote

2003 – Dalton McGuinty sworn in as Ontario’s 24th Premier


1850 – Earl Grey receives memo criticising new Canadian Currency Act

1903 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier passes the National Transcontinental Railway Act

1931 – George Washington Bridge linking New York and New Jersey is dedicated

1954 – Dwight Eisenhower pledges US support for South Vietnam

1961 – John Diefenbaker leaves on 6 day visit to Japan

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises – John Diefenbaker puts Canadian defences on high alert

1981 – Pierre Trudeau co-chairs conference of 22 world leaders on economic disparity

1992 – Preston Manning lays out economic platform at Reform Party’s Winnipeg convention

2009 – Stephen Harper attends unveiling of monument to hockey pioneer James Creighton


1850 – Earl Grey informs Lord Elgin that Canada’s currency act should be disallowed

1943 – Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill invite Canada to join Combined Food Board

1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis – John Diefenbaker refuses to put Canadian Forces on alert

1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis – John Kennedy angered over Canada’s failure to put forces on alert

1962 – Adlai Stevenson demands USSR Ambassador at UN answer questions about Cuban missile sites

1963 – Anti John Kennedy pamphlets scattered around in Dallas

1976 – George Wallace pardons Clarence Norris, convicted of 1931 rape

1993 – Jean Chretien and the Liberal Party win election

1996 – Ontario Federation of Labour organize a day of action against Mike Harris

2004 – Ralph Klein calls an election in Alberta

2005 – Dalton McGuinty orders evacuation of over half of Kashechewan’s population


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first lady, senator, secretary of state

1908 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Liberal Party win election

1908 – William Lyon Mackenzie King elected for the first time

1908 – Arthur Meighen elected for the first time

1919 – Woodrow Wilson’s veto of Prohibition Enforcement Bill is overridden

1949 – Harry Truman raises federal minimum wage to $0.75/hour

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises – John Kennedy warns that Russian missiles cannot stay in Cuba

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises – John Kennedy receives offer from Khrushchev

1968 – Rudy Giuliani marries Regina Peruggi

1969 – John Diefenbaker named Chancellor of University of Saskatchewan

1973 – Richard Nixon releases first White House tapes

1984 – Richard Hatfield charged with possession of marijuana

1988 – Donald Trump bills Mike Tyson $2 million for 4 months advisory service

1992 – Brian Mulroney declares Charlottetown Accord history after referendum defeat


1878 – Sir Wilfrid Laurier loses seat in House of Commons by 29 votes

1883 – Sir John A. Macdonald asks Parliament for more aid to the CPR

1893 – Lady Aberdeen chairs first meeting of National Council of Women of Canada

1913 – Woodrow Wilson says US will never attack another country

1954 – Dwight Eisenhower offers aid to South Vietnamese Prime Minister

1969 – Ralph Nader sets up consumer group Nader’s Raiders

1978 – Jimmy Carter signs Hawkins Humphrey full employment bill

1979 – Rene Levesque flips switch on generator of La Grande River second dam

1980 – Judy LaMarsh passes away

1980 – Robert Bourassa dam opens

1983 – Pierre Trudeau leaves on peace mission to world capitals

1987 – Frank McKenna sworn in as New Brunswick’s 27th Premier

1992 – Tipper Gore admits to covering clock on VCR to avoid seeing it blink

1995 – Jean Chretien addresses 40,000 at rally 3 days before Quebec Referendum vote


1776 – George Washington retreats to New Jersey

1919 – The Volstead Act establishes prohibition over Woodrow Wilson’s veto

1936 – Franklin Roosevelt rededicates the Statue of Liberty

1956 – Rene Levesque’s show, Point de Mire, premiers

1958 – John Diefenbaker begins tour of European and Commonwealth countries

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises – John Kennedy receives letter from Nikita Khrushchev suggesting agreement

1970 – Gerald Regan and Nova Scotia Liberal Party win election

1977 – Pierre Trudeau confirms RCMP broke into office to copy list of Parti Quebecois members

1980 – Pierre Trudeau brings in the National Energy Program


1901 – Leon Czolcosz, assassin of William McKinley, is electrocuted

1925 – William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Liberal Party win second highest number of seats in election

1925 – Arthur Meighen and the Conservative Party win most seats in election

1925 – William Lyon Mackenzie King loses own seat in federal election

1936 – John Diefenbaker chosen as leader of Saskatchewan Conservative Party

1955 – HMCS St. Laurent commissioned by Royal Canadian Navy

1973 – Robert Bourassa and the Quebec Liberal Party win election

1998 – Space Shuttle Discovery blasts off with 77 year old John Glenn


1915 – Sir Charles Tupper passes away

1956 – Robert Stanfield and the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party win election

1972 – Pierre Trudeau and the Liberal Party win election

1974 – Pierre Trudeau holds one day conference with Provincial Premiers on inflation

1995 – Jacques Parizeau loses referendum on independence

2007 – Jim Flaherty cuts GST to 5%

2009 – Jim Prentice signs polar bear conservation agreement with Nunavut and Greenland


1963 – John Kennedy’s last meeting with J. Edgar Hoover

1968 – Lyndon Johnson orders halt to all bombing of North Vietnam

1987 – Preston Manning founds the Reform Party

1995 – Jacques Parizeau announces he will resign as Premier at the end of the year

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